Gradient layer at the bottom of UITextview

How can I have the same effect in iOS UITextView like below image. Blur effect from the bottom of UITextView Thanks in Advance :)Try the following: I tried the following with image but not UITextView UIView *vwTest = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:_te

to delete the uiwindow subview?

i want to remove a view from uiwindow,so i nslog in appdelegate method,it says window's subviews count as two NSLog(@" %d",[[self.window subviews] count]); so how can i remove that subviews from window,if i remove that subviews i have tab bar co

Corebluetooth, How to get a unique UUID?

my question is the UUID of CBPeripheral seems not to be unique. I have two iPad2, and a bluetooth4.0 device. The UUID of the bluetooth device differs from the two iPad. As shown in following images. Is there any way to find a unique UUID of bluetooth

Divide text into TextView

I have long text and 2 textViews. I need to insert this text to 2 textViews(they have no scrolling). It's like book pages(first page is a one textView, second page is a another textView). So, question is: how to determine which text length I need ins

Pop up box for the alarm not appearing?

In my app i am using alarm functionality. Its working fine but when i am testing in simulator the alarm notified with the popup box. In real device it just come as notification in status bar instead of popup box. I am looking for popup box in real de

How to implement a multilevel delegate in Objective-C

I have 4 classes (views): A, B, C and D Class A calls B, B calls C, and C Calls D: A > B > C > D In class D I have implemented a delegate protocol and I want to catch the delegate event in class A. How can I achieve this?There are multiple ways h

iOS - how to redirect to a new screen from the controller?

I have been mapping user flow from screen to screen using the storbyboard, but now I have a need to programmatically redirect the user from one controller to another. I tried to look up how to do that, but I am not finding much, partially because I a

iOS UILabel does not change when the power is disconnected

- (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. UIDevice *device = [UIDevice currentDevice]; device.batteryMonitoringEnabled = YES; [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:

not able to pass table from one class to another iphone

I have a silly doubt, but I need to understand it properly. I have referred few posts on this but they are still confusing to me. I have an array which consists of set of urls which i got from parsing a xml and I store the array like this: Parser.m e

Pickerview: how to combine 2 separate codes in 1 place?

how to put this code below? - (void)pickerView:(UIPickerView *)pickerView didSelectRow:(NSInteger)row inComponent:(NSInteger)component { NSString *year = [dateYear objectAtIndex:[picker selectedRowInComponent:0]]; NSString *month = [dateMonth objectA

IOS 3.x support in 2012?

I'm developing an app that works on iOS 5 and it appears that Xcode automatically says "iOS 4.3 or newer". Can I still (in 2012!) create apps that work on iOS 3.x? Many people have iPhone 3G or even the original iPhone, and these are so old that

Placeholder cell in a UITableView

Suppose I have a UITableView with two sections. If the data source for that section is empty I would like to display a placeholder cell with the text "Section Name is empty." How can I do that? Code - (NSString *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableVi

How & ldquo; release & rdquo; a UIWebView on ARC

I'm trying to developed a really simple browser to be part of an iPad app. That browser will have tabs. All tabs are based on a .xib with an UIWebView filling almost all .xib frame. I store all them inside an NSMutableArray, called tabsArray. So, her

Manage memory on multiple views

I'm building an app that has a main view which consists of a Map View. A second view has some necessary configuration options (config view). I segue to this config view using a partial curl segue. The problem I'm having is the state of my config view

RestKit Linker error

I have been following the RestKit installation instructions but I now have an error when I try to build the app. This is for ios, iPad specific. I get "Command /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin/clang failed with exit cod

NSData or NSAttributedString with SBJSON

I am using the SBJSON to convert my NSDictionary to a JSON String in my iOS application. when my dictionary contains a NSAttributedString or an NSData, the SBJSON fails to generate the string representaiton. Incase of NSAttributedString, the error is

All elements in NSMutableArray disappear after copying

I am initializing a view controller with a NSMutableArray. But in init, I have to init with NSMutableArray, but all the elements disappeared after that. UIViewController* vc = [[[PhotoAlbumViewController alloc] initWithImages:imageArrayBig] autorelea

Compatibility Janrain and IOS 5

Is the Janrain iOS library for Engage compatible with IOS 5?I am just getting started with the Engage iOS SDK too. The instructions on the Janrain site are not for iOS 5 / Xcode 4. They are targeted at earlier versions of iOS running under Xcode 3. I

No stacktrace exception in the console under Xcode 4.2 / iOS 5?

Under Xcode 3.x and iOS 4, if an unhandled exception is signaled in the emulator there is an exception stack trace (similar to Java's) produced in the console output. When I raise an unhandled exception in iOS 5 under Xcode 4.2, running the exact sam