Create a cover feed using UIScrollView

I am trying to create a cover flow image slide something like this : I have to say I don't want to use others framework like iCarousel I need to write my own code. here is my codes but it only shows me one image per page , I was wondering how can I c

How do I get the supervisory position of CAShapeLayer?

I'm working on a circular chart, and I need to add small view at end of the highlighted circle (not shadow) for pointing at the target value. Can I find a circle (highlight) super view x,y positions based on the stroke end point? UIView->Circle (usin

Unable to pass parameter to UITableViewCell

I have slightly different cells and for such purpose I need to pass parameter from my UIViewController to my subclass of UITableViewCell. But it does not work. The scenario is written as below: MessagesViewController.m : #import "MessagesViewControll

How to store recovered data in another Parse class

I've a small problem. I am working on an App using Parse backend. So my problem is: i've retrieved all the objectIds of users in _User class like this: var userIds = [String]() var userQuery = PFUser.query() userQuery?.findObjectsInBackgroundWithBloc

ranlib missing compilation of GNU bash on iOS

I'm trying to compile GNU bash 4.3.30 on (and for) my iPad 2, iOS 8.4 using Clang, ld64, cctools, GNU make and the iOS 8.1 SDK. When processing libintl, cctools' ar "can't find or exec: /usr/bin/ranlib", causing make to exit with error 1. $ make

Xcode FPS Debug Gauge always displays 0 FPS

I have a game in Xcode 6.1.1 using OpenGL ES 3.0, targeting iPad Air. When I capture OpenGL ES frame, the FPS number and shader program time always show 0. I have enabled "GPU Frame Capture" option in project scheme. Frame rendering is called by

Problem revising the reuse code for the custom TableView cell

I know that this question has been answered before, but I am a little confused re a code review that I received. I build a custom cell call OpeningsTableViewCell with a custom xib for the cell. In my cellForRowAtIndexPath method my code is as follows

SVG Does Not Appear on iOS Chrome and Safari?

For some reason one of the SVGs I have in my webpage will not render on iOS Chrome or iOS Safari. Another SVG I use for the main logo renders absolutely fine and they use the exact same code bar the file names/paths. The element is there in inspector

to move a bar with UIScrollViewKeyboardDismissModeInteractive

I have a text field that I anchor to the top of the keyboard. I can't use inputAccessoryView since it's always shown. I'm able to observe keyboard hidden/shown notifications to move it up and down with the keyboard, but this doesn't appear to work wi

How to create an iOS framework using Xcode 5

How can I create a Framework for iOS, using Xcode 5? I previously used (before Xcode 5) a GitHub project that let me create a Fake Framework. In Xcode 5 it seems that it doesn't work anymore. Any suggestions? UPDATE: To be clear I'm adding static lib

change the title of a button in the correct cell

I am trying to change the title of a button in a dynamic cell if that button was clicked but am getting stuck: I have: - (IBAction)buttonWasPressed:(id)sender { static NSString *CellIdentifier = @"Cell"; NSIndexPath *indexPath = [self.tableView

Add iPod Equalizer effect using AVPlayer

We are developing a music app using AVPlayer, which is at the end stage. Everything was on track until we started working on iPod Equalizer applying effects to the currents song. We are able to fetch the built in Equalizers list when we apply the Aud

UITextField Does Not Update

I've been working on my app for a little while now, but I ran into a problem that seem so simple today. It probably just something stupid, but I couldn't find out. SO, please help. I have a UITextField that has been connected to IBOutlet property. In

How to find missing days from a range of NSDates?

I have an NSMutableArray of ordered NSDates. I am looking for a method that returns all of the days (in NSDate form) that are missing from the original array between the earliest date in the array and now. I only care about the year, month, and day p

What should I use to animate a character?

I want to make app (something like a book with animations), where will be a character that will be able to perform simple movements like: Walking back and forth(left and right). Pseudo 3D - character can go up to the screen and move away from it. –°ha

iOS Obtain objects from Core Data sorted by primary key

I have saved data into db using CoreData. I need to fetch data from my table in same order that it was saved. Inside table it is ordered by Z_PK - hidded CoreData key. How can I create such sort descriptor. If I use fetch request without sort descrip

Coding Guidelines Objective-C

So in the guidelines it says: For code that will run on iOS only, use of automatically synthesized instance variables is preferred. When synthesizing the instance variable, use @synthesize var = var_; as this prevents accidentally calling var = blah;

Why does pow () signal an infinite value in this case?

I am using the pow() function like this in my application: float IValuePlusOne = (pow(2.25,120)); but it is reporting back an infinite value, instead of the correct result. I even tried the long long and long double data types but couldn't get them t

NSBundle & mdash; Find resources within a package?

I created a directory MyDirectory inside a bundle myBundle. I then put an image myImage.png inside MyDirectory. But a call to [myBundle pathForResource: @"myImage" ofType: @"png"] does not find the image. What am I missing? EDIT: To cl

Memory Issue Aborted

Could you help me out please, my app is almost finished, I'm now in the process of optimizing it so I'm using the Instrument Allocations tools and I have a problem vith a view controller but I can't figure out why memory increases each time I go from