Java: comma-separated entries

Java program: The input below is just off the top of my head. What I'm looking for is how to take specific portions of input data based on whether they are a string or a primitive type... and here I'm thinking it might be useful to use the comma that

The css switch does not work with the input type radio

I have a switch button. But it doesn't work with the input type radio. If I try with checkbox button it works. Why? How can I solve, maintaining the radio input? @charset "utf-8"; /* CSS Document */ /* ---------- GENERAL ---------- */ body { bac

The C # int variable takes a different value

I'm trying to create a simple program to calculate an average. The user should enter a positive number, then I create a loop to sum from 0 to the number entered. Then the average is the total divided by the number entered. Problem: When I enter a num

Counting prime numbers?

So here's my problem that I have for homework. Write a program that takes a command-line argument N (integer, N>= 1) and prints the number of primes less than or equal to N. A number is prime if it is divisible only by itself and 1. Here's the code t

Remove a placeholder from a text box in a mobile device

I have textbox in my page and which has a placeholder. I need to remove the place holder from that textbox in mobile devices. The textbox has a class .search-box.First, get the current viewport width and compare it to your mobile version's max width.

IE11 & ldquo; entry & rdquo; polyfill event?

I am wondering if there is a polyfill to support the html5 input event in IE11? I am specifically talking about this event: Which fires whenever a change happens on a contenteditable div regardless of the source (e.g. copy/

Text Block as User Input - Using Scanner with Java

If I ask for user input with scanner, and they enter for example: I am going to France and then I am going to Spain and finally I am going home as a block of text and press enter, how can I create a string that contains those three lines? Using Scann

Check if an entry is in its range of limits in C ++

I need to create multiple functions that will check if an input is valid or not. Here are some of my codes: bool IsValidRange(signed char s) { bool isValid = true; if (!((s>=SCHAR_MIN)&&(s<=SCHAR_MAX))) { isValid = false; } return isValid; }

WebView, type file, camera and image input

I have been googeling around for quite some time now... but I still cant find a real answer to my question. The thing is that I need a way for my user to be able to choose to upload a file from gallery or directly from camera once they press an input

Insert a value at the input / JavaScript

I have the following JS / HTML code: <input type="text" class="file" name="file_info" id="file_info"> <div class="file_upload"> <input type="file" id="file_upload" onchan

Check if the input is a string in a loop

I am currently writing a program in Python 3.3.0 which prints out the n first square numbers and finally prints out their sum. The condition is that the user can only compute an integral number of terms greater than zero. Here is the code: print("WEL

download a file in the grails

I am trying to upload a file in grails in my gsp I have: <g:form id="update" url="[action: 'updateStatus',]"> <g:textArea name="message" value="" cols="3" rows="1"/><br/> <g:

javascript on the click button

I have the following JS: <script> function SetContent(link) { document.getElementById('lowerContent').innerHTML = "<iframe frameborder='0' src='" + link + "' width=100%' height='" + (screen.height - 100) + "px'"; } &

Block text fields if others contain text?

is there a way (preferrably with jQuery) to block text inputs if others contain text? I can see ways to block input fields all the time, but not dynamically as others contain text. <input name="inputone" id="i_one" type="text&q

jQuery multiple entries and length checking

I'm trying to combine 4 input fields into a jQuery function so that it checks each input as its keyup'd and when all the boxes reaches a length of 4 then the list item changes to acknowledge all fields are full HTML <div class="cardNumber">

Range of HTML5 input types for vertical firefox orientation?

Was wondering if anyone out there knows if vertical orientation on a input type range is possible in FireFox. I know in Chrome and Safari you can do: -webkit-appearance: slider-vertical; And I tried something like this in FireFox: HTML <input type=&quo

the user input ignores the case

I am reading a user input. I was wondering how I would apply equalsIgnoreCase to the user input? ArrayList<String> aListColors = new ArrayList<String>(); aListColors.add("Red"); aListColors.add("Green"); aListColors.add(&qu

Jquery validation message

i have 3 form input text for phone number. currently i am validating each input text for a digit. i have an input message for each individual input text. instead of doing this: phone1: { required: true, maxlength: 3, digits: true }, phone2: { require