Tableview cell subtitles

My tableview cell subtitles aren't showing when I use this: func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell { var cell:UITableViewCell? if tableView.tag == 1 { guard let latestCell = tableView.dequeueReu

IOS frame missing architecture required arm64

I'm trying to create and use a framework in iOS. It was working previously and it works on the simulator but not a newer iPhone 6. I suspect it has to do with the script, but from what I can see (I copied the script for the internet for the most part

Reading basic data as objects

I have 1 entity in my database "Message" with the values MessageID, messageText and i want to read every row of Core Data, make an object of my class "Message" and put the new object into an array. It's the first time I'm using Core Da

UITextView does not quit when added as a UIAlertView subview

I've added UITextView as a sub view of UIAlertView, I've added UIToolBar with a Done button (using UIBarButtonItem) as inputAccessoryView to allow user to resign keyboard`. It's just working fine in iOS6.0. And not in iOS5.0. I've break point and che

TFHpple - Get the HTML element without element tags?

I'm parsing some HTML and I need to get all the innerHTML of <body />. I'm doing it this way: TFHpple *doc = [[TFHpple alloc] initWithHTMLData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:sectionFilePath]]; TFHppleElement *body = [doc searchWithXPathQuery:@"

How to refresh UIViewController programmatically?

I have a ViewController in which the user selects a card (a custom UIButton) out of a UIScrollView. I have intercepted the touch event selecting the card and identified it, and then removed it from the data source, but it still exists in the UISubVie

Trouble with Decorator Pattern, iOS / UICollectionViewCells

I am trying to 'decorate' UICollectionViewCells using the Decorator pattern. For example, if I have a BaseCell : UICollectionViewCell I would like to be able to do something like this: BaseCell *cell = [[BaseCell alloc] initWithFrame] cell = [[Glowin

How to post a message with url on Facebook?

I am posting a post on facebook. I am able to post a URL but I also want to post some description with that URL. I am using it - NSString *shareUrlString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"", urlString

UITableView Pagination

My app has custom UITableView cells. I want to show only one cell at a time - next cell should show partially. In ScrollView you can set isPagingEnabled to YES. But how can i do above in UITableView? ThanksNote that UITableView inherits from UIScroll

try and catch does not handle the exception in the iphone

i am using the following code to catch an error when ind.row is not a valid value or sometimes it becomes nil @try { if(ind.row<[[treeNode flattenElements] count]) { [self.mTableView scrollToRowAtIndexPath:ind atScrollPosition:UITableViewScrollPositi

how to maintain the state of the button image in tableview

I have one table view and each cell has one button after pressing button, button image got change but if I scroll tableview then button image comes in previous state how to avoid this problem.Store in an Array the state of the button, and when the ce

Save sampleBuffer in the table (AVFoundation)

I try to save the sample buffer instead of an UIImage to an array, to convert it later on. This to speed up the image capturing and maybe not get memory warnings. I just can't figure out how to save it to the array and then use it again to call [self

iPhone - Prevents a navigation bar from pressing a subview

In 'iPhone', how can I prevent a navigation bar from pushing down a subview? Thanks.I suppose that you want your view to be under the nav bar, then you should set wantsFullScreenLayout property of a viewController you push into nav bar to YES.

iPhone: Using Google to get directions

In order to get directions, Google provides this nice URL: Sample here... How can I use the information that Google provides to get the same direction line on a MKMapView in an app?You will have to either use a web view with a Google map, or draw on

Adding master data to the existing project in XCode 4

I started off the project without Core Data and now I would like to add that functionality to my apps. How do I do this? What additional things does XCode sets up when you actually tick the Use Core Data when you create a new project?One trick is to

how can I run the iOS4 app in the background?

I'm developing an app for iOS4. The application is made of two main components, one that is supposed to run in the background and one that is constantly displayed on screen and takes data from the first one. Here's the problem: the first component wo

How to debug EXC_BAD_ACCESS on the device only

I have some code that returns a struct containing 2 objects (declared as id). When trying to use one of the objects I get an EXC_BAD_ACCESS and the app crashes. This only happens on the device (ipad) not in the simulator. I have set NSZombieEnabled t

The code sample for admob on iPhone does not display an ad

My goal is to create an AdMob banner in my iPhone app. As a starting point, all I want to do is sucessfully run the example code provided by Google. I registered for an adMob account and got a publisher id. I download the sample code provided by Goog

Registration page

I need a registration page in my application which should appear only at the first launch of the application. I appreciate any help available . Thank you.Look into: NSUserDefaults (for saving and loading the registered info) -

self.window.rootViewController vs window addSubview

I've noticed a lot of examples for iPhone apps in the Application Delegate - (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application have [window addSubview: someController.view]; (1) as opposed to self.window.rootViewController = self.someC

UIDatePicker: time mode: initializes the time (must be simple)

All, This seems like such a simple thing, but I cannot find* the right method to create a UIDatePicker, in time mode, and have it initialized to a specific time. I don't want date -- just time (think alarm clock). I have created a NSDate object: NSDa

Simulate iPhone 3.0 with SDK 4.0

i have xcode 3.1.3 and xcode 3.2.1 installed For sure now I use 3.2.1 with Sdk 4 to develop new apps. But what if I like to test a App compiled with sdk 4 on a simulated iphone that would just have 3.0?? As BaseSDk i use 4.0 and as target 3.0 In xcod

How to find the current location of the iPhone and update it

I am new to iphone development.I am creating a map application. I have created tool bar with a button below the mapview.When i click the button it should display a alert view showing the current location and asking to update. on clicking OK in alert