Segmented control does not work as expected on segment 0

I have a segmented control that alters 5 images on one of my View Controllers (see image below) but I want Segment 0 to be selected straight away when someone goes into the Casting Tab. At present it only gets selected when i go onto either Segment 1

How to create a UITextView automatic scroll in the Xcode

I try to create a UITexView with auto scrolling when press button start. And have a button stop, when pressed it will stop scrolling. Pressing button start again and it will continues to scroll down. How to handle this function. I have research some

How to remove extra spaces above UITableView?

I'm have been trying to get the header of the table scrolling along with the UITableView. It's finally working, however, now there's a whitespace showing up right under the map view (see screenshot). I had difficulty getting the map in the table head

How to get the remaining download time of asynchronous request?

I m trying to upload an Image from iPhone to Server. I m Able to Do so But i need to show an Indicator.My code is NSData *imageData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation(newImage, 90); // setting up the URL to post to NSString *urlString = [NSString stringWith

Is the database updated when an application is updated?

I have an App in my Device, that contains database, if I update that app from the App Store, then database of App will be updated or it uses the same database of previous App.If you stored your data in NSDocumentDirectory or NSLibraryDirectory, your

IOS: move an UIImageView

In my app I want to move a little UIImageView with inside a .png; this is a little insect and I want to simulate his flight. At example I want that this png do when it move an inverted eight as the infinite simbol ∞You may use CoreAnimation. You can

how to obtain degrees of objects?

float mcount=0; mcount += 0.3; CGAffineTransform transform = CGAffineTransformMakeRotation(mcount); Clock.transform = transform; i want GET Degree! how to get rotation(degree) of this Object ? for exampke 90 degree. i have Action Script 3 example : m

Memory leak on the device when using mutableCopy

I thought that I was really close to release this new App of mine when I ran into a dead end. My code works without memory leaks in the simulator (Xcode 4.0.2) but reports memory leaks on my devices. I think my issue is related to that I copy an obje

Support ideas for php on .net

I am a newly graduated programmer. I have done many web pages and services with Php. I took a project as a freelancer. My employer want the web site to be coded mainly with Php. He took another employee as a iphone developer. iphone developer guy wan

IPhone Game Landscape Orientation Problem

I am trying to make a simple iPhone game and I need the game to be in landscape mode. I can get the initial view to be landscape, but if remove the initial view and replace it with a new view (going from Main Menu to Game Screen) the new view is now

Alternative to Console.WriteLine for log / tracking?

In my app currently I'm using #if DEBUG Console.WriteLine(....) #endif In a number of places. It's been a temporary measure, and is fine and dandy, but I'd like to know how I should be doing this properly. Someone mentioned NSLog briefly to me in pas

(Self-cleaning mask) Flexible width of a fixed-height image

I have been playing around with iPhone interface building using only code and not using IB. Now I'm facing the following problem: How can I set an image to have a width based on the main view it is located on and to let it have a margin of for exampl

Replacement of CGAL for iOS

I have a set of nodes that define streets. Each node has latitude and longitude. Also I have user location with latitude and longitude. My intention is to build Voronoi diagram for segments defined by each pair of nodes, and then find which node user

Cancel the store's iPhone app

Is there any way unpublish my iPhone from the store? I can't seem to find the option on Thanks in advance! VpA word of advice: Read iTunes Connect Guide carefully about this point! You can remove an app from sales or you can delete

Hide the toolbar on the top of the iPhone keyboard

is there anyway in javascript or HTML to hide the toolbar from iPhone keyboard. I only have one form input and I don't want the user to see the next, previous or done. If anyone can help that would be great, I am using PhoneGapNot possible. If you lo

Failed Xcode 3.2.2 and LLVM version 1.0.2

I have Xcode 3.2.2 and I am trying to use LLVM version 1.0.2 as a compiler. When I do that, I see the error Library not found for -lgcc Command /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin/clang failed with exit code 1 How do I sol

Facebook & ldquo; Like & quot; on iPhone / iPad

Has anyone implemented facebook "Like" on iPhone/iPad? I've done general Facebook Connect implementation before, but it appears they're phasing that out in favour of OAuth and the Graph API? We're trying to give users the ability to "Like&q

How to download a text file from the web on iPhone?

I'm a young iphone dev who needs to download a .txt file from a web (I got a ftp sever) to update a small database on the device. Anyone could give me an advice of how to do this? Thanks.Downloading it (see Downloading to a Predetermined Destination)

Cell-specific action like the drop-down menu

I'm attempting to implement a slide-in menu like in the facebook app. I have a NIB for a custom UITableViewCell, which includes a button. The button has an IBAction associated with it, in which I animate in a subview of my NIB (the delete/edit menu).

How to record audio on iPhone

I want to record audio using the iphone (< 2 minutes) and save it to a file. I looked at SpeakHere, but it confuses me. Which classes do I use? What delegate methods do I create? Thanks!I agree, SpeakHere is not a very good starting point to learn iP