Weird indentation in Internet Explorer (IE)

I am using CSS animation elements at the beginning of a page, it renders fine in Google Chrome, but in IE there is a weird indentation happening. Below is the code I am using. I tried various fixes and can't figure it out. I am not the savviest of pr

Allow download of files deposited in IE?

I have a file upload which works great in everything except IE. When i drag a file or picture to the upload area and drop it that file or picture opens and redirects my site. How do i stop this? The plugin i used is simple and can be found here, they

The browser helper object does not work?

I want to create one division above website in which I have to show login button. In order to achieve this I have made BHO program. I have done my BHO(Browser Helper Object) code using C#. In that program I have given some message box for the sake of

Force IE 11 & ldquo; User Agent String & rdquo; using tags

My website is broken in IE11. We all know that HTML tags allow developer to force IE compatibility mode; in example <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8, IE=9" /> worked great and solved the visualization problems for

Mapped Image Image Not Fully Clickable in IE

I have the following code (well, with links altered for anonymity) in my page... <a href="" ><img usemap="#termsclickable" src="picture.png" /></a> <map id="termsclickable" n

IE does not execute my 'onunload' code

I need to execute some code before leaving the browser, I implemented this: window.onbeforeunload = function () { return 'Are you sure?'; }; window.onunload = function () { releaseLocking(); }; It works pretty well with Google Chrome. When closing GC

Which versions of IE support PNG favicons?

In this old StackOverflow post, it was said that only IE6 had issues with PNG favicons, but on channel9, it said that IE7 also does not support PNG favicons either. But, unfortunately, the channel9 link has been deleted - so does anyone know the offi

rgba () does not work in IE8

I just stuck up with the RGBA() manipulation in jQuery using IE 8 So far i have this: $('.set').click(function (e) { var hiddenSection = $('div.hidden'); hiddenSection.fadeIn() .css({ 'display': 'block' }) .css({ width: $(window).width() + 'px', heig

compatibility problem is IE10

I have an website that looks good, as it should, on IE8,IE9 as well as the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. the server click is working fine in all web browsers.. in IE10 it's not working..when Clicking IE10's "Compatibility button"

Compass, SASS, Gradients and IE?

This question already has an answer here: CSS (perhaps with Compass): Cross-browser gradient 3 answers So according to compass, they only support Chrome, Safari, Firefox 3.6, and Opera when it comes to gradients. Any ideas on how to add support for I

JQuery .click (function () does not work in IE

The following code works in all browsers but IE. I am using IE 9 and I have included the jquery library. Why is the .click(function() not working. The code inside the function is never ran. newEntryRow.find('.dispmsg').click(function(){ alert("this c

Placeholder attribute on the input tags for IE?

I know that Internet Explorer doesn't support the placeholder attribute for input tags, but surely in 2012 there must be another solution for IE?I wrote a jQuery plugin a while back that will add placeholder support to any browser that does not suppo

CSS & ldquo; no repetition & rdquo; does not work in IE

Working with a bit of in-line CSS within a CMS (fun!). This chunk of code works as it should in Chrome and Firefox, the background image occurs just once. But when the page loads in IE 9, it's as if the no-repeat value is ignored and the background i

form will not send data in ie8

I have a form on my page, with one text input and one submit input, that sends info to a php script. Users can submit the form either by pressing 'enter' on their keyboard, or clicking the submit button. In IE9 and ever other browser, the user can hi

Problem with multilevel pop-up menu in IE8

I've made a multi level pop out menu from this tutorial, here's the page I'm working on. It's working perfectly fine in all browsers bar IE8, the 3rd tier just hides behind the second tier. Can anyone see what the problem is? Here's the code: <div id

FancyBox + MediaElement player + IE

Trying to incorporate the mediaelement.js player into a lightbox ( Player works in IE without FancyBox. FancyBox works in IE with regular text content. But The player + fancybox together doesn't work in IE (works perfectly in all other

Cufon loaded asynchronously does not render in IE

I'm creating a site which uses Cufon and is particularly heavy in terms of page-weight due to a large amount of Javascript. Therefore I'm trying to load in the script asynchronously with head.js ( ) like so: head.js("http://ajax.mi

How to define a content type for a specific file with Rack?

I want to have Rack serve a specific file with a specific content type. It's a .htc file and it needs to be served as text/x-component so that IE will recognize it. In apache I would just do AddType text/x-component .htc How can I achieve this with R

How to change the value of the commandBandLayout reg key

How can I modify [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\CommandBar] CommandBandLayout value to make sure my addon is first in the command bar? any help here appreciated Thanks, ManojYou don't. Mucking with internal data s

Monitor the data flowing between BHO and IE

Is there a way to monitor data flowing between BHO and IE? I am writing one BHO and its giving some issues . I have tried tools like fiddler which can monitor traffic between server and IE but can I monitor traffic flowing between BHO and IE. I am mo

better thumbnails from larger image files

I'm showing images from other websites as thumbnails. To do this I display them in a smaller img tag so the browser does the size decrease. The problem is that the quality of these images (which I have no control of) is diminished. Also they look muc

How do you make an HTML document writable in the browser?

Lest my question is not clear; I don't mean dynamically replacing <p> nodes with <textarea>. I mean editing each and all text directly - including headers, text in <div> and <span> and yes editing tables. I know this is possible in