Limited selection in UITableView

i have a tableview getting dynamic data from a service. i want to select multiple rows limit is 3.. i have tried all the possible ways but can't get it out.. following is my code. Please help me out to solve this issue. Thanks in Advance - (NSInteger

App store still supporting Xcode 4?

Does anyone know if it's still possible to upload apps to the app store written for iOS 6 in Xcode 4? I can't uppgraderar to Mac OS 10.8.4, which mean I can't upgrade to Xcode 5. Thanks!Yes you can still use Xcode 4 to submit applications to the stor

date returned by the dateFromString method

Please help me solve the problem. (The values for objValidation.aRange.MinimumValue, objValidation.aRange.MaximumValue come from web services) (I am getting wrong dates in firstDate, secondDate.) NSDateFormatter *df = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];

Sure to use Regex for that? (HTML)

I'm parsing some HTML, and I need to get all html in the body tag. My target string will always look something like this: <body><div><img src="" />text etc</div></body> However, I just need: <div><img src=&

How to refresh UIViewController programmatically?

I have a ViewController in which the user selects a card (a custom UIButton) out of a UIScrollView. I have intercepted the touch event selecting the card and identified it, and then removed it from the data source, but it still exists in the UISubVie

NSURLConnection Status Code for iOS 6 Asynchronous Request

Currently using sendAsynchronous from NSURLConnection to make post and get requests, but can't get the status code in the response. Most post suggest the use of NSURLConnection and its delegate methods, which I understand are also Asynchronous. I don

Orientation problem on iPad ios6

I check the orientation of the device in viewDidAppear and viewWillAppear and force the orientation by calling willAnimateRotationToInterfaceOrientation method. - (void) viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated { [super viewWillAppear:YES]; _levelComplete = YES

What style should I use for my iphone application?

Hi i am new to IOS programming. I want to Make a brochure app only read function no user inputs. Which Style i should go for Window based or View Based. I downloaded Xcode it doesn't have Window Based application at has View based only? Can you also

How to zoom in and out ImageViews in a scrollView

I have a scrollview in which i m showing all the imageViews from an imageArray and i have done paging enabled. Now i want to zoom in and zoom out the images in the scrollview. Can someone tel me whats the best way on doing it ??You can-not zoom in an

Dynamic table cell height with Autolayout iOS 6 +

I have UITableviewCell subclass. In that cell, I have 2 labels (lblComment and lblDateTimeStampe) and one view to show rating stars. I want dynamic height of lblComment to fit all the text. It should expand & shrink in height depending on the length

RTSP streaming iOS 6 using WoWza Server

Does any one knows about RTSP streaming using WOWza Server ? I want to play it on a MPMoviePlayer controller in iOS6 but it shows not enough buffer to keep it up. My webservice urls work fine because I have also checked them using a browser but I can

move between view controllers without using a segue

I know should be so simple but how do you move between view controllers on an iPad without using a segue? I have a main menu view controller with a button on it which calls the newViewButton action. I want to open the view controller called MonitorMe

Using a segue from a subview

I have view which contains a collection view. I have added this collection view programatically (in viewDidLoad) - so that is not on the storyboard. This collection view contains several cells. When a user clicks on one of the cells in the collection

Lldb Error: Property Not Found on Type Object

I am trying to debug my iOS app using lldb and I'm getting really weird errors on debug. A few lines before my breakpoint, I've got: CGRect frame = view.frame; Which I can access with no problems with print frame command in lldb. However, when I try

Xcode 4.5 ios6 multiple lines with text in a button

When I'm make a button on the screen in the storyboard and have more text in it than the buttons width. The text just keep on going on a straight line past the buttons end. When this happens I want to have a line break so I can have the text on two l

How to call a 'self' property of prepareForSegue:?

I have a @property in the model class of my app that will call prepareForSegue:. It's publicly declared like this in my CalculatorBrain class. @property (readonly) id program. The getter looks like this: - (id)program { return [self.programStack copy

ios 6 iphone app does not work in ipad

Error in ios 6 Here are the steps to generate the error Generate a project for iphone Add a button to the interface builder Run and build on the ipad simulator Press the button and it does not work. Except if you press 2x, or turn the iPad upside dow

UIActivityViewController. How to customize it?

I would like to create a UIActivityViewController in my iPad application but I can't find anything on Google because it's a new view implemented only in iOS 6. UIActivityView is a view that appears when a user tap, for example, the Share button insid

Appstore in modal mode in iOS6

I noticed that when the user taps an app store link in the iOS6 mail app, mail opens a modal view representing the app store instead of switching to the App Store app as it did in previous versions. Does Apple provide access to this capability, or it