iOS 9 Beta and LoopInfo music track

Has anyone been able to loop a MIDI file without problems on IOS9 Beta? As soon as I try to loop by setting numberOfLoops to 0 in MusicTrackLoopInfo, it locks up the app by sending random MIDI to the player. I've reported it, but am wondering if anyo

how to read single column data from the domain database?

I have one table with three column which named "Id,Name,Last Name". For get data of Name column in sq-lite we are using query like 'SELECT Name form table_name' if we using realm in "IOS" then which method we have to use for get only o

how can I switch to another view controller?

I have a problem with indexPathForSelectedRow() I have 2 viewcontroller: tableview and view controller I want to move from tableview to another controller and I used func prepareForSegue but I have problem in indexpathselectedrow() This is issue for

Change the color of the child node

Currently when I change child's node color it will led to color change of all another child nodes, which I don't want. I change color of the child node this way: let materials = node.geometry?.materials as! [SCNMaterial] let material = materials[0] m

Manipulate the tap on the same segmented button?

I'm trying to handle a tap event on a segmented control, but when the selected button is clicked again. For example, for the screenshot below where "Second" is already selected, how do I handle the action when the "Second" button is cl

Count the number of selected rows in uitableview

What I actually want to do is to count the number of rows selected after selecting and deselecting the row. I get the total count but when I deselect the row I want to get count as how many other rows are still selected. My code is as follows //count

How to set the camera view to fill its parent view

I don't know if this problem is something about auto layout or I am doing something wrong. I have a UIViewController and one UIView inside of it. And I am using AVCaptureSession to put camera view inside of it. Problem is that when I camera view load

How do I know where the error is raised in Xcode Objective-C?

I'm beginner in Objective-C, I'm struggling with this code that running in iOS 7.1 but crash in iOS 8. How I can know where is problem from stack trace? And why a code works in older version (iOS 7) and not work in newer version? Is that a problem wi

Autolayout and dynamic width UILabel inside Prototype Cell

I'm trying to create a "3-column" UITableViewCell where each column contains a UILabel. The two left-most labels are easy to set constraints on, they are fixed width and their text will not exceed their IB-set widths. The right label though coul

Make some words in a fat and clickable NSString as tags

I need to make certain words in a NSString be clickable and a different font style like a tag would. I have a code like so: NSString *str = @"This is my string and it is #cool and #fun. Please click on the tags."; So the above word #cool and #fu

iOS 8 Crash - renderInContext: UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext ()

Before iOS 8, I didn't have problems with this & now, yes. LOG: Assertion failed: (CGFloatIsValid(x) && CGFloatIsValid(y)), function void CGPathMoveToPoint(CGMutablePathRef, const CGAffineTransform *, CGFloat, CGFloat), file Paths/, l

How to remove the cache in WKWebview?

Any one worked with WKWebview and tried to clear cache ? If yes, how to do? any example ? P.S. : Normal NSURLCache is not working.In iOS 9 //// Optional data NSSet *websiteDataTypes = [NSSet setWithArray:@[ WKWebsiteDataTypeDiskCache, //WKWebsiteData

UIGestureRecognizer iOS

I'm trying to add an UIGestureRecognizer to one of my views. It's not receiving any touches. This is what I did: @interface SettingsView()<UIGestureRecognizerDelegate> @property (nonatomic, strong) UIView *menu; @end @implementation FRMSettingsView

How to make constraint objects without VisualFormat in Swift?

I am manually adding a bunch of layout constraints that are for portrait mode. Now I want to make two sets of constraints, and flip between them based on whether the device is in landscape or portrait mode. I do not want to use "visualformatting"

Get query string parameters from url in the UIWebView in Swift?

my question is pretty straight forward. Can someone please show me how to get the query string parameters in a url received by the UIWebView. It is pretty easy in objective c, but I need some help in swift as i'm new to the language. Thanks in advanc

Keychains + adhoc distribution

To begin, some details : we are developing an iOS application currently using Swift/Xcode 6.1 GM 2 for development. We are having some confusing problems with keychain access when distributing applications ad hoc and have issues with tracking down wh

Running tests on Xcode 6 and the device

I am trying to run unit tests on Xcode 6 if I run them on the simulator (and 7.1 at that) they run fine other conditions yield this message: 2014-10-10 01:39:56.190 MyApp[493:173988] Error loading /private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/A6C42

-webkit-overflow-scrolling: tap; breaks in iOS8 from Apple

I'm working on a web app that uses -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch in several places to give the overflown divs inertia scrolling. Since updating to IOS8, -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch stops you being able to scroll whatsoever, and the only way

App only hangs in some ios8 devices

So I recently had my app rejected by Apple. This is what they said: 2.1: Apps that crash will be rejected ----- 2.1 ----- We found that your app crashed on iPad running iOS 8 and iPhone 5s running iOS 8, which is not in compliance with the App Store

Color of the status bar of the iPhone 6

Has anyone noticed that the Status bar color for the iPhone 6 simulator is not using the correct style? I have UIStatusBarStyle set to UIStatusBarStyleLightContent and UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance set to NO. This works fine for all phones

Summon and control vibrations using Swift and iOS8

How can I invoke vibration using Swift and control its duration? Also what other parameters can be defined? I would like to invoke a very short vibration using Swift. I tried the following function: func () { AudioServicesPlaySystemSound(kSystemSound

Transmit information to modal view controllers

I've done some reading on here about passing data back from view controllers and I know that there are some definitely no-no's about this, but I wanted to inquire about a best practice for passing data in this manner and ask if what i'm doing below i

Swift Core Motion closing problem

I'm trying to convert an old game application built in obj-c to the new swift code. i'm having some issues understanding swift closures and how to use them for example in the"startAccelerometerUpdatesToQueue" method. i have initialized the motio

How to create a string with the format?

I need to create a string with format which can convert int, long, double etc. types into string. Using Obj-C, I can do it via below way. NSString *str = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d , %f, %ld, %@", INT_VALUE, FLOAT_VALUE, DOUBLE_VALUE, STRIN