IOS application for business

I am developing an in-house app and apple rejected the app, as it is not public. Now, I have to enrol for Enterprise Program.I want to know that after enrolment to Apple's Enterprise Program, how the application will be installed to the client device

How can I store my data locally using iOS + Swift?

This question already has an answer here: iOS offline data storage tutorial 2 answers I am new for Swift iOS development. I want to store my data (name, image_path) locally while my app is not able to upload it (no internet connection etc). I have st

CoreData - Advantages of the NSManagedObject subclass

I am trying to insert into CoreData without creating a subclass of NSManagedObject. but my app crashes with NSManagedObject setValue:forUndefinedKey "name" in Category. let managedObjectContext = (UIApplication.sharedApplication().delegate as! A

Additional X offset on a horizontally centered element

I have a SubView inside another View that has other elements inside it. I horizontally centered the middle element of SubView to SubView, but I need to give it an extra horizontal offset. Is there a way to be able to use both Horizontal Center and gi

Play the sound without iOS latency

I can't find method how i can play sound real with low latency. I try use AVFoundation audio player huge latency around 500ms So i try create system sound, and too without luck latency around 200ms it's not much but not useful for me. I need 50ms max

Triggering the locked notification screen

In my Swift iOS app, I am able to capture that a notification was received, when either the app is running, or when the user gets a notification and clicks on the notification after receiving it. But if the user received the notification when outside

How to access CLLocationManager from Swift?

Get User's Current Location / Coordinates has something that appears to be what I want: you should do those steps: add CoreLocation.framework to BuildPhases -> Link Binary With Libraries import CoreLocation to your class - probably ViewController.swi

Collection view recycling images while scrolling in swift 2

I'm simply desperate, searched for 6 hours now and can't seem to find an answer. I have a collection view with images loaded from a remote server and while scrolling the cells are being refreshed with previous images for a few seconds before settling

Admob SDK - iOS - File not found

I have installed Google Analytics and Google AdMob SDK in my iOS project using Cocoapods. I have implemented both the functionalities in my app and everything looked okay for a week. Then suddenly, when I compiled the app, I received this error messa

Reducing the deployment target for my application

I created my Universal device game app in iOS 7.1 and there for have my deployment target set to 7.1. I currently use both iPhone/iPad simulators with 7.1 and 8.1 iOS versions. Would there be an impact, in game performance, if I set my deployment tar

insert data into Sqlite3 in a loop

i am new in iOs programming. Please help I am creating a database if it is not present then creating table and after reading line by line record from a file , i am trying to insert it into a database I am looping for inserting data , i have read abou

Changing the UIButton image in multiple UITableViewCells

I am currently building an iOS app that uses a UITableView with custom UITableViewCells that include a button. What I want to accomplish is having the UIButton's image change on touch up inside. That part is working fine, the issue is when you scroll

UIButton with rounded corners and border

I want to set border on UIButton and rounded corners ONLY in one side I use this code: //set rounded corners on top UIBezierPath *maskPath = [UIBezierPath bezierPathWithRoundedRect:self.scanButton.bounds byRoundingCorners:(UIRectCornerTopLeft | UIRec

iPhone UUID change when the application is updated?

I use iphone UUID for checking user's device is unique. I already know UUID will be changed when reinstall app. But, I have a question. Then, when app updated, UUID for my app will be changed? If UUID changed when app updated, where can I save UUID i

UIView does not appear in both header views

I am developing an iPad application. For some reasons, I need to show a two tableviews in the same view controller. I have created a UIView in a xib and connected a outlet to that view controller. I need to show that view in those two tableviews as a

Memory management, things to clear

I need to get things clear about Objective-C memory management: If I declare an object in the class header as ivar without @property: @interface MyFacebooDelegate : UIViewController { TableViewController *tableController; } ... @end and some where in

Placeholder cell in a UITableView

Suppose I have a UITableView with two sections. If the data source for that section is empty I would like to display a placeholder cell with the text "Section Name is empty." How can I do that? Code - (NSString *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableVi

Automatic registration in NSStrings

I have three text fields: first name, last name, and age, also a photo. What can I do so that the information saves automatically, so that i dont have to click a button? This is my ViewController.h: #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface ContactViewCont

IOS: automatic counting of references

I have a question: If I created an app with ARC, what's the last version IOS compatible for my app? If I upload my app in AppStore, everyone can use my app? or only people with a device with a specific ios version?ARC is supported on iOS 4.0 with one

Check the existence of the camera in ios phonegap

I want to check camera existence before showing the two source types when taking a picture in my phonegap application. For example, iPad 1 doesn't have an Camera, therefore I don't want to show the popup to select source type from Camera and My Photo