iOS 4.3 does not display the label in the scrolling view

The Label is on the center of the screen (or below) and iphone 4.3 doesn't show it. But iphone with iOS 5.0 shows. All made in IB. UPD: (the code) - (id)initWithNibName:(NSString *)nibNameOrNil bundle:(NSBundle *)nibBundleOrNil { self = [super initWi

not able to pass table from one class to another iphone

I have a silly doubt, but I need to understand it properly. I have referred few posts on this but they are still confusing to me. I have an array which consists of set of urls which i got from parsing a xml and I store the array like this: Parser.m e

NSData or NSAttributedString with SBJSON

I am using the SBJSON to convert my NSDictionary to a JSON String in my iOS application. when my dictionary contains a NSAttributedString or an NSData, the SBJSON fails to generate the string representaiton. Incase of NSAttributedString, the error is

Play YouTube on iOS 5 without leaving the app

My application needs to support to play YouTube video and shows the first frame as Thumbnail. Since we need to keep our application running about playing video, therefore, in iOS 4.3.5, we used a method to embed a HTML link in a WebView. It works fin

define the image of UIButton by random array of images

I need your help as I dont know how can I set the background image of my UIButtons from array of images. I have 10 UIButtons and an array of 10 images. I want to set the images from array randomly. Please tel me how this can be possible.This may need

pdf analysis problem

hi im working on pdf viewer. i want to extract all the contents of the pdf. will cgpdgscanner get all the contents of pdf?? the apple documentation is very brief. its difficult to implement with the explanations given. and lots of googlin also leads

how can I run the iOS4 app in the background?

I'm developing an app for iOS4. The application is made of two main components, one that is supposed to run in the background and one that is constantly displayed on screen and takes data from the first one. Here's the problem: the first component wo

facebook login view has no option to close it

I'm facing a strange problem here, i have used a sample code of graph api's (reallylongaddress-iPhone-Facebook-Graph-API-59e6399, Created by , which was available on github. And i faced

iPhone: problem with orientation

I got a sample app from internet. In which I am trying to change it's Orientation. For changing the orientation I have write following coding : - (BOOL)shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)interfaceOrientation { return YES;

UIButton Background image Modify by program

How can I change the background image of my UIButton in click event? And refresh it in a few second with the previous image? I mean change it's background image on click and reset it after the click. [yourButton setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"yourNor

create a 3D pie chart or a 3D circle

I want to create a 3D pie chart. Do I have to use OpenGl ES or Core Graphics? How can I draw a 3D pie chart or at least a 3D circle? Thank you for helping. I want to create a dynamic chart, so I have to use objective c and xcode. Each pie chart piece

iPhone App: Draw a graph

In my iPhone App I want to add Graph as shown below ! How can I plot this kind of graph in my iphone App using coreplot please Help and Suggest Thanks.You will need 3 plots--two bar plots and a scatter plot. The "Year x" labels on the x-axis are

Registration page

I need a registration page in my application which should appear only at the first launch of the application. I appreciate any help available . Thank you.Look into: NSUserDefaults (for saving and loading the registered info) -

xml animation core or json framework

Does anyone know if there is a framework for dynamically loading core animation sequences from some kind of description file like xml or json or even better if there is some kind of core animation studio. I would need some way to allow designers to w

Migrate the normal sqlite3 database to the master data?

I have a normal pre-populated database. I want to migrate it to core data for my app. What is the best way to achieve this. By the way I have done these things, copied the recipes.sqlite database from apple's sample.exported a table sql. Rename the c

iOS 4 multitasking tutorial

I've been looking on google and I've got to page 10 of the results and I still did not find any good guide on how to implement multitasking into my application. Anyone has a good one? ThanksApple's own guide to multitasking

Play videos in MPMoviePlayerController from a URL?

i am trying to play a video from a Url with help of MPMovieplayer which loads it in the Quicktime player while i want the video to play in my application only(no background mode)?? how can i achieve that?? will playing the video in a UIWebview instea

Customized UISegmentedControl

I use below code for change image of each segment in segmentedControl but doesn't work How to do it? First way: [seg setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"1.png"] forSegmentAtIndex:0]; [seg setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"2.png"] forSegmentAtI

UIDatePicker: time mode: initializes the time (must be simple)

All, This seems like such a simple thing, but I cannot find* the right method to create a UIDatePicker, in time mode, and have it initialized to a specific time. I don't want date -- just time (think alarm clock). I have created a NSDate object: NSDa

Extracting text from pdf using objective-c (libz.dylib)

I have imported the pdf.h file in my view controller class and tried calling NSString *outPutString = convertPDF(pathToPdfFile); but while building it gives me linker error: _convertPDF" refrenced from: -[ScriptViewController searchBarSearchButtonCli

AVPlayer vs. AVAudioPlayer

The documentation for AVPlayer states the following: [The] player works equally well with local and remote media files However, the documentation for AVAudioPlayer states the following: Apple recommends that you use this class for audio playback unle

Simulate iPhone 3.0 with SDK 4.0

i have xcode 3.1.3 and xcode 3.2.1 installed For sure now I use 3.2.1 with Sdk 4 to develop new apps. But what if I like to test a App compiled with sdk 4 on a simulated iphone that would just have 3.0?? As BaseSDk i use 4.0 and as target 3.0 In xcod

Can not build 3.1.3 device on iPhone SDK 4?

I just installed iPhone SDK 4, and i couldnt build app on 3.1.3 devices? it says the SDK 3.1.3 is missing, did apple remove the previous SDK? How do we test on the previous iPhone OS version?This Stack Overflow post (How To Make iPhone App For Multip