View the line number next to the Xcode logs

How can I configure Xcode to show the number of the line that caused a log to be printed? I'm seeing logs in my debugger, and I'm not sure where they're coming from.You can use built in macros: __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __LINE__, __FILE__, and others. Obj

IOS frame missing architecture required arm64

I'm trying to create and use a framework in iOS. It was working previously and it works on the simulator but not a newer iPhone 6. I suspect it has to do with the script, but from what I can see (I copied the script for the internet for the most part

NSUserDefaults suddenly stopped recording data

It may be a small issue. or I might have done something wrong but couldn't track it. please help. I have created an application and have stored the userToken and few flags in NSUserDefaults. The app was working fine till yesterday. but today when I o

Can you add Target to UIButton in the NSObject class?

How do you addTarget to a UIButton in an NSObject class? Or will that class not work? class Support: NSObject { func helpButton(viewController: ProfileVC) { let helpButton = viewController.helpButton helpButton.frame.size = CGSizeMake(35.0, 35.0) hel

How to use asynchronous methods (JSON Restful services) in iOS?

I have an iOS application that sync data from a JSON restful web service. This method is called from an external class (not UI controller). This class has a sync method and It sends and retrieves data without any problem. My problem is how do I pause

remember methods with closure?

This is a very specific question i got from treehouse part one: We're writing an app to fetch the most recent blog posts from the Treehouse blog. This requires making a network request using asynchronous methods that execute in the background. For th

How do I know where the error is raised in Xcode Objective-C?

I'm beginner in Objective-C, I'm struggling with this code that running in iOS 7.1 but crash in iOS 8. How I can know where is problem from stack trace? And why a code works in older version (iOS 7) and not work in newer version? Is that a problem wi

NSURLSession notify when all tasks are completed

I have been reading through the documentation and looking online but have not been able to find a way of doing this. Currently, I am creating 20 tasks in a session and would like to have a way of executing some kind of callback only when all 20 tasks

Update UITableView when UIScrollView content changes

I have 2 ViewControllers, each of which includes a scrollview (that shows several graphs) and a tableview. I'd like to update the tableview content based on the current graph displayed in the scrollview. The scrollview is managed by a separate class

How to edit a category for a trusted app in the appstore

I submitted my app to the appstroe, that is approved from appstore and in ready to sale status. but i want to change primary and second category text, is it possible. please inform meNo we can't change once app approved. if you want to change that yo

How to refresh UIViewController programmatically?

I have a ViewController in which the user selects a card (a custom UIButton) out of a UIScrollView. I have intercepted the touch event selecting the card and identified it, and then removed it from the data source, but it still exists in the UISubVie

How do you change the wrap property for the iCarousel library?

I'm really confused. Do I have to go in the iCarousel.h file and change it there, or can I access the property in code and then reloadData?There is a delegate method you can call: - (BOOL)carouselShouldWrap:(iCarousel *)carousel { //wrap all carousel

How to post a message with url on Facebook?

I am posting a post on facebook. I am able to post a URL but I also want to post some description with that URL. I am using it - NSString *shareUrlString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"", urlString

How to implement a multilevel delegate in Objective-C

I have 4 classes (views): A, B, C and D Class A calls B, B calls C, and C Calls D: A > B > C > D In class D I have implemented a delegate protocol and I want to catch the delegate event in class A. How can I achieve this?There are multiple ways h

Move from the main view to a different view

I am attempting to use a button to go from one View (XIB) to another View. I'm using Xcode 4.3.2 and iOS 5. I start off by creating the project (Single View Application). I then create my button in Interface Builder, create my outlet in the header fi

UIImage in UITableViewCell

I'm trying to put image in UITableViewCell. I use SSMessages style for my messages. Tried something like cell.imageView.image = [UIImage imageNamed:message.messageText]; but it isn't work. Any suggestions? Maybe need my other code?Use SSMessageTableV

AVAudioPlayer - Playing multiple audio files in sequence

I want to play multiple MP3 files, in sequence (one after the other) , using AVAudioPlayer. I tried it, and it stops after playing the first MP3. However, if I go into debugger, it works fine.. any ideas? I read somewhere AVAudioPlayer plays audio in