Create a trigger on 2 tables from 2 different bases

Hello i'm working on a trigger. This trigger is able to compare data inserted in my table DOUBLON from base F with the data from CLIENT from base T. If there is similar TEL, TELPOR, TELPRO, TELDOM, then it update F.DOUBLON.doublon = 'OUI' else it put

Insert in a binary tree (not BST) Python

I'm trying to insert a node in my binary tree. However, I don't know the proper way to do this. I understand that I should run a bfs and insert in the first null position. How do I translate that into a code? I was trying with DFS: The tree looks lik

PHP-MySQL INSERT Operation does not work

I'm developing a web platform. I'm using PHP and MySQL. I want to insert data to db. My code below. <?php session_start(); require_once('../../system/database.php'); if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') { $ownerid = (int)$_SESSION['id']; $record

insert from one table to another table use procedure

I want to insert from one table to other with some edits in values. source table has 20,000,000 records and insert and commit them impossible . so i write a procedure to commit each 1000 insert in a loop. but it does not work. what is the problem? CR

Insert a character at the beginning of a string in SQL

I need to change all the 'PostalCode' column strings by setting a character 'A' at the beginning of the string. I've tried this: UPDATE Customers SET PostalCode = STUFF(PostalCode , 0 , 1 , 'A') But nothing... Any ideas?You can try to use CONCAT UPDA

How to restrict insertion in Meteor

If a user got allow to insert data, they may insert anythings in a object. How to restrict user insert without Method? (I don't want user some additional library if it's not a silver bullet.)You should use another library:

Simple Trigger on Salary

I am new to sql and i have an employee table. I want to create a trigger so that no one can insert a new employee record with salary less than 200. I tried this code but it doesn't accept any record anymore and i see this error "The transaction ended

How to make a SQL insert inside varchar in mysql

This question already has an answer here: How do I escape special characters in MySQL? 8 answers How I can do a insert of sql syntax inside of varchar in mysql? example: INSERT INTO vartemp (SQLSyntax) VALUES ('UPDATE RegExample SET Field1 = 'abc', F

How to insert PHP into jQuery

Here is my code to insert PHP into jQuery $(document).ready(function () { if (<?php echo $story->getStoryCategory()->getStoryCategoryName();?> == "Politics") { $("nav").addClass("politicsBG"); } else if (<?php

Linked list on C returning NULL

I've been trying to make a program that creates a list of lists (the list Groups contains two lists: transform and obj. All the code is done, but when I try to print the elements of the list, I get a NULL. I suppose the problem is in the link between

Add an additional number in an ordered array

Which is the best way to insert a new number in an already ascendant ordered array? $new_number = 6; $old_array = array(1,3,4,5,7,8,10); // $new_array must be 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 Simple: $old_array = array(1,3,4,5,7,8,10); $old_array[] = 6; sort($old_ar

Insert in the red black tree

I am taking an algorithms course and in my course slides, there is an example of insertion into a red-black tree: My question is, why don't we let "2" be a leaf node here? It looks like if we let it be a leaf node, then no condition of a red bla

Python index error while trying to use list.insert

Here is a section (a large section) of my code. What i have happening, by design, is to iterate through this sequence until the distance that i am calculating is minimized by 1cm. I don't want to move on to my next epoch

Why my INSERT (MySQL) operation fails?

I have a table with the following structure: -------------- SHOW COLUMNS FROM versions -------------- +-----------------+--------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-----------------+------

Add a large number of rows using SQL

My code works well when I'm adding less than 30 rows. But It can't handle more than that. How can I overcome this? I get this error:Unspecified error when I'm trying to add less than 30, all the rows are added. and when I'm trying to add more than 30

PDO insert error php

I'm trying to use the following script to inset values taken from a hidden form in to the database /detect user session if (!isset($_SESSION['user'])) { //if no session take to login page header('location:login_main.php'); } //if session detected con

REGEX: best practice to insert before, after or between?

i'm nervous as hell asking this question since there's a LOT of RegEx posts out there. but i'm asking for best method as well, so i'm going to risk it (fully expecting a rep hit if i botch the job...) i've been given a list to reformat. 120 questions

Multiple INSERT does not work

I have multiple If statements that if true, inserts data into the db. The Problem is that the 2nd one of the INSERT statements inserts it 4 times. How would i stop it from adding duplicates. Also the returned $_POST['tshirt'] contains only one value

MySql request - INSERT INTO command but only without duplicates

I have this workable query which is inserting proper data into 'selections' table according to some conditions: INSERT INTO selections (auctionid, selections.order) VALUES ((SELECT id FROM auctions, game WHERE auctions.BetfairMark = game.BetfairMarke

How to insert PHP script in HTML in the best way?

I have to insert full path to every single image/css file of my website, because of url_rewriting and I'm looking for the most officiant way to do it. Of course I could do: <img src='<?php echo $full_path; ?>/images/theImg.jpg' alt='alternative t

Verifying the success of the INSERT INTO statement

I am using a MS Access database as the backend of my VB.NET application. I am entering users details into the database using an INSERT INTO statement: cn = New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & config("D

Query about SQL insertion in SQL Server?

I am using SQL Server 2008 and developing a project which is in maintenance phase. I want to insert record in a table whose primary key is an Integer but not an identity. e.g. table name is tblFiles and fields are ID, FileName, FileContent. Actually