Xcode archive button disabled

This is not a duplicate question! I uploaded my new app to App Store successfully and am working on the next version. Now I want to generate an archive, but the archive button is disabled. And yes, the target points to generic build device. What else

Convert MKMapPoint to NSValue in Swift

I want to convert an MKMapPoint to a NSValue. In Objective-C i can do it with the following statement: MKMapPoint point = MKMapPointForCoordinate(location.coordinate); NSValue *pointValue = [NSValue value:&point withObjCType:@encode(MKMapPoint)]; How

UINavigationBar titleView larger than the bar itself

So I'm trying to do a center button on a UINavigationBar similar to the popular UITabBar customization. But its got a small problem. Basically everything is working well, I've got the bar adjusting is size, showing the titleView properly, working wit

Universal application Xcode iPad UITableView size

I've created an universal app in Xcode 6 and the iPhone storyboard has a UIViewController that contains a UITableView, it works fine. I made the iPad storyboard the same as the iPhone and added all the classes and elements but the UITableView is disp

Font Awesome icons are not displayed in the iOS Phonegap app

Rather then render the icons I am getting small squares: It works perfectly fine within the browser, but when I viewed my app in iOS Simulator or Mobile Safari, the squares were there. Thanks so much for your help!i had the same issue. I put the "fon

How to create a UITextView automatic scroll in the Xcode

I try to create a UITexView with auto scrolling when press button start. And have a button stop, when pressed it will stop scrolling. Pressing button start again and it will continues to scroll down. How to handle this function. I have research some

Testflight built on the Appstore

I want to upload my Testflight build to apple Appstore so that i can get the crash logs from users and fix them before releasing the next builds. But i am not sure if i can get the logs from app on Testflight from Appstore build. On Testflight it is

Show scaled UIViewController in another UIViewController

I want to display a scaled down "preview" of another ViewController in another ViewController. Is this possible? No interaction are needed so it can basically be a screenshot, but scaled down. I can be solved by manually take a screenshot and sa

Wikitude - Bad Memory Management / Memory Leaks

I'm using wikitude for my augmented reality mobile app project. My problem is I dont know how to manage app memory before and after resume my app. This is my test result on my xcode5. Every time I resume my app during preview world, memory usage keep

Thread safety in Objective-C categories

I have a category on NSString: - (CGSize) agb_sizeWithFont:(UIFont *)font width:(CGFloat)width lineBreakMode:(NSLineBreakMode)lineBreakMode { if (!font) return CGSizeZero; NSMutableParagraphStyle *paragraphStyle = [[NSMutableParagraphStyle alloc] ini

UITableView does not display data in the iPad application

I have ipad app in which i am using tableView to show data but problem is that it does not show data in tableView here is code for setting cell value - (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPa

APPARATUS setsignificantevent iOS

Basically I am using appirator to let user for rating my app only when the user does some signification events.Here is it how I have done it. 1.Have set the following in my app delegate [Appirater setAppId:jumpStart.appID]; [Appirater setSignificantE

whole UICollectionView zoom

I have an iPad App where I'm using a UICollectionView and each UICollectionViewCell contains just a single UIImage. Currently I'm displaying per 9 UIImages (3 rows * 3 columns) per page, I have several pages. I would like to use Pinch Gesture to zoom

How to identify an iOS Enterprise device from an application?

I'm working on some apps for distribution through the Enterprise program onto company iPads (so I / the company has complete control over them). What is the "correct", if there is one, way to identify the device that the apps are running on, in

Mac OS X Lion / Mountain Lion Cache Missing Profiling

Is there any tool to profile cache misses on Mac OS X Lion and iOS. If you know how to do that in instruments please help. Shark (CHUD package) do not install on Mac OS X Lion and later, so I can't use shark. At the same time I can't find the functio

iOS - check if bluetooth is enabled without system alert

This code allows to determine current bluetooth status: CBCentralManager* testBluetooth = [[CBCentralManager alloc] initWithDelegate:nil queue: nil]; switch ([testBluetooth state]) {....} But, when [[CBCentralManager alloc] init...] happens, system p

Calculate the width and height of UIBezierPath?

I am creating many umorphic UIBezierPaths. I need to calculate the width and the height of a UIBezierPath. How can I do that?You can get the height with the following line of code. myPath.bounds.size.height; And for width... myPath.bounds.size.width;

Restore the object from the archived file

I'm using [NSKeyedArchiver archiveRootObject:data toFile:file]; to save NSMutableArray to file. That works fine. The problem comes when I try to get the array back. NSMutableArray *s = [NSKeyedUnarchiver unarchiveObjectWithData:file]; Here I get Inco

UIScrollView or UIImageView?

I need to place a photo in the screen and it should be able to be scrolled or zoomed, I know UIScrollView does these, so I alloced one, but how about my photo? I guess I should not just set the photo as the backgroundColor of my UIScrollView, and I h

Xcode 4 Developer Info in main.m

In Xcode 4, where does the ID information (developer, company) in main.m come from? On my system it is incorrect, but I can't locate the source.The developer is the user name from user currently logged into Mac OS X and the company can be set in the

IOS color to transparent in UIImage

How can I clear out the magenta part of an UIImage and make it transparent? I've looked through numerous answers and links on SO and nothing works (e.g. How to make one color transparent on a UIImage? answer 1 removes everything but red, answer 2 app

Xcode no archive after successful build

Xcode 4.1 with iOS Development Product -> Archive has always worked for me in the past. But now that I changed away from a development provisioning profile to a distribution provisioning profile I get a "Successful Build" however no archive s