Storing User-Entered Data from a Wix Installer

I am creating a Wix installer and I would like to store some values that are set by the user during the installation process in such a way that I can read them at a later point in time. Obviously I could save these values in the registry but is there

Creating empty directories / folders in InstallAnywhere 2011

I have a script which collected together a number of files to be installed. This includes a number of empty directories. Previously I would use the D flag in the manifest file which would copy empty directories. However due to the way I generate the

How to load libraries that use the composer?

I am trying to use as an oauth 2.0 libary. It has dependencies that need to be installed using composer. I tried to follow the manuals and everything seemed fine, however I am just unable to get it to work! I

Wix installed files elevate permissions

I have a WiX project, and it installs some executables and libraries on a folder located at ProgramFiles. The problem comes when running one of these executables. Some of them need to be executed as Administrator to do all the tasks it should do. If

What is the best way to manage product keys for code libraries?

Like a lot of modern software companies, my company uses product keys to check what contract a user has for a piece of software. When parsing the product key, I can check what type of product someone has (trial/full version, etc). We'd like users to

How to format a file extension using Wix?

I'd like to conditionally set a file extension during install. As I understand it, in order to do anything conditionally in Wix, it should be a self-contained component. So for each file type association I would like to allow the user to set, I've go

How do you do an installer for your python program

Im new to python, but I was thinking about making a program with python to give to my friends. They don't know much about computers so if I asked them to install python by them selves they couldn't do it, but what if I could make an installer that do

Recommendation for the Windows installation library

I've used WiX, InstallShield, and other installation generators and have experienced nothing but headaches. Are there any installation libraries out there that can be linked in to an actual C++/C# program and run as a setup executable and doesn't nee

How to change the font color in Installshield 2011?

How can I change fonts color in the the default dialogs in Installshield 2011? I have created a new entry (with the new color) into TexStile Table, but when selects the new "test style" in the Dialog editor, the colour does not change. This work

Error with a custom action in Visual Studio 2008

I'm very new in C# world though I'm trying to modify an installer using custom action. What I'm trying to do is to run a batch script after installation finishes. I'm using the following Installer class: namespace PostInstall { [RunInstaller(true)] p

InstallAware, Add a big SQL script problem

I am trying to create an installer using InstallAware. I have a big database that i should create during installation. I generated the script and while trying to add the script to the MS SQL Server command, it is taking too long, about 15 min. Is the

Starting the WiX application in an installation kit?

I have an application that I have in a WiX installer package. This package is a prerequisite (along with a couple of others) installed using a VS2010 Setup kit. If I run the WiX installer alone, my application starts just fine after install. But when

Create a desktop shortcut to an existing DOSSIER using WiX

I have the need to create a Desktop Shortcut to an existing FOLDER (NOT to a file) using Wix. To elaborate more, my installer program has a CustomAction program written using C# associated with it. This CustomAction program creates a folder named "BS

Windows Installer which is limited to X times

I need a windows installer that can install my program only X number of times. Say 10 or 20 or a defined number I set. Then the installer ceases to operate or can give a message to contact my company. EdThere are several solutions. One solution that

Make a standalone program distributable in PHP

I've decided to code some applications in PHP that are supposed to run offline in the user's machine. However, I can't seem to find an user-friendly install wizard to create a local server in where the script will run. Any ideas? PS: Here's an exampl

How to create a robust and minimal installer for Windows?

I want to create an installer EXE with some specific properties: it should be a single exe file it should be robust (i.e. the technique should be known to work well on any Windows system) it should create only a single file (a .scn screensaver file)

Remove the Repair Option Screen from the MSI Installer

I have created a standard MSI installer for P&D of my application which is using following components: A WCF Service hosted as Windows service. A GUI application that communicates with that service. A Shell extension Dll. Installer is working very go

Why is self-registration bad?

Assuming self-registration is used to install components as part of a larger installer program, why is self-registration bad? E.g. self-registering vb custom controls or capicom or whatever. I acknowledge that self-registration is probably not as saf

MSI installation issues

I've got an MSI based install that I've wrapped in an EXE file as per my installation packaging software (which is Wise Package Studio 7.0 SP2). I've made many changes to the install, and every time I've tested them, they've worked just fine... up un