Create an application like instagram

I want to create an application like instagram and I have already created a simple social app on parse which shows user photos. However I want to implement complex functions such as adding friends, viewing friend's feed,etc. I want to know if such an

Login to Instagram using PHP Curl

<?php function instagram_login($data_sent_username, $data_sent_password){ $data_filtered_data = instagram_gettoken(); $data_rec_token = $data_filtered_data[0]; $data_rec_mid = $data_filtered_data[1]; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, '

Instagram JSON PHP avatar extraction

I want to extract the profile_picture of any instagram user from the JSON url: with PHP and print it out. I've tried: $instaJSONUrl = ''; $json = file_get_contents($instaJSONU

Instagram API Permission Denied - Invalid Use Case?

We recently created a web-app that invites local highschool sports fans to share their favorite moments from local sporting events. We allow users to upload photos and videos, from their device, from facebook, and instagram. Later these photos and vi

View Instagram captions in an iframe

Is there a way to display Instagram captions in an iframe? The reason I am not using Instagram embed option is because I need to change dynamically the link of the popup which carries the frame. <iframe class="popupInst" src="http://inst

How does instagram classify and order tastes on an image?

Im trying to find out when some of my pictures on instagram were liked.I notice that it's not in a chronological order all of the time so is there any way I could find out the correct date or time they were liked.The Instagram API does not include ti

Instagram api - Video format mp4

Im using the instagram api by tag name ( From this array of objects, Im planning to use only the videos. Videos are in mp4 format, which does not work properl

My $ .getJSON () script does not work

I'm just starting with this JSON / AJAX thing and I'm having a hard time figuring out why this is not working... I've searched in lots of places but no detailed description on how to use $.getJSON is provided. Can you please help me out? And Can you

Uploading photos to Instagram, using a script

Is it possible to upload photos from a webpage to Instagram, if so how do you do it? I am wondering how to do this, so I can have a website where people can vote on their favourite photo and the one with most votes will be posted each day!You can use

Social media feeds on the Wordpress page

Does anyone know how I can get a feed of Social Media hashtags (from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) on my Wordpress site - similar to this example? I have come across Dialogfeed but its out of my price range. Is

Instagram API URL in real time

This question already has an answer here: Instagram Unable to reach callback URL 3 answers I'm using Instagram's Real-Time API to receive live updates when users post a picture. This was all set up and working perfectly. Randomly today it has decided

A way to track tastes with Instagram API?

I want to track another user's likes. Is there a way to accomplish this using the API? I see the endpoint user likes portion on the api doc, but I'm not sure if that's what I need. I just want to make a small app that would get any user's likes witho

Instagram Tag in real time - get empty data, why?

Heloo, I am working on one project and I need real time updates from Instagram for certain tag. This is my code for Create a Subscription <?php $client_id = 'MOJID'; $client_secret = 'MOJIDSECRET'; $redirect_uri = '

Send a text tag to Instagram using my Android app

My app take pictures and send to instagram, facebook and twitter but I need to share the text "#myappname" with the picture in instagram. Here's the code I use to send the photos Intent shareIntent = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_SEND

Retrieve the Instagram URL embedded in the API

I'm trying to find to programmatically get the embed link for an Instagram video. Unfortunately, it appears that Instagram's oEmbed endpoint, treats videos as photos, and only returns the key frame image, rather than providing an embed link. Does any

How to authenticate instagram and like and comment on a photo?

I am making an instagram app in which i will show all the pics of a user ( by entering the name of the user ), so the user without authenticating can see the timeline of that user. But i want the user to be able to like and comment the pic, for that

Understand Instagram's real-time API - node.js

i followed the instructions on Instagram-Developers-Site step-by-step and managed to subscribe to a hashtag. Now, when my node.js server is up and running i promt req.body to see what i am getting. These are the POST-Requests Instagram is sending me:

How to use Tornado with Django? Is this a good solution?

I've a huge django project and have to use Instagram API and its subscriptions model to work. For the subscriptions, my server has to be very responsive and be ready to work asynchronously to set up a hook so as to receive notifications once the user

Replicate Instagram Filters

I am trying to replicate three filters from instagram within my iphone app, more specifically: Sutro X Pro 2 Toaster I have been trying to combine different filters from CoreImages but can't seem to get what I want. Has anyone already implemented the

Graphics API: Adding captions to user-generated photos

I'm trying to get my application to post photos to a user's timeline using the user generated picture feature of Open Graph. Unfortunately, while I can easily get the picture to the user's timeline, I haven't found any documented way to pass along a