Tableview cell subtitles

My tableview cell subtitles aren't showing when I use this: func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell { var cell:UITableViewCell? if tableView.tag == 1 { guard let latestCell = tableView.dequeueReu

How can I detect dual support on UITabBarItem?

I've tried adding a gesture recogniser, not realising that it isn't possible with a UITabBarItem, here is what I did: Any other suggestions?I don't think this will have a simple solution, as double tapping a tab bar item is not expected behavior. Eve

ITunes Sandbox account credentials are requested continuously

I am trying to implement IAP in my application but now it asks for sandbox account continuously. I tried removing that account from sandbox testers, but result is same.I removed all IAP related codes,but result is still same.I downloaded my app from

Swift Core Motion closing problem

I'm trying to convert an old game application built in obj-c to the new swift code. i'm having some issues understanding swift closures and how to use them for example in the"startAccelerometerUpdatesToQueue" method. i have initialized the motio

iOS Streaming mp3

I've been searching for a good tutorial for playing and streaming audio finally I found this which seems to offer an offline audio playing. in the YMCAudioPlayer class I've commented loading a resource and provided NSURL* generated by a direct link i

Connecting to another Bluetooth device through the BeeTee app

I need to implement a self bluetooth app to connect with all bluetooth devices to iPhone. I know it is not possible with CoreBluetooth framework. I use private API and added header files of DeviceManager and BluetoothManager to private frameworks and

Using NSPredicate for PFQuery Effective

My app is using Parse as a back end. At some point in the app, i have to query objects that should contain at least one of the tags in another array. To make it clear, in the database i have a class Pictures which has a Tags property that saves tags

Delete custom lines from UITableView

I'm just practicing with UITableView. Here is what I did so far. made cells with xib.file from scratch. Data is stored in P-list. Using [ MutableCopy] and convert array into mutableArray It looks little strange but I made the delegate connection usin

iOs App 1000+ Data Input CoreData or Simple Array?

I have about 1000+ Data Entries (Number, Name, Age, Color). On the first view the user can imput a numer which will output the corresponding entries on the second view. Do I have to work with CoreData or is it a good solution to use a simple Array to

Deploying an enterprise application does not work on iOS 7.1

We distribute apps via an Enterprise account, using an itms-services:// URL. This has always worked fine, but after installing the iOS 7.1 beta on our iPad it refuses to install. Instead we just get the generic Cannot connect to message t

Reading basic data as objects

I have 1 entity in my database "Message" with the values MessageID, messageText and i want to read every row of Core Data, make an object of my class "Message" and put the new object into an array. It's the first time I'm using Core Da

HTML responsive font size for mobile devices

I have an application that runs on Android and IOS. The application has some WebView components that displays HTML From what I found there are "em" and "viewport" units as well as "@media" in css. I'm new to HTML5 and CSS3, c

TFHpple - Get the HTML element without element tags?

I'm parsing some HTML and I need to get all the innerHTML of <body />. I'm doing it this way: TFHpple *doc = [[TFHpple alloc] initWithHTMLData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:sectionFilePath]]; TFHppleElement *body = [doc searchWithXPathQuery:@"

Saving files with iOS Where are they going?

I have saved a text file from my app and I can open it again, but is there any way the user can gain access to this file to just do whatever they want with it? I tried printing the path which looks like this : /var/mobile/Applications/2DD5A15B-9BC8-4

Using POST in Goal c

I'm having trouble in actually using POST to save/change information on my database. Could someone please help me? NSDictionary *newDatasetInfo = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:un, @"username", n, @"name", pn, @"phonen

Where and how __bridge

I need some advice on __bridge-ing in iOS. Hopefully the SSCCE1 below will explain the problem better than I can in words, but I need to know how I can convert a void* to an NSMutableArray*; which __bridge variation should be used (See comment in cod

Trouble with Decorator Pattern, iOS / UICollectionViewCells

I am trying to 'decorate' UICollectionViewCells using the Decorator pattern. For example, if I have a BaseCell : UICollectionViewCell I would like to be able to do something like this: BaseCell *cell = [[BaseCell alloc] initWithFrame] cell = [[Glowin

Can I plant my application on my own?

iOS APP question I have a special case that I want There is a Button , and when it onClicked,the APP will crash itself (on control) Example [btn addTarget:self action:@selector(noThisMethod) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside]; it's simply

understand kSecAttrAccessGroup

I was just reading through some source code for an iOS application and I'm curious about the security of the same. It seems that the access group of an application can be specified in the entitlements it was built with. However, if a user unknowingly

UITableView Pagination

My app has custom UITableView cells. I want to show only one cell at a time - next cell should show partially. In ScrollView you can set isPagingEnabled to YES. But how can i do above in UITableView? ThanksNote that UITableView inherits from UIScroll

How to use ALAssetLibrary to get local photos in Camera Roll

ALAssetsLibrary* library = [[ALAssetsLibrary alloc] init]; [library enumerateGroupsWithTypes:ALAssetsGroupSavedPhotos usingBlock:libraryGroupsEnumeration failureBlock:failureblock]; ALAssetsGroupEnumerationResultsBlock groupEnumerAtion = ^(ALAsset *r

try and catch does not handle the exception in the iphone

i am using the following code to catch an error when ind.row is not a valid value or sometimes it becomes nil @try { if(ind.row<[[treeNode flattenElements] count]) { [self.mTableView scrollToRowAtIndexPath:ind atScrollPosition:UITableViewScrollPositi

NSData or NSAttributedString with SBJSON

I am using the SBJSON to convert my NSDictionary to a JSON String in my iOS application. when my dictionary contains a NSAttributedString or an NSData, the SBJSON fails to generate the string representaiton. Incase of NSAttributedString, the error is

iPhone: Using Google to get directions

In order to get directions, Google provides this nice URL: Sample here... How can I use the information that Google provides to get the same direction line on a MKMapView in an app?You will have to either use a web view with a Google map, or draw on

how can I run the iOS4 app in the background?

I'm developing an app for iOS4. The application is made of two main components, one that is supposed to run in the background and one that is constantly displayed on screen and takes data from the first one. Here's the problem: the first component wo