convert the mixed list into floats in python

I'm trying to write a function that will remove non-floats and convert all int to floating numbers. I've included some print statements from my own debugging process. I'd like the transformation that adds ".0" to int to return a list. std_in= ['

How to convert UINT8 to UINT32 in C ++?

I have a value of type UINT8 and I would like to make it UINT32. Would my following code be considered correct, valid, efficient and safe? UINT32 convU8toU32(UINT8 *number) { UINT32 result = *number; return *result; } Please notice that I'm a new com

Simple addition string to int with C #

I have knowledge in PHP and I want to learn C # language but I do not even do simple addition. I want to get the value of a ComboBox, convert this value to int and be able to add another value Despite the conversion done, I have an error : Can not co

Convert an integer of more than 16 digits into a string in php

Is there any function that easily echos an integer that is 15+ digits long? The only way I've managed is like this: $num = 123456789012345; $num = number_format($num); $num = str_replace(',', '', $num); echo $num; But even this way it is only accurat

Invert all three-digit elements of an int array

so I'm trying to take an int array and reverse every element that has more than three digits. i.e. change 147 -> 741 I'm new to java and do not even know where to start with this. Here is the array I am trying to do this with. int codedMessage[] = {3

Bit fields in C

I have the following code: #include <stdio.h> struct test { int x: 2; int y: 2; }; int main() { test t; t.x = -1; printf("%d", t.x); return 0; } This snippet prints -1 which I can understand, If the same code, %dis replaced with %x format

Convert parts of an int array to integers?

I'm trying to convert a message, say in the form of "22 12 20 28" into an array, say [22, 12, 20, 28] then into individual integers, say 22, 12, 20, then 28. I have code that should work, but for some reason it doesn't. public class Decrypt { pr

Underscore between the numbers

This question already has an answer here: Java 7 underscore in numeric literals 8 answers Mistakenly an underscore has been added like below: int i = 1_5; But no compilation error. Why is so? Output is coming as if underscore is ignored. Then why suc

Assigning and comparing characters to integers

I have a char array: char arr[5]; Say I assign it the values: arr[0] = 1; arr[1] = 2; arr[2] = 3; arr[3] = 4; arr[4] = 5; When I print using: printf("%c\n", arr[0]) nothing is printed out (only the newline). When I print using: printf("%d\n

How to execute code based on the integer value

I have an int, int minion1Hp, which can be a value of 0 -> 20. Depending on the value it is, a certain image resource will be set for an ImageView, using bar1.setImageResource(R.drawable.hpa);. However, my code currently looks like this: if (minion1H

Incompatible types: int and & lt; nulltype & gt;

I am having trouble with the (hashTable[bucket][size] == null). I was wondering how you could check to see that slot is null if null is not of type int. Any ideas/tips? public void add(int n){ int bucket = hashF(n); int p=0; int size = hashTable[0].l

Checking an uninitialized int when a real value could be 0?

I have some code where I have an int that starts off uninitialised, and is set later in the code (post user action). If the values haven't been initialised, then I use default values for display. I check if the values are 0 to tell if they've been in

Convert an int to a character in C?

I'm trying to add an int to a char array. My (broken) code is as follows, string[i] = (char) number; with i being some int index of the array and number is some integer number. Actually, while typing this out I noticed another problem that would occu

How to encode an integer in a base64 string in python 3

This question already has an answer here: Why do I need 'b' to encode a Python string with Base64? 5 answers I'm trying to encode an int in to base64, i'm doing that: foo = 1 base64.b64encode(bytes(foo)) expected output: 'MQ==' given output: b'AA=='

Is `short 'the same as` int` in C ++?

I've looked at some answers that use short in C#, but I'm not sure if they really answer my question here. Is short in C++ another name for int? I know you can make short int, which seems to be able to handle a lot of values but I'm still starting ou

ValueError: Invalid literal for int () with base 10: 'stop'

Every time I try me code it works but when I type in 'stop' it gives me an error: ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'stop' def guessingGame(): global randomNum guessTry = 3 while True: guess = input('Guess a Number between 1 - 10, Y

Is scientific notation interpreted as int or float?

If I hardcode a number in my code using the scientific notation (e.g. 1e9) what will the type of that number be (int, long, float, double..)? When the significand or the exponent are floating point numbers it can't be an integer obviously, but what i

Mysql INT with a character

I have a mysql database with a field "order_number" set as an INT on the odd occasion the order number would need to have a trailing r eg 2100r obviously INT will only accept numbers and would sort the number correctly ASC or DESC if I use VARCH

Out of the chain to the console - ASM 8086

I'm trying to use INT 21h to show a string on a screen, but the program seems to crash immediately... I'm using MASM Here's my code: .stack 200h .data? value dd ? .data item dd 0 str1 db 'Hello world!$' .code start: ; ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

How to limit the number of printed decimals for a double?

This program works, except when the number of nJars is a multiple of 7, I will get an answer like $14.999999999999998. For 6, the output is 14.08. How do I fix exceptions for multiples of 7 so it will display something like $14.99? import java.util.S

Convert the string to int and test success in C #

How can you check whether a string is convertible to an int? Let's say we have data like "House", "50", "Dog", "45.99", I want to know whether I should just use the string or use the parsed int value instead. In Jav