extract the value of UIpickerview as a variable

so i have this code for a UIpickerview and i want to get the value selected as a variable to use later, i tried using a variable gravity but it says "initialisation of variable gravity was never used...." here's my code: var g = ["9.807&quo

gradient of background: linear from left to right in the lens C

My client wants the background View with this gradient effect background Gradient : rgb(118,118,118) | #ffffff | rgb(198,198,197) linear left to right I have tried this way but it is happening in Vertical direction I want it in Horizontal way UIColor

Get an error while converting JSON data to an object in iOS

I am using an API to convert Json Data into Object data, please visit the API I am using Please Visit the API page which I am using Here is the snap of my code with highlighted issues Issues and here is the raw code -(void) retrieveData{ NSURL * url

Import a new APNS certificate to GCM

We have an app for iOS and Android that uses GCM. I'm trying to upload a new production APNS certificate to GCM but I can't because Google is moving GCM to Firebase. How do I do that? Here's a screenshot of the Google Developer Products. There's no G

UINavigationBar manual layout problem

I'm currently creating a screen in which I use a UINavigationBar. When setting up the constraints, I have its leading margin = Superview's leading margin - 20, which renders in IB like so When I add a UIBarButtonItem to the left (programmatically, or

Add UIToolBar to all keyboards (swift)

I'm trying to add a custom UIToolBar to all of my keyboards with as little repetition. The way I'm currently doing it requires me to add the code to all my viewDidLoads and assign every textfield's delegate to the viewController I'm using. I have tri

Network Hook iOS Substrate Tweak

I'm new writing iOS tweak, and i want to write a tweak to intercept a request to a server from an app to change the destination server. Example: App make a request to server A -> I intercept it, and i change the server A to server B, so the request w

How to trigger notifications using WatchKit

In the WatchKit developer guide, there are instructions on how to render custom notifications and it also says: Apps are not required to do anything to support notifications. The system provides a default notification interface that displays the aler

What is the difference between classic API and unified xmas

What is the difference between classic api and unified api ios project in xamarin as mentioned in below screenshot? There is few difference between Classic API and Unified API: Classic API does not support 64 bit applications. Code sharing cumbersome

Accessing settings in an IOS application

I am trying to create an IOS app in which you assess the settings of the phone and in my case I need to access the mute setting in settings. Can someone please help me figure this out? Mainly i just want to know if you can and how to access the setti

Re charge UIImage after restarting the game

I have a game that uses the photo library. You pick a photo from the library and then you go on to the next screen and the photo is there. You play the game, and then when its finished you have an option to restart the game again. I have everything w

Nice-print like NSDictionary in the debugger (or log)

This has been bugging me for a while. How do I counteract the ugly escaping that happens when dumping objects in the debugger with po foo (or via NSLog). I've tried numerous approaches to implementing -description or -debugDescription to no avail. Gi

Objective C: ONLY get the address of an object

When I use NSLog("view = %@", view) I will get something like that as result: UIImageView: 0x79908a0; frame = (0 0; 320 548); clipsToBounds = YES; opaque = NO; gestureRecognizers = <NSArray: 0x7969370>; layer = <CALayer: 0x79900f0> B

how to access the array element in touchEnded in c

I am having a very strange behaviour about the TouchesEnded Method I am using this syntax to access the array element int cal=((b * (b-a-1))+4); printf("cal is %d",cal); c=[file_contents objectAtIndex:cal]; printf("message2------%d",c)

Xcode - Localized images do not work on the device

I'm testing a app on my iPhone. The localized images works fine in simulator, but not works on device! Everything seems correct in Xcode and with the folders structure of my bundle. I've uninstalled the app from iPhone and rebuild it, cleaned, but do

How to download images in a scrollview on a web server?

I have an iOS app that has a series of images in a scrollview (camera pictures). I want to be able to post these on to a url individually or collectively as a group. Can someone point me to an example or some sample code that would get me started? Mu

Extract a string from a string in Objective-C

I'm trying to extract part of a GData supplied string for the YouTube API. I can separate out the video Title and Thumbnail strings but need to create a Text description label. I have copied the full string below but the difficulty I am having is ext

Password of the touch sequence in the iOS app

I am thinking of making a password sequence for my app ..like that in dot protection.. I want to know do i have to learn the whole open Gl es for it..or it can be done with (void) touchesMoved and then checking each button is in a CGrectIntersects().

UIScrollView pagination with an infinite loop of three views

I want to create a UIScrollView with three constant views. The middle view should always be displayed initially. When the user scrolls to the right, then View 1 will be the active view and the other two views will move as if there was a loop: View 3

How to iterate over all image files in a directory?

My app uses iTunes File Sharing. The user can add files to the Documents directory. I must read these files but make sure they're only images and not text files or other "garbage". How can I iterate over the files in a directory and recognize on