Updated tableview with UIRefresh

The title of my question makes this look like a duplicate, but it's much more complicated of an issue than the title suggests, so please read through this post before marking it as a duplicate. I have a tableview that uses UIRefresh for pull-to-refre

plist file not be found

I'm trying to write a simple array to a plist file and then later on retrieve it. I have the following code: + (NSString*) dataFilePath { NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentationDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES); NSString

EXE Bad Access When Scrolling UITableView - iPhone

I have a simple UITableView with 9 cells. When I move the table up or down by scrolling, I get EXE bad access. NSZombieMode points at the cellForRowAtIndexMethod. - (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexP

Do not go through instance methods

I am trying to do a app, but unfortunately it is not passing through all (void) instance methods (i copied the methods from another project).... and also not showing any error....Can any one tell me know whats going wrong????? I am building a app whi

How to detect an unsecured wifi network from iOS App

I would like to detect the presence of unsecured wifi network in my app. Is there any public iOS API available to achieve the same?There is no documented API to get that information. If you application needs to send and receive sensitive data across

Hide Show UIPicker by clicking on the button

I want to do something like the keyboard show/hide so I want to set up picker as a first responder. Is this possible. If not how can i show/hide UIPicker in a view by a button click. On other topic how can i format the DatePicker output, now i get "2

How to send a text message in phonegap

I am developing one app in phonegap. In my app i am using one text field which contains some text and one button for sending text.When i will click on button then one alert box should open .Which contains three button "SMS","CHAT",&quo

to load XML into the iPhone application

I have a problem. I have a XML and a project (XCode 4.1). I must build my app with a XML file into this. Now, where i put a XML file in my project? In the XCode 3 there is a resource folder but now i haven't this. ThanksThere should be a Supporting F

Why does the text cut from below in UITextField?

I am using a custom font in my text fields and labels in my whole application. My font name is "digital-7.ttf". now the problem is that text in my labels is good but in the UITextFields it is cutting text from bottom. when textfield is editing t

Using the MBProgressHUD Activity Indicator

so I have a table view and whenever user press a row, another class view shows up. So I wanted to have a loading indicator in between the transition. I am using MBProgressHUD, but it showed nothing when I pressed the row. And what should I put inside

Query on a board from another board

I have the following 2 arrays. Array A with i.e. 10 id's, and the other array, Array B with 300 id's with all the corresponding data. I want to retrieve all the data from B with id's which are stated in the array A. I could just loop all entries in a

Backing up master data

I want to backup my core data database. I've read that all I need to do is save the sqlite file. I'm still not sure if that's really all though. Either way, I've been trying to save the sqlite file but I'm not sure how to do that. I think I can get t

NSTimer invalidation

If I create a timer which never repeats [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:3.0 target:self selector:@selector(updateSystems) userInfo:nil repeats:NO]; do I still need to invalidate it? Also, is releasing the instance one step in the invalidate m

iPhone App: Draw a graph

In my iPhone App I want to add Graph as shown below ! How can I plot this kind of graph in my iphone App using coreplot please Help and Suggest Thanks.You will need 3 plots--two bar plots and a scatter plot. The "Year x" labels on the x-axis are

how should UITextField appear in UIScrollView?

I have a UIScrollView, added as [self.view addSubview:myScrollView]; There are 8 to 10 UITextFields, so when I click textFields for writing something, they Keyboard comes on them, and they became back to keyboard, now what should I do so that they wi

if statement that groups all statements in an if statement

how do you make an if statement that groups all the statements into one if statement at the moment I've got 20 or something if statements which isn't very efficient so i was wondering if there was a way to group the sprites so that if any of my sprit

Extracting text from pdf using objective-c (libz.dylib)

I have imported the pdf.h file in my view controller class and tried calling NSString *outPutString = convertPDF(pathToPdfFile); but while building it gives me linker error: _convertPDF" refrenced from: -[ScriptViewController searchBarSearchButtonCli

save the data when the back button is pressed

I have a simple navigation based app which has a bunch fo forms in it, I have a method connected to a button that saves data when the button is tapped but I was wondering if I could call the same method when the back button is tapped in the navigatio

UIKit bug strange, the table view line remains selected

I'm facing what appears to be a UIKit bug, and it takes the combination of two less commonly used features to reproduce it, so please bear with me here. I have quite the common view hierarchy: UITabBarController -> UINavigationController -> UITableV

uitabbarcontroller + uitableviewcontroller + uiviewcontroller

I'm using the code extracted from the URL http://www.iphonemusings.com/2009/01/iphone-programming-tutorial-creating.html to show initial screen with tab bar and having table view in both the tabs. It is displaying the text in cells as well after taki

Shut down an iPhone by programming?

Is it possible to programmatically power off an iPhone or does Apple disallow this? If Apple disallows this, is it possible to programmatically mute the sound on an iPhone?I don't have any evidence for that, but this would involve modifying the "User

Cocoa-Touch: UITableView does not resize

I have an app, which has a top navigation bar and a bottom tab bar. One of the tabs displays a table's XIB file with my custom controller. This UITableView is created by a MyTableViewController class. I have a problem with the table's size. The table

How to invite a user to select an image on the iPhone?

I would like to allow the user to select one of several pre-supplied images. Is there a standard way to do this?The only thing similar to this that is Standard would be the Image Picker control. However for this to work you would have to add your ima

Why is my iPhone application crashing?

When I try to allocate a Texture2D the app just crashes. I've stepped through the code where the crash occurs... all I can tell is "EXC BAD ACCESS". Here is the line in the app delegate that makes it crash: _textures[myTex] = [[Texture2D alloc]