How to generate an auto table from 0 to 99

there is any way to generate auto int array from 0 to 99 Example: int [] nums = new int[99]; i want it like this: int [] Nums = new int[] {0,1,2,3,4... ,99}; Thanks in advance <3 <3. int [] nums = new int[99]; for(int i = 0; i < nums.length; i++)

Broadcast the bits of an integer

I have a 32 bit integer which I fill with data by mapping the individual bits to various types of data. For instance one section is used for oxygen level. It's a value from 0 to 128, so I use 7 bits for that. Another section is used for the rotation

Python - How to show the addition of whole numbers

I want to show in a line the addition of the digits of a positive integer. For example if input is 4316 I want it to output 4+3+1+6 Also the input can be any x amount of digits.Call stron the number and str.join the result of that: i = 4316 print("+&

Haskell Types and Signatures

I'm studying for an exam about Haskell. I don't understand how I determine the type of a function. The function is: func [] f = 16 func (h : t) f = (f h) + (func t f) My guess is that the first line has this types: empty list -> a -> a where a has t

How to convert dual to int in Android?

This question already has an answer here: converting double to integer in java 4 answers I just wants to convert from double to int in my UI i am rendering as a double but for the backend i want convert to integer. Double d = 45.56; OutPut = 4556; Pl

Variable checking in Python

This question already has an answer here: Asking the user for input until they give a valid response 9 answers I have been trying to find out ways to check about variable types or while do statements but I got confused and didn't know what's going on

How to make a non-null Integer instance

This question already has an answer here: How to workaround this JDK limitation? 7 answers Is there a way to ensure an Integer variable not to be null? I need to create a list of integer values, so I cannot use int type. I need to work with a List<In

Checking if a number is an integer in C ++

This question already has an answer here: testing if given number is integer 6 answers I am searching for a way to check if a certain variable holds an integer or no. My program asks the user for the values of a set of variable then it computes the v

How to put numbers of an integer in a vector in C ++

If a user enters an integer like 4210 for example, how can I put each number of that integer in a vector in C++?It can be done like: std::vector<int> numbers; int x; std::cin >> x; while(x>0) { numbers.push_back(x%10); x/=10; } std::reverse

How are & ldquo; ranges & rdquo; defined in Java?

I have a chunk of code that needs to determine if a given integer is between a set of other integers. I'd also like to have this in a case statement so as to not have a surplus of if..else statements everywhere. Here's a bit of the code: switch (copi

Extract String Entries in Fortran

I'm using Fortran 90. I have a string declared as CHARACTER(20) :: Folds, which is assigned its value from a command line argument that looks like x:y:z where x, y, and z are all integers. I then need to pick out the numbers out of that string and to

About converting char to int in C with extension sign

I was reading the book Programming in C by Stephen G. Kochan about C programming. It states that: "if a character value is used that is not part of the standard character, its sign might be extended when converted to an integer" And then it stat

Java Integer parseInt Error

I have following problem: I want to convert some Binary Strings to an integer: eargb = Integer.parseInt(al + re + gre + blu, 2); but I get following exception. Why? java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "11111111111000101000100111111010&

PHP var becomes negative

I have this code : <?php $integer = 33963677451; $integer &= 0xFFFFFFFF; echo $integer; ?> But, when I execute it, the output is -396060917 The same function in Python if __name__ == '__main__': integer = 33963677451 integer &= 0xFFFFFFFF pr

Grouping in continuous integer ranges

I have checked other postings including Group by variable integer range using Linq but i have not found anything that is similar to my question...I am trying to group into integer ranges where the integer sequence is discontinuous. For example, if i

Divide whole numbers

I know when dividing integers the default way it works is to discard the fractional part. E.g., int i, n, calls = 0; n = 1; n /= 3; printf("N = %i\n", n); for (i = 1; i > 0; i /= 3) { calls++; } printf("Calls = %i\n", calls); The co

Why int32 has a maximum value of 2 ^ 31 -1

Possible Duplicate: What is "2's Complement"? I know int32 is has a length of 32 bits(4 bytes). I assume it has 2^32 values but as half of them needs to be under zero, I guess it has something to do with this. I would like to know why exactly in

Adjusting Negative Values ​​Using Hexadecimal C # Literals

Is there any way to set an int to a negative value using a hexadecimal literal in C#? I checked the specification on Integer literals but it didn't mention anything. For example: int a = -1; // Allowed int b = 0xFFFFFFFF; // Not allowed? Hexadecimal