Tab bar like WhatsApp

How do I create a tab bar like WhatsApp on BlackBerry in my BlackBerry app? I want that feature in BlackBerry OS 7.0. I have used managers -- HorizontalFieldManager and VerticalFieldManager -- to achieve it. But it doesn't look as attractive as Whats

java string index out of bounds

I have gone over and over this code and can't see where this is happening it doesn't happen every time it only happens if I run through post twice but I have tried getting rid of each of these in turn by commenting them out and that still gives the e

Running J2me apps on Android phones

Is it possible to run J2ME apps on Android phones? If so, what is the installation procedure? Otherwise, is it possible to convert .jad files to .apk? In this case, what is the procedure. (I have already tested the procedure offered by netmite but it

Countdown on J2ME Canvas

In my Application, I need the Countdown timer(like a chronometer in Android) which is implemented on Canvas and display the countdown time to the user. How can I implement Countdown Timer on Canvas and display the Countdown time to the user?Its very

HttpConnection.getContentLength () not available in blackberry

I am trying to read the length of my responce by using "getContentLength()" of HttpConnection class.. but I am getting method getContentLength() not available error.. Is there any workaround to find length of the responce in blackberry..?? Below

SMS J2ME does not respond

When I try to receive sms in j2me this code just does nothing. When app is launched from startApp() a new thread is started which calls run() where it starts listening for a message. Please have a look. import; import

Read write data in J2me

I am writing one application which store user data into file. However, when I try to open phone memory my application raise security exception and won't allow me to write or read data. Here is my code. try { FileConnection fc = (FileConnection)Connec

OutOfMemory error, use lwuit

I have some button on my form. When I click on every buttons run new form with same buttons. When I am clicking many times, show error OutOfMemory. I think this is because I create a lot of form objects. May be can clear stack or use form from stack

How to read a file in J2ME using getResourceAsStream

My J2ME program structure is like as follow. File Read -src -res -test -abc.txt -java libraries Here abc.txt is in test folder Now I am reading file as follow: InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("test/abc.txt"); after executing abov

Make a notification that will take place daily at 9:00 pm

I want to make an auto synchronize in my application that will happen every day at 9:00 pm. I am doing this in the way of : try { Thread.sleep(24hours); } catch (Exception ex) { } But the problem is when the user turns off his device before 24 hours,

Blackberry - OutOfMemory when handling large images

Im developing an app that shows big images.. There are a lot of images which size is around 700x8100.. I can create an object of type EncodedImage, without throwing an exception, but when I try to execute getBitmap I receive an OutOfMemory error. Thi

ActionEvent text field control

I have cashform with atttributes pin,sendername,receivername,senderphone,amount and another form accountfrom with attributes pin,sendername receivername,senderphone,amount,bankname,account number.. both form have send Command Now, I want to check whe

Is it possible to send an email using j2me without a web server

I want to send mail using j2me application. I searched in google. Most of the code have invokes the servlet or web server to send mail. I don't like to post data to webserver to send mail. I want my j2me app to send mail. If anybody knows, please let

blackberry text box

how to add a text box in blackberry java ? |--------------| |--------------| Have a look at the API: Blackberry JDE 4.3.0 API Specifically you should look at the TextField class. Then you should come back with specific questions relating to what you

J2ME: Uploading an image from the server and saving to mobile

I'm trying to download an image from server and save the image on mobile phone.I'm able to download the image but I need to resize the image and then store the image to mobile. the code is like this. public void requestPlatform(String strURL) throws

Framework in PHP for the non-HTML frontend

We have developed a J2ME application with PHP as backend hence our frontend is not HTML. We are handling HTTP request from mobile phone and writing data in the database and sending mail and data to mobile as well, which all are done by PHP and it is

LWUIT in a J2ME enterprise application?

We are developing a J2ME application and sometimes we face constraints while working with the default lcdui library. Whenever we want some extra in the UI, the only option is to work with canvas which is not so easy. Now we are thinking to use LWUIT

Table or gridlayout in J2ME

I want to display 3 rows on the screen for which table or gridlayout is needed. Is it possible without using frameworks? How should I implement for displaying 3 rows on the screen?You should try to use existing GUI libraries that help you use XML, CS

Scan the XML file on BlackBerry

I want to know how to parse XML data on a BlackBerry. I read somewhere that JSON is good method to parse xml data. Are there any tutorials to parse XML data using JSON, or any other mechanism?Parsing XML in Blackberry Simple API for XML (SAX) was dev

Sorting a hash table based on its input value (not the key)

I want to get the following code to work in the Java ME / J2ME environment. Please help: Hashtable <Activity, Float>scores = new Hashtable<Activity, Float>(); scores.put(act1, 0.3); scores.put(act2, 0.5); scores.put(act3, 0.4); scores.put(act5

Access to the clipboard system in J2ME (Sony Ericsson)

Recent mobile phones have a clipboard where text can be copied from one application to another (E.g. from address book to file manager). Is there an API for placing things on this clipboard? I am targeting Sony Ericsson phones (including G705), so a

The fastest way to escape a chain in JavaME

I have a method that looks like this: public static String escape(String text) { String r = replace(text, "\\", "\\\\"); r = replace(r, "\r", "\\r"); r = replace(r, "\b", "\\b"); r = replace(r, &

Java Vector: Secure reference to the element

Coming from a C# Background I never used any pointers. I'm creating a vector of contacts objects. What is the best way to create a separate vector which references to elements in the big vector?You can iterate through the old Vector and add the eleme

HTTP authentication in J2ME

I'm trying to create a J2ME app, which talks to webserver using HttpConnection connector. When I am talking to the WebServer, I have to authenticate using Basic HTTP auth, which normally goes like http://username:[email protected]/rest/api/method