Change the constraints

I am creating an app with quite a lot of buttons. I have already placed all required buttons on the view and all constraints are set. Everything is done in the storyboard. I want to create a button which will change all buttons layout. In order to do

sort an array of strings in Swift

I have a big array like that : var tableau = ["Salut", "Hey", "Salut", "Hey", "Hey", "Mom", "Hey", "Dad", "Mom", "Hey", "Plop"] And now I want an

Updated tableview with UIRefresh

The title of my question makes this look like a duplicate, but it's much more complicated of an issue than the title suggests, so please read through this post before marking it as a duplicate. I have a tableview that uses UIRefresh for pull-to-refre

Can I add a button on Map in watchkit?

I'm trying to build an app for Apple Watch OS 2, so I was wondering is it possible to add buttons or images on top of the map?As far as I know, there isn't such a thing like "multiple layers", as you might call it, which would allow you to arran

How to encode and decode audio using opus

I am trying integrate opus into my application, the encode and decode function returns positive value which means successfully, but the output audio can't play. Raw audio data can play as well. Here is how I encode data. I use 4 bytes prefix to separ

Get the facebook public profile of a person in the ios app

I am working on an ios app which requires Facebook Login.I have successfully implemented the login process.But now I am not able to find that how and where can i get the user's profile information like first name,last name, Profile Pic etc...My app h

Set cookies in the header field

I am connect drupal with IOS. I m getting cookies at time of login . Then I am setting cookie in header in URL request . I am getting Csrf validation failed. Please Help . Any help would be appreciated. appdelegate = (AppDelegate *)[[UIApplication sh

What is a formal definition of a first responder in iOS?

I understand that a first responder object is the receives a callback signal according to input activity, etc and that it will bubble it up the chain until a responder willing to handle it can be found. But more formally, what is the scope of the fir

iOS 8 Crash - renderInContext: UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext ()

Before iOS 8, I didn't have problems with this & now, yes. LOG: Assertion failed: (CGFloatIsValid(x) && CGFloatIsValid(y)), function void CGPathMoveToPoint(CGMutablePathRef, const CGAffineTransform *, CGFloat, CGFloat), file Paths/, l

Automatic view ID is like in android

I need to write some gui for IOS, yet i am so used to the automatic view id's that android has, that i am at a loss when it comes to identifying views without putting explicit tags in the interface builder is there some way to automatically identify

Get multiple values ​​from a web service

I have a webservice, in which the parameter "upload_images" have more than one value. How can i get that values. I am using SBJson. Here is my response { "node_title": "thk", "category": "Boating", "d

Add various objects and keys to nsdictionary

I would like to create a NSDictionary with the objects and keys, as example below NSArray *keys = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"key1", @"key2", nil]; NSArray *objects = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"value1", @"value2",

Date comparison in iOS

I'm trying to check if the time between two dates is larger than 3 months, but have had no success. Here is what I am trying. Am I doing something incorrectly? Even if I set the detailTextDate at yesterday, it will still display the evaluationLabel.

Xcode 4.6 zXing build error after updating Xcode (4H127)

Different projects using ZXing have error after last Xcode update: Error messages are: private field 'cached_y_' is not used Private field 'bits_' is not used Private field 'cached_row_num_' is not used Private field 'dataHeight_' is not used Any com

Game development for Android and iOS

Can we develop games for Android and iOS on Unreal Development Kit? I am planning to make games for both platforms, so my questions are: Will I have to make games separately for different platforms? Is developing games for mobile platforms different

How to call a 'self' property of prepareForSegue:?

I have a @property in the model class of my app that will call prepareForSegue:. It's publicly declared like this in my CalculatorBrain class. @property (readonly) id program. The getter looks like this: - (id)program { return [self.programStack copy

Access NSMutableDictionary in NSMutableArray

I have an NSMutableArray of NSMutableDictionary (it's a plist). Each dictionary in the array has 2 keys: 'id' and 'lu'. How can I find the index in NSMutableArray of NSMutableDictionary where, for example, id = '47653'? I tried to do it but it's not

iOS __autoreleasing const error

So I'm doing the usual where I'm passing a pointer to an NSError object to a method. It used to be a simple: -(BOOL)foo:(NSString *)string error:(NSError **)error but with ARC it is now: -(BOOL)foo:(NSString *)string error:(NSError *__autoreleasing *

Do not go through instance methods

I am trying to do a app, but unfortunately it is not passing through all (void) instance methods (i copied the methods from another project).... and also not showing any error....Can any one tell me know whats going wrong????? I am building a app whi

How to make my 'click' function work with iOS

I have a set of Div's which act as buttons. These buttons have a simple jquery click() function which works in all browsers except iOS. For example: <div class="button">click me</div> and $('.button').click(function(){ alert('hi'); }

Hide Show UIPicker by clicking on the button

I want to do something like the keyboard show/hide so I want to set up picker as a first responder. Is this possible. If not how can i show/hide UIPicker in a view by a button click. On other topic how can i format the DatePicker output, now i get "2

Android and IOS backend framework choice?

I'm going to development a mobile application (not mobile web application) with android and ios versions. I need a back-end server to store and process the data. So mobile application only use for present the data from back-end server. Now questions:

Is it possible to delete Game Center points or achievements?

Is it possible to decrease a user's points in Game Center based on something in the app?Straight from the GameKit Programming Guide - (void) resetAchievements { // Clear all locally saved achievement objects. achievementsDictionary = [[NSMutableDicti

Query on a board from another board

I have the following 2 arrays. Array A with i.e. 10 id's, and the other array, Array B with 300 id's with all the corresponding data. I want to retrieve all the data from B with id's which are stated in the array A. I could just loop all entries in a