Using LSApplicationWorkspace in Swift

I've added MobileCoreServices.framework to my Xcode project, and have the statement import MobileCoreServices in top of my file. I have the line of code let test = LSApplicationWorkspace.defaultWorkSpace() And xcode said Unresolved Identifier LSAppli

IOS 7 touch notifications

I want to receive x, y coordinates of a touch. I've tried this solution, but it doesn't seem to work for IOS 7. I get the following error: Tweak.xm:96:2: error: no matching function for call to 'IOHIDEventSystemClientScheduleWithRunLoop' IOHIDEventSy

Automation test at the operating system level

I am working on an iOS application in which automation testing will be done on OS level( can open any application through script). I have searched a lot, all I found is we are allowed to automate the test script within our own application only. Okay,

Connecting to another Bluetooth device through the BeeTee app

I need to implement a self bluetooth app to connect with all bluetooth devices to iPhone. I know it is not possible with CoreBluetooth framework. I use private API and added header files of DeviceManager and BluetoothManager to private frameworks and

How to activate the VPN from the iOS app? (Private API OK)

When an iOS Device goes into "sleep mode", even a configured VPN is, unfortunately, turned off. A customer that wants an app for his iPad has to use VPN for security, so anything must be done through VPN. The app has to synchronize a lot, but th

Create an image on the surface of the ios and save it

I am trying to acquire the surface associated with the main screen of the ios device, create an image out of it and save it. This is in relevance to this question - Taking Screenshots from iOS app - emulating Display recorder (query on the internals)

Get CellID, MCC, MNC, LAC and Network in iOS 5.1

I need to retrieve CellID, MCC, MNC, LAC and Network (GSM, 3G) of the current Serving Cell Tower in iOS 5.1 (iPhone 4S). I know this information is available because I can see it in FieldTest Mode (accessible after calling ****3001#12345#****). I sup

Check the bluetooth status in iOS

I have an application (I am not going to submit this app to apple app store) using which I want to check whether bluetooth is turned on. If it is turned on then I have to display an alert. - (void)centralManagerDidUpdateState:(CBCentralManager *)cent

add a private GraphicsServices framework in IOS

actually I need to lock my iPhone programmatically, I have searched in the internet, also got some ideas, that is, using GraphicsServices.framework and GSEventLockDevices() method.. here is the thing: how can I add a private framework to my project?

List of BluetoothManager Framework Notifications

I want to get all the notifications of the BluetoothManager private framework. I've been searching but i only have found two (BluetoothAvailabilityChangedNotification and BluetoothDeviceDiscoveredNotification). I'm interesting in a notification that

IOS private frames

I'm trying to use Private Frameworks in my project, The problem is when I add the .framework file to the project, there is no header file Any solution for that? Thanks!What BJ Homer said is correct: private frameworks are for Apple's use only, so the

Send iMessage programmatically using private frames

Does anyone know if it's possible to directly send an iMessage using a private framework? I tried using CTMessageCenter from CoreTelephony but it'll send an SMS even though my phone can send iMessages.I haven't tested this, but look at the code poste

iOS Private API for VPN

I'm looking for some private API to start a VPN connection configured in the Settings app. Anyone any suggestions where I can find them? The only thing I found is the ManagedConfiguration.framework. Is that the right place to start? it's kind a hard

View the status of the application in the top bar

The Evernote iPhone app displays a "second" status bar at the top to keep the user informed about the progress of the synchronization without blocking the rest of the user interface. You can see the green bar in this screenshot:

Undocumented iPhone API from Security.framework

I read some info regarding getting .h files for undocumented API. Most of sources recommend class-dump (or class-dump-x and class-dump-z). However it doesn't work with iPhone Security.framework. It doesn't contain Objective-C runtime information. The

Apple and private APIs

Now that it's public knowledge that App Store submissions are being tested for use of private APIs, I need to ask the question... what exactly is a private API so that I may avoid them?A private API is an API that is not documented in the SDK. For in