NSPrediquer to Find an Array with Objects from a List | Obj C

I have to sort/search an array of dictionaries based on an array of tag ids. The web service send a list of articles which have tag ids like [1,2,3,5] for every article. The user selects multiple tags from a list and there tag ids are stored in an ar

How do I view multiple TableViews from a Json file in Swift?

What I want to do is to display my information from a Json file into my TableView on Xcode(Swift). Here is an example for I want to to: I want to retrieve my json data from countries, cities and some aditional information from cities. In the first sc

Check if location services are enabled

I've been doing some research about CoreLocation. Recently, I encountered a problem that has been covered elsewhere, but in Objective C, and for iOS 8. I feel kinda silly asking this, but how can you check if location services are enabled using swift

ToolBar done button does not work on UIDatePicker

I set done and cancel button on my UIDatePicker within a toolbar programmatically. However, I could not detect click actions for done and cancel buttons. I could not find the cause of the issue. Here is my code: @IBAction func btnDueDate_Click(sender

CKQueryOperation error: this operation was limited

Client received error 1298: This operation has been rate limited error from CloudKit when downloading records with CKQueryOperation, only once, during Apple review. How can I fix this issue? Here is to code, nothing special: let query = CKQuery(recor

Add TableFooterView makes my other views disappeared

My first problem that i had was that my last UITableViewCell never had a separator which i wanted. I solved it using this code: self.tableView.tableFooterView = [[UIView alloc] init]; Now that worked perfectly however with one problem. when i add tha

flashes when the view controller appears

I have a textview and i want the cursor to blink when the viewController appears. I didn't find any answers for this. How can i do this? (I'm using swift but any answer will be grate) ThanksIf I understand correctly, I think what you want is: [textFi

How to define a common bar button item on the navigation bar

I want to set the common Bar Button Item on the right of the Navigation Bar, it should be display on all screens managed by Navigation Controller and it calls the same action. Just for example, in Master Detail Application template, there is "addButt

FBLoginView Does Not Appear When Using Storyboard in iOS 8

I am building a test application using the Facebook API, and I'm trying to simply add a FBLoginView to a view when learning about Single Sign On. I've followed the Facebook documentation thoroughly, and for some reason, despite carefully following th

Let another user debug my iOS

What is the easiest option to let someone debug my app's source code on his macbook? Must he be registered as a developer in my Apple portal, or only registering his device UDID is enough? Can I send him only the developer provisioning profile that c

Get the full Monday date of the current month at ios sdk

How to get all the date of all the monday in current month in ios sdk? For example i want date of all the monday occur in January-2015 Below code give me month,day and year from nsdate. But now i want nsdate of weekday(Monday) in that month. NSDate *

Display the size of the image in MB IOS 7 format

I tying to check my image size after picking form the photo library by using this code. NSData *imageData1 = [[NSData alloc] initWithData:UIImageJPEGRepresentation((imageview.image), 0.5)]; int imageSize = imageData1.length; NSLog(@"SIZE OF IMAGE: %i

NSOperation ends before the background task completes

NSOperation gets completed before background task are over I am calling and NSOperation and have set max concurrent task 2 NSOperation calls some background methods but NSOperation does not wait for the background tasks to be completed  and get remov

Frame on iOS Cocoa touch / SDK

Are there any frameworks available for use on top of the iOS Cocoa Touch, to reduce boilerplate code and increase the development speed? Similar to how PHP has Codeignitor, Ruby has Rails, Python has Django.Cocoa Touch itself is already a very high l

How do I use Animated Custom Pin (gif image) in Mapview?

I want to add multiple pins on map which should remain animated continuously. Below are sample images which I want to use as Pin, Is there any possible way to get this type of animated pin within MapKit? If possible then please suggest me appropriate

How to make UIView animation smoother?

I have a couple of gesture recognizers to swipe an image left-2-right or vv, depending on the direction of the swipe. But I want the animation to be smoother. This is my code so far: -(void)swipeNext:(id)sender{ //0 Get the currentview as referenced

Compress files from a mobile and download it to a server?

I have developed an application for backup and restore on IOS and ANDROID! for backup i am just looping all files and uploading to server directly and to restore, doing the same to retrieve the data's back to phone. But 1.now i have to compress the f

pushViewController: animated: indoor ScrollView

I have a UINavigationController inside it I have a UIViewController handling a ScrollView just to use addSubview: and I am loading several UIViewController into the ScrollView. I have a button referring to pushViewController:animated: but it does not

Inserting data from one table to another table

I have two UITableViewController classes, MainTableController and SubTableController. From AppDelegate class I am calling MainTableController class. At first this class is empty, and there is button named "show list" in this class. When I click

navigationController title

I am working on an app with a navigation controller. I know how to set the title when the view loads initially. I push a new view controller and set it's title. Now the problem is when I press the back button, the title for the original view controll

ControlPage and gestures & hellip; Editing pages does not work?

I created a really simple app with a controlPage with three images. Everytime I click on the dots at the base the pages changes. Everything works. The code I used is @implementation myShareViewController @synthesize gestureStartPoint; -(IBAction) cha

Call navigation controller with modal view?

I have a problem, I have made this: Impostazioni *impostazioni=[[Impostazioni alloc] initWithNibName:@"Impostazioni" bundle:nil]; [self.navigationController presentModalViewController:aiuto animated:YES]; But I want to preserve the navigation ba