The Apache Solr query does not work properly

Query not working with using HttpSolrClient.query(core, query) core: apparel-Product query: q=autosuggest_en:cap&qt=/suggest&spellcheck.dictionary=en&spellcheck.q=cap Response : {responseHeader={status=0,QTime=1},spellcheck={suggestions={},col

The static object of GC refers to zero

I understood that: Nullifying local references is more useful for readability than actual GC collection (it won't make a real difference) Objects referred to by static references are not eligible until the Classloader gets collected itself (since it

Task Gradle jar: what does the path template include?

I have the following code tree in a gradle subproject called dap4: dap4 - src - main - java - dap4 - core - shared - servlet -... I want to build a jar file from a subset of the code in this tree. I am using this gradle: jar { includes '<prefix>/cor

JavaFX drawImage shot

I am playing with JavaFX and in the class start(Stage theStage) I have the following code: /*... Scene, stage, canvas ...*/ GraphicsContext gc = canvas.getGraphicsContext2D(); Image imgage = new Image("gfx/image.png"); gc.drawImage(image, 256, 2

Are inverse method references possible in Java 8?

I know about lambda method references. However, I am wondering whether the reverse might be possible, because I have a method that just proxies its arguments to a lambda: Function<Arg, Result> lambda = (a) -> new Result(a); public Result myMethod

Exception Manipulation for Menu System

I am currently building a program in Java for college. Part of this is to build a menu system. The tutor would like exception handling on the menu. It is a simple menu with no user interface. The menu is a switch statement with the user entering whic

List of values ​​of the android mixed in scrolling

I'm using an ArrayAdapter to display items in my Listview, but when i scroll the order of the items change, i guess the pb is in the getView method, I tried to add a viewHolder to resolve this but nothing changed, my Listview still mixed up Here my a

Add a list of values ​​without separator in HTML and Java

I have a list of variable values that I need to sum and display in HTML. For example: 75.00 470.00 500.00 The total I need to display would be 1045 or 1045.00 Am I right in that these are two operations, first to split the list and put separators in,

Chrome Native Messaging Chrome Extension

I am trying to incorporate native messaging with my chrome extension and my java application. In my chrome extension's javascript, I have the following code. (I do have the nativeMessaging permission in my manifest.json) function connectToNativeApp()

Java timer.cancel () not stop timer

I'm a novice at Java, and I've been trying to use java.util.timer to reset an existing timer after taking the right command input. However, I've been unable to cancel the timertask properly, so the timer thread runs multiple instances of the timertas

JButton Press (Not Release)

I have a very small JButton called "b", which I want to do some things on click and not on release of it. I use the following code: b.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){ //do some stuff } }); But

SQLite: ResultSet Returns SQLException

I have the following database ShorthandText textid | text -------------------------- 1 | just a test 2 | just another test I am using the following code to try return the two Strings in the text column public List<String> executeSQLWithMulipleReturn

no sqljdbc_auth in java.library.path

I have a Java EE Web Application which connects to a SQL Server 2008 instance. I don't have any problem connecting and retrieving to all my tables, except for one of them. The error in the Tomcat log is: WARNING: Failed to load the sqljdbc_auth.dll c

Java Keytool for SSL: Alias ​​CSR, keys and key stores

I read this article on how to use keytool to generate CSRs for your organization. It was simple and easy, but left me with a few questions that I couldn't find clear, descriptive answers to: What is Java's concept of a CSR alias and why would you wan

JA Data Store Error

I'm trying to have my GAE app pull some records from the Datastore but keep getting this: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: Class PersistableItem for query has not been resolved. Check the query and any imports specification It's from the metho

Ehcache Spring - Custom Key Generator

I was working with spring-ehcache-annotations and came across following scenario: I have a simple POJO as follows class Person{ private Long id; private String name //some code } Now in DAO I have public Person getPerson(Long personId){} public Perso

Delete the specific line from the Java text file?

I want to delete a specific line from a text file. I found that line, but what to do next? Any idea?Read file from stream and write it to another stream and skip the line which you want to delete

Java personal investment tracking system

As a minor project, I have undertaken Personal Investment Monitoring System. The functionalities I need to provide are: 1: User must be able to create portfolios. 2: Inform where he has bought shares from and at what price. 3: Display him the current

Good reasons to forbid Java's legacy?

What are good reasons to prohibit inheritance in Java, for example by using final classes or classes using a single, private parameterless constructor? What are good reasons of making a method final?Your best reference here is Item 17 (15 in the firs