NSURLSession notify when all tasks are completed

I have been reading through the documentation and looking online but have not been able to find a way of doing this. Currently, I am creating 20 tasks in a session and would like to have a way of executing some kind of callback only when all 20 tasks

NSUrlRequest from curl for stripe

I need to make a http post request using the following instructions: curl https://api.stripe.com/v1/tokens \ -u sk_test_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2: \ -d "bank_account[country]=US" \ -d "bank_account[routing_number]=110000000" \ -d "

How to disable iCloud in iOS 7 App

Currently my iOS application supports iCloud backup and for that my application got rejected from App Store.I have disabled the iCloud option in capabilities tab of target section in Xcode but still my application supports iCloud backup. To check thi

iOS - Join Segues to my CollectionView Cells

I am creating an app where I have a UICollectionView with 8 different items plugged in programmatically in my viewDidLoad method, like so: - (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; navItems = [[NSMutableArray alloc]init]; [navItems addObject:@"perso

insert data into Sqlite3 in a loop

i am new in iOs programming. Please help I am creating a database if it is not present then creating table and after reading line by line record from a file , i am trying to insert it into a database I am looping for inserting data , i have read abou

how to code to select multiple lines with a check mark?

I have taken UITableView. I want to use checkmark on row. When row is selected check mark should show there and when he selects check mark row then check mark should disappear. I used following code. In my code only I select multiple row but am able

Mapkit, MKDirections, voice narration,

I am working on an iOS 7 app that uses mapkit, and I can route and pot directions for users. I am trying to recreate the exact same way the apple maps app works when starting a trip, with the voice coming up and narrating the steps, and the camera mo

iOS7 strange animation when using hidesBottomBarWhenPushed

I am getting a really strange animation behaviour when pushing another view controller that has the bottom bar hidden with hidesBottomBarWhenPushed. The first thread I found was that: Strange animation on iOS 7 when using hidesBottomBarWhenPushed in

IOS accessibility notification in the background

I want to do some tasks as soon as user comes online even he is in background. I am using Reachability class for checking internet. But this class is not notifying me when i am at background. I know people asked this question earlier but didn't got a

Gradient layer at the bottom of UITextview

How can I have the same effect in iOS UITextView like below image. Blur effect from the bottom of UITextView Thanks in Advance :)Try the following: I tried the following with image but not UITextView UIView *vwTest = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:_te

check if the current user has favored the tweet or not

I need to check whether current user has favourited the tweet or not?!! I am using twitter api 1.1 and I am confused as which attribute to use from the following attributes from the twitter api response json favorite_count favourites_count favoritedI

How to capture the user's handwritten signature in the iOS app

In my app, user will request a digitized, handwritten signature from customers. I need the ability to capture the signature as the user 'writes' it on the touchscreen. I also need to store an image of the digitized signature for future use. I need he

Focus slider missing on entry into a hybrid application

ive got an error in a hybrid app build with cordova phoneGap 3.3. The error is only shown on a device with ios7 (maybe only iOS7+iphone4) Its about a Text input. By touching the input the keyboard will shown up -> nice. But the cursor focus is not sh

iOS 7 Background transfer service stops after 3 minutes

I have created a sample code to download a file from network repeatedly(every 30 secs or so). In iOS 7 using Background transfer services with NSURLSession I followed this tutorial http://mobile.tutsplus.com/tutorials/iphone/ios-7-sdk-background-tran

Compile to a different iOS version

I have an application in the App Store, targeted for iOS 5, that runs correctly in iOS 6, and even iOS 7, but now, I wanted to add a new feature (just one new view with a controller). The problem comes here: If I do compile the code with Xcode 5, it

Custom UITabbar problem in IOS 7

My way for customizing the UITabbar was working fine in IOS 5 and IOS 6,but in IOS7 the Tabbar did not show any image. IOS6 Result: IOS7 Result: After doing some research i try to fix the existing code,but did not succeed.here is my code which was wo

How to change the background color of UISearchBar in iOS7

How to change background color of UISearchBar in iOS7? not gray, I want to change color like my uinavigationbar if I Use this code, that's what comes out searchBar.backgroundColor = [UIColor redColor]; That is not red color!!! This exact same situati

Add an image to the segment controller

Prior to iOS 7 it was easy to add colored image to the segment controller, but now if I add image to it, only the image is visible with the default Tint color and not the actual color. Does any one have idea about this, if so kindly help me out. Than

Direct link to the App Store app in iOS 7

I have a free version of app. And there is a link to a full version in free app. The link works fine in iOS 6. But in iOS 7 it shows a blank page. Any help is appreciated! The link I use: - (void) getFull { [self hideAnimated]; NSString *iTunesLink =

iOS 7 SDK does not respect the audio background

I have done a lot of research, both on Google and StackOverflow. All the answers I found do not work in iOS 7. I started writing fresh app in iOS 7 SDK with Xcode 5. All I'm trying to do is play audio in the app from a file stored in the app bundle (

The urban airship crashes calling for takeoff

Upgrading to UrbanAirship 3.0.0 with Xcode 5.0, I'm getting an error when calling this code: [UAirship takeOff:config]; The error is +[NSJSONSerialization stringWithObject:]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x3b2ca9fc 2013-09-19 15:02:31.981 [178