IOS API to manage push notifications

This is a long shot, but are there any public (or private) API's that allow us to read existing push notifications on an iOS device? For example, can an app running in the background pole the system every X seconds to determine if the device has rece

Create an IOS application with Cordova on Windows10

How to make an IOS App with cordova on Windows 10? I just looked here on the official site It says that you need an iMac! Do you realy need it? What for? Cant you just download XCod

I can not hide the keyboard

Help me, plz! I can't not hide keyboard when changing one to another TextField. I click on the "user" textfield pop-up Picker , click on a "Password" textfield , a pop-up keyboard, but if you click again on the "User" is not

Argument to display view boundaries in Xcode

I remember using an argument which was set in Edit Scheme -> Run -> Arguments which would display the view borders in yellow color. Could not find any references to it, may be I am looking for wrong term, could some one help ?A little late to the pa

How to stop the function in swift

So I'm doing little timer app in swift and I just have 2 buttons. One to start timer, and one to stop it and reset value to 0. I've figured out everything, and I have this function called timer which increases value for one each second for variable "

Import the Swift header error when relaunching the application

I imported a header file to a swift project. The header file contained inputs to Parse obj c libraries. Everything worked fine I tested with Parse no problem. When I saved then closed the project then re-opned I get a compiler error saying the Header

Is the Google Account Required for Google Play Game Services?

I want to use Google Play Game Services to implement multiplayer in my game. The game will be deployed on Android and iOS. Is it neccesary for iOS user to have an Google account in order to use GPGS ?For the users using your game, They must sign in w

App is available for iPad in the App Store (junk)

I uploaded my binary to the app store and in the project portion of the Xcode project it is set to "Devices iPhone". However in the app store it says: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Why is my app available on iPad? I haven't desig

UISearchBar scope bar invisible in iOS7

With the following code the scope bar is invisible (buttons work but are not visible - just black space) UISearchBar* searchBar = [[UISearchBar alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, self.tableView.frame.size.width, 44 + (_showScope?40:0));]; searchBa

#define for different screen sizes - iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

I am working on my app to optimize the screen for iPhone 5. How could I use #define for two different screen sizes. For iphone 5 screen I will use below values: #define ACTIVITY_RECT_X 14 #define ACTIVITY_RECT_Y 70 For iphone 4 screen I will use belo

Make a series of buttons in a table ios

I have about 10-12 buttons that I'm adding to my scrollview. How can I make these into an array of buttons so that I can simplify the code? As of right now my code(only first three buttons are shown) is as follows: UIButton *redButton =[UIButton butt

Stop Restkit to map all the results

I have a project where I am setting up all responseDescriptors (8 of them) and mappings (8 of them) when my RestEngine class is established... I set them up ahead of time rather during each call. I am not sure if this good practice or not. The issue

IDE to insert a new record in a xcdatamodel (Core data)?

I just want to ask, is there any way to insert a new record (not programatically) using xcode? Just to be clear, I want to insert data just like using SQL Developer in Oracle (no code). I can't find add new record or row button in xcode. Any help is

An equivalent for ubiquityIdentityToken under OSX 10.7

I'm trying to add iCloud support to my iOS-5.1 application, according to Apple's iCloud Design Guide at section "Prepare Your App to Use iCloud". It says: Early in your app launch process-in the application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method

IOS internal app - SSL certificate distribution

I've been researching a lot about an iOS application we're developing the last few months, and I've found this site to be invaluable. This is the first question I've not been able to find an answer to, so my sincere apologies if it exists. It seems l

IPhone communication using sockets

I'm trying to to use an application to communicate with Windows via sockets. At the minimum, I'm trying to at least figure out how I can create a connection from the iPhone (maybe using the iPhone to ping the Windows machine?) I'm not really clear on

How to detect the default avatar on facebook?

How to detect default avatar on the link like this:'.$id.'/picture?type=large? Is it the only way to get avatars (male/female) from special prepared profiles and then compare by e.g. md5() ? It's hard to believe this is th

HTML, Javascript and CSS as an application

I was wondering whether one could run a HTML page from the iOS device's hard drive, using Objective-C only as a view port to the HTML page and having the HTML page be the application's actual interface. Is this possible to do? Thanks, Odinulffor IOS

NSXMLParser to create nodes and NSMutableArray

i'm looking for a advise. I want to parse an XML file with NSXMLParser, and i wonder what i should do with tags and parameters. Fo example i have: <template> <template name="default" layout="absolute"> <image tmpl="

UITableViewCell with image delays

guys, I have UITableView with some images, which are loading from internet. Images is very little, but my tableview isn't work perfect. My code: static NSString *CellIdentifier = @"Cell"; TDBadgedCell *cell = [[[TDBadgedCell alloc] initWithStyle

Animate a ScatterGraph

I have a scatter Graph in my iPad app using Core Plot, and all is working well. What I want to do is animate the drawing of the line so that it looks like each point to point on the graph is being drawn in front of the user. I'm not looking to fade t

UILabel TextAlignment Vertical Top

I have a great problem, I have a UILabel created programmatically and then connect via Interface builder, where i have positionated where I need, but i see that the text i set in it it's printed in the center of the UILabelBox, I have found a lot of

How to compare UIColors?

I'd like to check the color set for a background on a UIImageView. I've tried: if(myimage.backgroundColor == [UIColor greenColor]){ ...} else{ ...} but that doesn't work, even when I know the color is green, it always falls into the else part. Also,