Spring MVC does not insert a value in a foreign key

i really need some help and cant find the answer anywhere, and probably really basic i am trying to create a crud with spring MVC , and it is working with a single table, but when trying to add a second one with in a one to many relationship spring d

Whole declaration outside the method?

import java.util.Scanner; public class InputTest { static void monster() { System.out.println("You ran into a monster!"); System.out.println("He did 10 damage!"); health -= 10; System.out.println("You have " + health + "

value of the string to the integer?

First off, I am a beginner programmer and have only about 7 weeks of programming experience. Second this is for a homework assignment. Here is where I am stuck. String curDay; String curDaylow; int sunday; int monday; int tuesday; int wednesday; int

Unsigned beach & amp; Signed int

#include <stdio.h> int main(int argc, char **args){ int d=4294967295; unsigned e= -1; printf("\n%u\n%d\n%d\n%u\n%lu\n",d,d,e,e,sizeof(int)); return 0; } Output: 4294967295 -1 -1 4294967295 4 Question is, if both signed and unsigned integer

How can I extract int values ​​from a string?

Hello I have a list like this: B= ["('33', '207')", "('33', '408')", "('33', '408')", "('33', '408')", "'NaN'", "('33', '207')"] I would like to return an array of integers, like the following: B

What does the whole suffix J mean?

I have the following source: int main() { 000J; } With gcc 4.8.4 it compiles without errors. I know there are suffixes like L or U, but I didn't find anything about J. So what does it do?I get a warning: Imaginary constants are a GNU extension The J

How can I convert a string array element to an integer value?

in my Android app I have a set of string array values - tvs[1], tvs[2], tvs3[3], etc., which contain the textview value from a number of Number Pickers. However, I need the Integer value of each of these strings, so I can then multiply this numeric v

Is there a way to set the value of the index in an arraylist?

I had an assignment due today ( its late already so i wont be getting credit for this but the problem is eating at me) that I could not figure out for the life of me. The assignment goes as followed: withoutTen: Return a version of the given array wh

How to take the number of the text box and multiple by a value

Hey Im new to android developing and I was using the tutorial on the official android website to help me create an app. so far I've create a textbox and when you click on it. it simply opens another screen and returns my name. How would I take the in

Factoriel - Array - C ++

The problem is to compute factorial of a number. I've debugged my code, and it works fine for any input and produces correct output for all the given test cases. But still, I'm getting Wrong Answer on SPOJ. Problem: An integer t, 1<=t<=100, denoting

Converting a hex (two's complement) to a Java value

I have this hex value: C9E5249A which is representing a Twos Complement signed 32-bit integer representation in C. How can I get its Java counterpart ?try this Long.parseLong("C9E5249A", 16); C9E5249A is too big for Integer.parseInt which parses

How to convert an integer value to a floating point in java?

I am getting an integer value in my android application.I want to convert it into floating point number which is in this format "0.xyF" .I tried lot of methods.I know its simple but i am confused.Please help. I am passing a value from one activi

A smarter way to print two integers in JavaScript

In my attempt to print two JavaScript variables that were integers, next to each, other I ran into this small road bump: Code: var left = 100 var right = 100 alert(left + right) Result: 200 I wanted to get back 100100 Of course this wasn't a hard pro

Whole literals in Java

Integer i1 = 127; Integer i2 = 127; if(i1==i2){ System.out.println("true"); //prints true }else{ System.out.println("false"); } Integer i3 = 128; Integer i4 = 128; if(i3==i4){ System.out.println("true"); }else{ System.out.pri

Declare a & ldquo; unsigned T & quot;

I want to use unsigned T in a template: template<class T> void signed2unsigned(const T* source, unsigned T* dest, size_t n) { do { intmax_t s=*source; s+=min(*source); *dest=s; ++dest; ++source; --n; } while(n!=0); } This doesn't work, since unsigne

Effectively store / compress an array of integers in Ruby?

I have a sorted array of unique random integers, with values 1<=x<=1,000,000,000. What's the most space-efficient compression algorithm I can use to store them in a database? I'm thinking maybe something involving bit fields.. Edit: The array is at

Using inherited overloaded methods

I have two classes: public class ClassA { public void method(Number n) { System.out.println("ClassA: " + n + " " + n.getClass()); } } and: public class ClassB extends ClassA { public void method(Integer d) { System.out.println("Cl

What is the limit of the automatic (integer) increment in mysql

I have a mysql database in which i am using auto_increment(integer), can you tell me till what integer it can incremented. How we can increase the limit of auto_increment?The limit of an auto_increment column is the size of the column: Use a large en

Extract multiple integers from a string in Javascript

I'm trying to set up my page so a user is able to type in a string like "25a89ss15s9 8 63" and it alerts the user "25, 89, 15, 9, 8, 63" and then further alerts the user "8, 9, 15, 25, 63, 89". So I'm trying to separate the i

jquery .not (& ldquo ;: contains ('<any number>'))

What is the best way to select an element that does not contain a number? eg $('div').not(":contains('1')").not(":contains('2')").not(":contains('3')")...; Sorry chad I have worded my example wrong. I have about 20 divs selec

Check if the number is whole

I was surprised to learn that R doesn't come with a handy function to check if the number is integer. is.integer(66) # FALSE The help files warns: is.integer(x) does not test if x contains integer numbers! For that, use round, as in the function is.w

Encoding and decoding integer problem

I have a long list of integers, and i need to reduce this down to a single integer. The integer list can be anywhere from 0 to 300 ints long (about). I need to be able to encode/decode. Is there a better option than a lookup table?Any technique for r

Smalltalk Integer String

Pretty simple question I need to get an integer from the user and I only know how to get a string from them. So if there is a way to get an integer from the user or to convert the string to an integer please let me know.Found it: '12345' asNumber.

What is the best way to scale a byte?

In C I need to scale a uint8_t from 0 - 255 to 0 - 31 What is the best way to do this evenly?If you're trying to scale from 8 bits to 5 bits, you can do a 3 bit shift; uint8_t scaled = (uint8_t)(original >> 3); This drops the lower 3 bits.