how to convert & amp; # 257; to a real character

I tried HttpUtility.htmlDecode but that will remove that character and instead māori it will become mori. I am using iTextsharp to generate a pdf file from the data table. I have removed HTML decoding code so now it's showing like School of Māori A H

Download the PDF file with HTML

I would download and view PDF files located in a folder on a server on an html page . The problem is that when I perform : Embed src = " D: \\ www \\ \\ xxx xxx xxx \\ \\ xxx.pdf " alt = " pdf " width = " 600 " height = "

Multi-line watermark overlap problem

I'm trying to develop a watermark stamper that supports i18n and multi-line watermarks. I am able to create it, but the problem is that the watermark is overlapping the text from the previous line as shown in picture below. My watermark text has the

Save the byte array font in iText

Is it possible to register a font from a byte array, instead of using file paths? The FontFactory class has two methods for registering fonts. Both use file/folder paths to register fonts: Register RegisterDirectory I looked into the iText source for

Sign PDF using an external service and iText

I have this scenario. I have an application that generates a PDF, and that needs to be signed. We have not the certificates to sign the document, because they're in a HSM, and the only way we could make use of the certificates is using a webservice.

How to set the properties of the initial view?

Here I want to set the already exist PDF document properties under Initial View tab in acrobat. Document Options: Show = Bookmarks Panel and Page Page Layout = Continuous Magnification = Fit Width Open to Page number = 1 Window Options: Show = Docume

How to implement java code as a service in grails

I have written a code in java that help me to generate a pdf . I have used Itext libraries to generate it. This code also consists of database connectivity with postgres. I have used two jar files itextpdf-5.4.5.jar and postgresql-9.0-901.jar. But as

convert html to pdf using iText

i want to convert html file with images to pdf using iText. I am providing my source here. This is my HTML file... <html> <body> <img src='

change the default format dataExporter in Primefaces

I want to use to generate a pdf dataexporter, use the method preprocessor to insert some content. By giving the type letter size page assimilates well as formats of texts. Then make a page break to put the chart on a new page, right there is the prob

Pdf acroFields Font Size Comes 0 using iText

I am using this code to get font size of AcroField of PDF. But font size for a AcroField named "first name last name" is coming out to be 0 (Although its actual font is 32.3). The font size of other fields are coming accurate.Kindly help me to g

iText latest Maven dependency

What is the latest version of iText? And what is the maven dependency for that?You need to pay attention to the license for the Java version of iText: iText 2.1.7: the latest official release by iText Group NV, under the MPL & GPL license, with com.l

remove PDFID in PDF

im using iText to convert xhtml to pdf. After that I am building a md5 checksum of the produced pdf to store only new/changed files. every created file contains a PdfID0 and PdfID1 which look like hashes. What are those "hashs" for? and how can

iText as text Extracting / reading PDF on android

I'm having a problem with iText. Other people say that iText is for PDF Creation only? and it can not read or extract text from a PDF. is that true? If it is true then what are other options i can choose to EXTRACT text from PDF File and Save it on a

how to read a pdf file in an application?

I am working on an application in which i have to read downloaded pdf file inside my application without using any external application. By googling i found that there is one library named iText which is open Source but the problem is i don't know ho

iText - Add External Image Using Chunk

I am new to iText and faced with a real interesting case about adding external images to a paragraph. Here is the thing: Document document = new Document(); PdfWriter.getInstance(document, new FileOutputStream("out2.pdf"));; Para

Problems with iText trying to create a PDF file

I'm trying to create a PDF file when I press a button. I'm using iText library. My activity: package com.pdf; import; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.View; import com.itextpdf.text.D

iText: Do Set margins work?

Hi : Does the "setMargins" method in IText work in a conventional manner ? I have tried the following System.out.println(f.exists()); Document document = new Document(PageSize.A4,36,36,36,36); PdfWriter writer = PdfWriter.getInstance(document, n

How to convert a ppt file to a pdf file in Java?

I want to convert an MS powerpoint (ppt) document to PDF. I searched some jars like officetools.jar, but that requires purchase. Is there any way I can convert it through itext and apache POI like we do for doc to PDF?I am using iText and apache poi:

IText PDF colors are inconsistent in Acrobat

I'm generating a multipage PDF from Java using iText. Problem: the lines on my charts shift color between certain pages. Here's a screenshot of the transition between pages: This was taken from Adobe Reader. The lines are the correct color in OS X Pr

Can not read some PDF files with iTextSharp

I have a Win32 application that reads PDFs using iTextSharp which inserts an image into the document as a seal. It works fine with 99% of the files we are processing over a year, but these days some files just don't read. When I execute the code belo

Java PDF manipulation and rendering

I am hoping for this question to become a comprehensive guide to PDF manipulation and rendering in Java. I have a fairly comprehensive implementation by stitching together multiple open source libraries, I would like to improve upon it. Background My

itext - pdf in html

I have spent about 20 hours of coding to produce invoices using iText in c#. Now, i want to use the same code to transform some of the tables to html. Do you know if i can do this? For instance i have this: PdfPTable table = new PdfPTable(3); table.D

Linux PDF / Postscript Optimization

So I have a report system built using Java and iText. PDF templates are created using Scribus. The Java code merges the data into the document using iText. The files are then copied over to a NFS share, and a BASH script prints them. I use acroread t