Transparent NavigatorIOS does not work

I would like to display a 100% transparent Navigator bar, but I have something like light pink instead of the background color : Here is my code : <NavigatorIOS ref='nav' tintColor="white" style={{flex: 1}} initialRoute={{ title: 'Splash', na

Initialize a button with a title of a tag in swift

I want to initialize a button's title from a Label. I have this code: let smallSquare = CGSize(width: 30, height: 30) let button = UIButton(frame: CGRect(origin: CGPointZero, size: smallSquare)) But, I do not know how I can initialize a title with my

Xcode 8, Crashlytics and push notifications during the test

I have one iOS app which I distribute with Crashlytics Beta. When I distribute it, I sign the app with my Ad hoc certificate. I dont get push notifications in this version. If I upload the app to iTunes Connect and distribute it with TestFlight, push

empty imageView when defined with the URL?

I'm using the below to set my imageView with a url (located in path). Yes, the URL data is returned successfully, but for some reason, my imageView remains blank (just white?) And yes, I've hooked up my imageView property... Any idea what's wrong? Sh

Can I avoid redundant segues when building tab interfaces

I have a storybord that has a UITabViewController serving four different tabs. Every tab has a navigation bar looking like this All of the buttons do the exact same thing, but there are four tabs. I don't want to have to write code to handle touches

Is there a mobile voice recognition library (ios android)?

I want to implement some simple transcriber for deaf people, so I need a library for mobile (ios and android) that will help me to recognize the audio from the microphones and convert it into text. I'm not concerned about the library autocorrecting w

how to share the few pods in two targets by podfile

xcodeproj 'Demo.xcodeproj' platform :ios, "6.0" target "Demo" do pod 'Demo-A', '3.1.1' pod 'Demo-B', '1.0' pod 'Demo-C', '~> 1.9.0' pod 'Demo-D', '~> 1.1' pod 'AA', '0.0.1' pod 'BB', '0.0.1' pod 'CC', '0.0.1' pod 'DD', '0.0.1' po

How to use the CoreAudio API in Swift

I am in the process of migrating my streaming audio engine to swift. i am finding it difficult to use the C Audio API in swift. I have a problem with AudioFileStreamOpen api where it takes 2 C functions as a parameter. I don't know how to use this AP

substringWithRange out of bounds - what do I miss?

I'm trying to extract some strings from some code, and I'm coming up against an NSRangeException I don't understand. Here's my code: NSString *start = @"<strong><span class='target'>"; NSString *end = @"</span></strong&

Get NSARM data from JSON

The data inside my NSArray is a JSON object which looks like this: <modelObject 0x1714abe0> { key = 165825004; value = Hello I am the data } There are about 20 such objects in the array and I am trying to display the "value" from this obje

IOS: moving views on parent view

Im new at IOS. in my app, every time the user is drawing a circle i create a new subview of the circle. after the circle is created i would like the user to be able to drag the circle on the parent view. if the user create more then one circle, how c

Multiple cell types in the UITableView section

I am trying to aggregate data from three social networks (Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter). I have all the appropriate and correct feeds and I also have difference cell types for them. The question i want to ask is, how can i make a UITableView, containing

Alternative CLI XCode Clean Build Folder

I'm working on a Cordova app and I'm trying to correctly clear the cache (from www files) using CLI: Inside XCode using the option key to perform a "Clean Build Folder" correctly clears the cache. In the CLI, I've tried: sudo rm -rf /var/folders

Sure to use Regex for that? (HTML)

I'm parsing some HTML, and I need to get all html in the body tag. My target string will always look something like this: <body><div><img src="" />text etc</div></body> However, I just need: <div><img src=&

Use and reuse some objects (Subclass of UIView)

I wonder, from a memory point of view, if what I'm doing is correct. First, the files that I want to re-use are subclasses of UIViews. In my UIViewcontroller, I declare an object like this : World_1_ViewController.h : #import "Level1.h" @class L

Receive accessibility notifications running in the background?

I'm having trouble with receiving reachability notifications while running in the background as a location-based reminder app. Has any one succeeded in getting this to work and if so, how?I needed to use background task bracketing to get this to work

Pop up box for the alarm not appearing?

In my app i am using alarm functionality. Its working fine but when i am testing in simulator the alarm notified with the popup box. In real device it just come as notification in status bar instead of popup box. I am looking for popup box in real de

remove UIView from superView

I have two UIViews, UIView1 and UIView2. UIView2 is being added as a subview to UIView1, what I would like to know is that if I call [UIView1 removeFromSuperview]; dose that also apply the removeFromSuperView on UIView2? or do I specifically have to

KVO - How to check if an object is an observer?

When observing a value on an object using addObserver:forKeyPath:options:context:, eventually you'll want to call removeObserver:forKeyPath: on that object to clean up later. Before doing that though, is it possible to check if an object actually is

Access objects in custom UITableViewCells with the same tag?

In my app, I use custom UITableViewCells loaded from a XIB. Each cell contains 4 objects, like a UIImageView, UILabel, UITextField, etc... I set the tag of each object in my cellforrowatindexpath so each object has the same tag which also is the row

iOS Dev: map shift in China

I made a very simple APP in which I can throw a pin right onto the location I am standing at (just a beginner's practice). But I found a problem. I swear neither I was moving nor the device thought I was moving. And I directly use the geolocation to