Swift 3 tableView does not update on reloadData ()

I am building a master detail app. I have a sections view controller (VC) which is a child of master VC. Clicking on rows in the sections VC brings up different detail VCs where users complete required information. Once the information in a detail VC

How to set Auto-Layout-Constraints for ImageView in ScrollView?

I want to display a zoomable image in a ScrollView. Also, the ViewController should contain a toolbar. I have set the following constraints: Toolbar: Left: 0, Right: 0, Bottom Layout Guide: 0 ScrollView: Top Layout Guide: 0, Left: 0, Right: 0, Toolba

Upload image to Cloudinary IOS

I can't upload images to Cloudinary hosting via HTTPS POST request, I want to use the simple API methods instead of the SDK. I'm having a problem with formatting the image in a byte array buffer or as Base64 encoded. Here's my code: UIImage *image =

Binding collection view cells to a new controller

I have created CollectionView programmatically and passed images to them. Now, on tapping each image view I need to open the next each view controller respectively. I am newbie in Swift and I couldn't find the possible solutions for this in Swift 3.

Ionic build ios is blocked

I have trouble making a build in IOS, when I do a build in android not show any problema.No shows no mistake is only hung with the following message: ionic build ios Running command: /Users/kaos/Documents/Proyectos/Ionic/voxMonitor/hooks/after_prepar

How to make the image of the tab bar icon small?

I want to make the tab tab bar icon images look little small.I have used 30*30 size images and also 60*60 images.but it still does not work for me.Please guide me how can i get the correct solution. following is my code //set the custom images for se

Gigya phone registration

I'm using Gigya as a single-sign-on system for my iOS app. It is integrated and I can log in with both Twitter, Facebook and manual email registration. As both Facebook and Twitter do not return mobile phone numbers, I'm appending this information af

UITextViews is not cleared when selected in a UITableView

I'm implementing a UITableView with text-views as the content view of my cells. The data that the user enters is saved in a settings dictionary when the user hits the return key: - (BOOL)textFieldShouldReturn:(UITextField *)textField { if (textField

performSelector: @selector () now working as expected?

I have made a game in sprite kit in which balls shoot up from the bottom. I had made different Xcode Projects for each scene and then I compiled all of them into one. They do get compiled without any errors but the scenes do not run as expected. In t

TableView does not retrieve array elements

I'm having a problem about my tableView. I added a bunch of items into an array and asked the tableView to populate itself with those items from the array, it worked fine, but when I changed the items' indexes (orders) in array, the tableView didn't

How to retrieve the button reference using viewWithTag

This question already has an answer here: UITableViewCell with a UIButton 4 answers I created a dynamic prototype cell in storyboard and this cell is containing a UILabel and two UIButtons. Number of rows depends on my data which I am fetching from w

Adding a pedestrian crossing to my project Cordova-polymer

I Am Following this tutorial: http://blog.nraboy.com/2014/07/use-polymer-apache-cordova/ and i have found out that the polymer part in the app fails to work probebly beacause my device android version is only 4.2.1 . i've heard that crosswalk project

how to run a safari even if the URL is not valid

I know how to launch safari using the: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"http://www.google.com"]]; But, this method returns false when the url is not valid, and nothing happens. So, I'd like to launch safari even

Show text alert after completion of some actions in iOS 7

I'm working on a iOS 7 application, which will have a feature to bookmark articles. I want to display a text message (e. g. a label) once a user bookmarks an article. The text message should then automatically disappear after, for example, 2 seconds.

update the iOS app with images from the web

I am working on free app and have 2 images (one transparent overlay) as background.I will have these two images changed from my web monthly. The update of images process, but how the app knows, if the image has changed on web? When launching the app

Why ARC does not free memory after popViewController

I'm pushing and popping ViewControllers in UINavigationController. I'm tracking the memory consumption of my app. While pushing the new viewController the memory consumption is increasing gradually, but when I'm popping the same ViewController using

IOS Prevents Text from Stacking on Screen Rotation

I have a custom table view cell with two labels in it. If I rotate the screen the two labels stack on top of each other and behave badly. If I back out and display the view again while still in landscape mode they appear correctly. I have figured out

Synchronous communication using GCDAsyncSocket

I am using GCDAsyncSocket (CocoaAsyncSocket) for the socket communication in my app. Due to the asynchronous nature of GCDAsyncSocket, my network request (submitMessage below) is decoupled from the callback block that runs when data is received (sock

How to get a reference to an object in a .nib file?

so far I have done most view programming in code, but it really is cumbersome to position buttons perfectly in code. I searched for some time, maybe I'm using the wrong words for my search? Anyway, I created a UI in a nib file, it has several buttons

How can I configure a source to host data for an iOS app

I have some experience using JSON to pull data from a .asp page. How would I go about creating my own JSON formatted data source and placing that on a server? Any other ideas to accomplish this task? I basically have a spreadsheet of information that

The tab bar is shifted out of the simulator boundary

I have created an empty project (XCode 4.2 IOS SDK 5), I have added a new view to it and make it the root view controller inside the appDelegate, so when the app runs, it displays that view correctly, however, I added a tabbarcontroller to the view,

Add a cell in UITableView with animation

I have a UITableView. I'm population it from a NSDictionary with arrays for each set of items on the table: labels, footers, Headers, UIViews, etc. In section 0, I want a row #2 appear when a switch in row #1 is switched to on. What I have done and i