Is it normal for Xcode / Simulator to occupy 15 GB of space?

I got a disk almost full warning so I ran DaisyDisk.. Apparently Xcode is taking up 15gb of space: iOS device support is 12.3 gb: I don't know if this is normal or not, I've never noticed Xcode/simula

How to find the simulator directory

I'm looking for the specific location in the filesystem of the iOS simulators that were downloaded via Xcode. I've been looking in the usual locations like /Applications/ o

Reducing the deployment target for my application

I created my Universal device game app in iOS 7.1 and there for have my deployment target set to 7.1. I currently use both iPhone/iPad simulators with 7.1 and 8.1 iOS versions. Would there be an impact, in game performance, if I set my deployment tar

Color of the status bar of the iPhone 6

Has anyone noticed that the Status bar color for the iPhone 6 simulator is not using the correct style? I have UIStatusBarStyle set to UIStatusBarStyleLightContent and UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance set to NO. This works fine for all phones

Rotation of the locked simulator

I just started the tutorial of creating apps in Xcode for iOS 7.0+. However, when I run the app, and rotate the device in the iOS simulator, the position of the app stays fixed in the portrait mode, while the screen does change to landscape size. Thi

Xcode 4.6 zXing build error after updating Xcode (4H127)

Different projects using ZXing have error after last Xcode update: Error messages are: private field 'cached_y_' is not used Private field 'bits_' is not used Private field 'cached_row_num_' is not used Private field 'dataHeight_' is not used Any com

Running iOS 5.1 Simulator Issues Using XCode 4.5

I recently upgraded my XCode to 4.5 version and now I'm having problems when I try to develop applications to iOS 5.0/5.1. I developed a simple iPad game where the user needs to match images with the correspondent words. All these items are stored in

Pop up box for the alarm not appearing?

In my app i am using alarm functionality. Its working fine but when i am testing in simulator the alarm notified with the popup box. In real device it just come as notification in status bar instead of popup box. I am looking for popup box in real de

Where are the screenshots of the iOS simulator stored?

I have saved some screenshots in the iPhone Simulator running iOS 5, but I can't find them. I had this problem before, and it took me frickin' ages to find them in the file system. Is this so simple that I am just a dullard, or does no-one use this f

why my apron is gray at first boot

hi i have the following problem. since today when my app launches the tabbar is gray (image) !. as soon as i change the view (tab a cell) and go back, the tabbar is black as it should be (image) !! why could that be ? i do not have any idea.The only

Xcode with SDK 4.2 still starts iPad Simulator

Why does Xcode, after updating to SDK 4.2, always run my application in iPad Simulator instead of iPhone??? If I select iPhone Simulator as active executable it doesn't store my preference and runs the iPad simulator after any new Build & Run.I had t

iOS SDK 4.0 & amp; 4.1 add images to the simulator

I've seen many questions asked about how to add images to the simulator and have seen two answers: Click and hold to save in Mobile Safari on the phone Add the files to the 100Apple (or whatever) folder Both worked great in everything previous to iOS

Simulate iPhone 3.0 with SDK 4.0

i have xcode 3.1.3 and xcode 3.2.1 installed For sure now I use 3.2.1 with Sdk 4 to develop new apps. But what if I like to test a App compiled with sdk 4 on a simulated iphone that would just have 3.0?? As BaseSDk i use 4.0 and as target 3.0 In xcod

My iPhone Simulator 3.0 address book is empty!

Anyone know how to repopulate my Simlator's AddressBook with Johnny Appleseed, etc? Or, my own data. Doesn't matter.. It's just that it's somehow empty now and useless for testing.Have you tried resetting the firmware? Theres an option in the menu so

UIDevice Orientation

I have the following code in a method. When I run this in the simulator the debugger skips right over the code?? What am I missing? if (([[UIDevice currentDevice] orientation] == UIDeviceOrientationLandscapeLeft) || ([[UIDevice currentDevice] orienta

iPhone: Unable to launch simulated application: Unknown error

This is a new iPhone project, only 1 target (different from this question) On build we get: Failed to launch simulated application: Unknown error. The google again gives us nothing, lots of people have encountered this and there are lots of crazy ide