query on two columns in the spring data cassandra

I have three columns in my cassandra table (A,B,C). A -- PARTITIONED key, B -- CLUSTERED key I want to query on A in "list I will pass" and B -- one value. I don't want to use @query (want to use something like findAll()) Any suggestion ?You hav

Run the code before deploying Arquillian

I am writing integration tests for a Java EE Servlet using Arquillian + JUnit. I need to be able to execute code before the server launches. So is it possible to execute code before @Deployment? I tried @BeforeClass with no luck. The reason I need to

Authentic JDBC Authentication

In my Java EE application I implemented autentication/autorization via a JDBC Realm (first time I apply this solution). Following code does not have any problem on successful login, the problem is when I type wrong credentials: it logs in anyway and

Counting object occurrences in the J2EE application

Relative newbie here. I am trying to count occurrences of objects in a J2EE web application. Very simple. I have an Oracle database, with a table called Warnings. Each warning can have one of three statuses: ACTIVE AUTOCLEARED CLEARED I have a WARNIN

EJB Lookup works, but method call does not

I have an instance of a JBoss EAP 6.1 where i deployed 2 EJB applications. The server starts without errors! Now I have created a javaSE application to call these EJBs. And here is the problem... If I make lookup of EJB from applicationA/EJBBean!br.c

How to convert a maven project to a java web project

I have converted my java web project to maven project using m2e plugin in eclipse. Now i need to convert it back to java web project. So now how it is possible to change it back to java web project.Please try the following: Open context menu on the m

Send the request to the jsp page in a specific folder

RequestDispatcher rd = getServletConfig().getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher("Admin/DeleteSuccess.jsp"); rd.forward(request, response); I want to dispatch the request to specified folder but it is not dispatching. It is still into the serv

Hibernate Criteria versus JPQL API

Which of the two methods are faster especially for over 1 million rows in database? And what is best practice, to use JPQL or Criteria? CheersThe best practice is to log the SQL statements created by Hibernate and analyse their execution plans for bo

@ Zero injection value in @FacesComponent

I have the impression that CDI is not working with classes that have a @javax.faces.component.FacesComponent. Is this true? Here's my example, that doesn't work. The MyInjectableClass is used at other points in the code where injection is not a probl

How can I use a Java EE API in a Java project?

I'm reading about the Java API for Json Processing, specified in ths site. However, when I try to test such code like: JsonReader reader = Json.createReader(new FileInputStream(...)); I can't, cause neither JsonReader class or Json class can't be imp

Collect only files written entirely in Java

I have a directory in aix which will receive files from a external application. My java program should pick only those files which are completely written by the application.It should not pick the incomplete files which are being still written by the

SOAPMessage writeTo without attachment

I use SOAPMessage.writeTo(OutputStream) to log web service messages. A problem is that it also writes attachments. It is space consuming and the binary attachments are not readable . Is there any way how to log the message without attachments, e.g. a

Is there a way to break this code below Singleton in Java

This is a singleton class. I wanted to know the ways to we break the singleton logic in this code class Employee{ // class starts private Employee(){} // private constructor private static Employee emp; /*static block*/ static { if (emp==null) { emp=

How to AutoWire an object without Spring XML context file?

I have an Interface with Component annotation and some classes that implemented it as follows: @Component public interface A { } public class B implements A { } public class C implements A { } Also, I have a class with an Autowired variable like this

Tomcat 404 Page with spring shape

In my web.xml page I have the 404 error mapped to a jsp page as: <error-page> <error-code>404</error-code> <location>/WEB-INF/jsp/errorPages/error404.jsp</location> </error-page> The redirect on 404 works fine. I get to

How to add the Precall method in Spring MVC Controller

I have one requirement to fulfill. Actually when ever user Login into my application , i will save the logged in user name in session attribute like . session.setAttribute("LOGIN_USER", userName); So that, if user tries to access my method links

Where can I find sources for JavaEE packages?

I'm developing a JavaEE system (distributed on Weblogic App Server), but I don't have the sources for the JavaEE packages (javax.ejb.*, for instance). Where can I find the sources (not javadoc) for these packages?Java EE is an abstract API. It exist

Fight against LazyInitializationException without the spring

I'm using Hibernate and have a problem with LazyInitializationException in my app. This problem can be simply solved by Spring framework(some annotations,config or something) but I just dont know this framework and dont want to learn it now(I'm just

Upload an image to the server or database?

I am trying to implement the "profile page" for the user of the web application. I want the user to be able to upload the image for their profile. My question is that how should this be implemented? Should I upload the image in the database as a

search for updates Maven outbuildings / rest

this far i've been working on projects without using any build manager, i've used Maven just once before and found it pretty useful, so i'd like to start implementing it on my new projects. I'm starting a Web application that uses Hibernate, JPA, Str

Java EE class load standard

WebSphere comes with parent last and parent first. Is this Java EE compliant? Is this supported by all application servers that are Java EE 5 compliant?I did my own research (going through the specs and few blogs) and below is what I've figured EAR T

The thin line between Java SE and Java EE

I am the guy who writes java controllers (mvc), who does tests with junit, who writes jdbc, who uses maven ... basically, how do I know when is this Java EE and when is not? I don't write servlets or jsps (which are part of Java EE) but I do use API

Call the function periodically in Java

we need run one function periodically in Java web application . How to call function of some class periodically ? Is there any way that call function when some event occured like high load in server and so on . what is crontab ? Is that work periodic

EJB and synchronization

Are Session Beans (stateless session beans, stateful session beans) Synchronized?Only one thread at a time will be accessing your beans. It is up to the application server to manage this. So you should not be using synchronized from within your beans