Extract the entry from a text box UIAlertView Objective-C

I have gotten too frustrated from trying to find an answer to this, so I will as a question... How can I get the raw text from a UIAlertView text box in Objective-C? Here is my code: UIButton *AppCrashButton = [UIButton buttonWithType: UIButtonTypeCu

Taking into account input and production html

Can someone help me get closer to doing what I am trying to do here? I'm very new at html/javascript (obviously) and really don't know how to ask what I want. I'm just trying make a template maker for craigslist. Make an easy to use html page to send

Replace certain words with Javascript / Angular2 input fields

I have a a string 'I like orange, blue, black, pink, rose, yellow, white, black'. Is it possible to replace words yellow and black with input fields, so I could type in my own colours? const a: string = 'I like orange, blue, black, pink, rose, yellow

Automatic Submission Form via JS (Timeout, Time Interval)

I want to create simple auto submit. For example if user 1 sec don't type anything in input or press enter it's submit. My code: $(document).on('keypress', $('input'), function(e) { console.log('clear') clearInterval(SubmitInterval); if (e.which == 1

C-Line Reading and Row Storage

Im trying to read a text file with inputs in the above format. Im able to read each line with this code: FILE *file = fopen(argv[1], "r"); ... char * line = NULL; size_t len = 0; ssize_t read; while ((read = getline(&line, &len, file)) !

Html Regex pattern first digit [1,9] second digit [0,9]

I want to make sure phone number is inserted with first digit between 1-9 and following digits can be from 0-9, but i want it in this format : 199-999-9999 I tried : [1-9]{1}[0,9]{2}-[0,9]{3}-[0,9]{4}Seems you were on the right track. Instead of a co

Create a class via the input of cin look with the & gt; & gt;

My assignment I to create the following classes with the following data members / member functions. Computer RAM (in GB). Processor Speed (in GHz). # of Cores Hard Drive Storage Size (in GB). Print (Virtual Function) Desktop (inherits from Computer)

How do I load a value using local storage html5

I want to get my input also as an outup in an form table. I copied the code beneath because I only want to know how to get my output. I think that I have to change this <input type="button" value="load" onclick="load_local();&q

Using a file for C entry

I trying to write a program which takes a text file as input and then does a binary search with user input. The problem is, when I compile and run it, the program automatically quits and exits and never allows for user input. I suspect it is still re

android InputManager injectInputEvent

I have read this. I am not able to compile the answer given by coredump. I can clearly see the injectInputEvent in InputManager.java (Android source code). Its public too. However I am not able to compile it. May be its a private api and there's a wa

Setting the check box with jQuery

I have two input checkboxes, and I want to check/uncheck them with jQuery: <input type="checkbox" name="user1" value="1" id="u1" onclick="loadUserCalendar(1)"> <input type="checkbox" nam

Two versions of my input function, recursion vs while-loop?

I need to have a function which returns a guaranteed input of type float. To implement this I came up with a recursive way, but only seconds later I realized I could use a while-loop just as well. So, which one is preferred? Is there a reason to use

The program stops when the input is read

I read input with the following loop do { i=0; do { line[i]=fgetc(stdin); i++; }while(i<100 && line[i-1]!='\n' && line[i-1]!=EOF); //Parsing input }while(line[i-1]!=EOF); My input looks like this $GPRMC,123519,A,4510.000,N,01410.000,E,0

Allow user to enter variables (Python)

I am working on a project using PuLP and I am trying to create a terminal prompt to allow users to input their data and then my Python program will change the input to code readable by PuLP. To do this I must allow users to input: 2*a + 3*b <= c and

The BufferedReader entry gives an unexpected result

When I run the following code and type 50 when prompted for input: private static int nPeople; public static void main(String[] args) { nPeople = 0; System.out.println("Please enter the amount of people that will go onto the platform : "); Buffe