How to press more icons in a navigation bar or toolbar

I am trying to get just one more icon into my Navigation Bar, but can't figure out how to adjust the width to get more room. Using standard BarButtonItems and using the storyboard to build, there seems to be a limit of 14 icons in portrait mode on iP

Universal application Xcode iPad UITableView size

I've created an universal app in Xcode 6 and the iPhone storyboard has a UIViewController that contains a UITableView, it works fine. I made the iPad storyboard the same as the iPhone and added all the classes and elements but the UITableView is disp

get the zip code with the full API

How to get zip code with auto complete api of google in iOS? I have already tried google place api but it not return zip code So, please any one have solution give me some ideaUsing Google Maps iOS SDK Swift: @IBAction func googleMapsiOSSDKReverseGeo

iOS 7 Background transfer service stops after 3 minutes

I have created a sample code to download a file from network repeatedly(every 30 secs or so). In iOS 7 using Background transfer services with NSURLSession I followed this tutorial

UITableView does not display data in the iPad application

I have ipad app in which i am using tableView to show data but problem is that it does not show data in tableView here is code for setting cell value - (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPa

How to replace click with touchstart on iOS devices

Objective To close the parent div of an anchor tag when clicked. In the code below, I want to hide div performance_tt when the user clicks on anchor tag close_performance_tt. Problem Unable to get it to work on iOS devices after spending several hour

UIView does not appear in both header views

I am developing an iPad application. For some reasons, I need to show a two tableviews in the same view controller. I have created a UIView in a xib and connected a outlet to that view controller. I need to show that view in those two tableviews as a

How to get the first characters of a string array insensitive

In my iPhone app i have an array of stings. fron that string i need to get the array of first charecters. For this i have implemented logic as follow. it works but in this i have retrieve charectes twicw 1.Small letters and 2.Capital letters. I need

view on the top of the table appears below

I have a on top of my tableview another view with 3 buttons on it. You can see my storyboard over here. When I build and run. This view shows up at the bottom of my tableview. Someone has an idea how this is possible? Kind regards.Your UIView is subv

Do not go through instance methods

I am trying to do a app, but unfortunately it is not passing through all (void) instance methods (i copied the methods from another project).... and also not showing any error....Can any one tell me know whats going wrong????? I am building a app whi

Specification of the font for iPhone / iPad

I have the retina specifications for fonts on an app. If I divide them by 2, I get the non-retina font sizes. Should I provide the app with the non-retina sizes, and it will automatically scale it for retina? Or do I need to provide both? Thanks,I th

How to clear the contents of the subview before drawing

i use two blocks to draw some buttons on my subview dynamically. One calculates frames for Portrait mode and the other does for Landscape. It works well but when i rotate, it writes over the old ones. Hence, some of my buttons come twice. Here is my

Custom font integration Arial-Narrow.ttf

I am having problem in using this font in my Application. I have imported the Arial-Narrow.ttf file in my resources and also added the name in the info.plist as follow <key>UIAppFonts</key> <array> <string>Arial-Narrow.ttf</stri

RestKit Linker error

I have been following the RestKit installation instructions but I now have an error when I try to build the app. This is for ios, iPad specific. I get "Command /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin/clang failed with exit cod

Xcode 4 Developer Info in main.m

In Xcode 4, where does the ID information (developer, company) in main.m come from? On my system it is incorrect, but I can't locate the source.The developer is the user name from user currently logged into Mac OS X and the company can be set in the

Adding master data to the existing project in XCode 4

I started off the project without Core Data and now I would like to add that functionality to my apps. How do I do this? What additional things does XCode sets up when you actually tick the Use Core Data when you create a new project?One trick is to

How to debug EXC_BAD_ACCESS on the device only

I have some code that returns a struct containing 2 objects (declared as id). When trying to use one of the objects I get an EXC_BAD_ACCESS and the app crashes. This only happens on the device (ipad) not in the simulator. I have set NSZombieEnabled t

iPad iframe scrollbar problem

I have a problem on iPad with this html definition: <iframe id="DOMWindowIframe" name="DOMWindowIframe" src="'+settings.windowSourceURL+'" class="domWindowIframe" frameBorder="no" scrolling="yes&qu

xml animation core or json framework

Does anyone know if there is a framework for dynamically loading core animation sequences from some kind of description file like xml or json or even better if there is some kind of core animation studio. I would need some way to allow designers to w

UIPinchGestureRecognizer (Zoom Out / Zoom In)

i have used UIPinchGestureRecognizer in my application for zoom in or zoom out the image.its working on zoom in /zoom out . but i want to set the minimum and maximum scale of UIPinchGestureRecognizer So that the image is not zoom out smaller Than the

Facebook & ldquo; Like & quot; on iPhone / iPad

Has anyone implemented facebook "Like" on iPhone/iPad? I've done general Facebook Connect implementation before, but it appears they're phasing that out in favour of OAuth and the Graph API? We're trying to give users the ability to "Like&q

iPad - supports Garbage Collector?

I know you can't use GC in iPhone applications cause iPhone does not have enough resources to enable that - it would kill the performence. What about iPad. I know they run iPhone OS too, does that mean that CG can't be enabled on the iPad as well?The