How to use to read a number

I'm a Lua beginner and don't know how to properly use and such. I'm working on something very simple and I wanted to replace the age = 18 statement to something that can get the input from the user, asking them to say their age. Instead of th

User typing null terminator in scanf

Can a user type null terminator in an input, for which scanf is used, so the length of the input would be 0? char msg[1000]; scanf("%1000s",msg); // the user would type nothing: '' or '\0' On many systems, the answer is "Yes". Usually,

Selecting the input value of a subclass

I want to use an if statement to select the value of a subclass in an image slider. If the input value is 'yes', it changes the text color. Javascript: $('document').ready(function(){ if $('.slide-active').find('.black').value = 'yes'){ $('.slide-tit

HTML entry for many different options

I am making an HTML form with multiple inputs. I am using mainly select inputs (as below), <select> <option></option> <option></option> </select> and also some radio buttons. I each input represents a different category

Assigning Model Instance Attributes Based on a Checkbox Value

I have a user model that has stage_name and real_name string attributes. What I'd like to do is in my _form.hmlt.erb have a checkbox next to the real name input box that asks, Real name is stage name?. If checked then I'd like to assign the real name

Select the previous user input using the scanner

I'm testing some code which users select numbers 0 & 1 - 3. 1 - 3 selects an option and adds the a number to the total, and 0 exits and prints the final total. The code seems to work but only in order eg: type 1,2,3,0. My question is how can I make i

take the tank entrance and store it in a painting

I want to take n number of inputs and save it in the arrays c[] and p[] and later use them... I have currently written this,but i'm not getting desired output #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> int main() { int n,t,i,j,size=0; char s[100000]

Why does scanf grab \ n?

I'm writing a basic C program that will convert either Celsius or Fahrenheit to the other. I have a scanf statement where the user enters the temperature they want to convert, and then a printf statement asking for whether that temperature was in c o

how to take the keyboard input in Java up to a few words

I want to take input from keyboard in my java program until the user type abc Here is the code which i have written but it doesn't work. the program continues to take input from keyboard even after i have typed abc and lastly I have to close the prog

Why is my output file empty?

I wrote some code to take an input file textfile.txt and output the number of lines it contains to a text file outputtextfile.txt, but the output is blank. public static void main(String args[]) throws FileNotFoundException { String inputFileName = "

Enter a special string while executing in C

In my C code I am given the following string as input: "c:\tc\bin\a c j k.jpg" I tried to read the input with scanf but it failed (passing the input both with and without quotation marks) and I am looking for an other solution. My code is as fol

C program does not read an entry, does not give an exit

I'm completely new to C and have this example from The C Programming Language book: #include <stdio.h> #define IN 1 /* inside a word */ #define OUT 0 /* outside a word */ /* count line and words and characters in input */ main() { int c, nl, nw, nc,

The entry adds text to the item on the page

<input type="text" id="example"></input> <div id="test"></div> Is there anyway I can make text entered in #example appear in #test?You have to use Javascript. Basically, with jQuery: $("#example&q

Default browser button background color

So check out these buttons: they are unstyled, and look pretty good (the 2nd one is mouse over). Can I somehow maintain their looks, but change the background color? If I do it trough CSS's background-color property I get this: Which doesn't really l

Facebook Style State Entry Border

I tried to figure it out using Firebug, but no chance. How is the Facebook status input border wrapped round the autosize input? Particularly, I am interested in the small triangle joined into the border. Using Firebug, I managed to find the triangle

Problem reading string using scanf

Now i read somehwere: The scanf() conversion %[\n] will match a newline character, while %[^\n] will match all characters up to a newline. But in the following code: #include<stdio.h> int main() { printf("Enter Something: "); char name[100

C - Read directly from the keyboard pad

This is a question in the C programming language. How do I directly read the data in the keyboard buffer? I want to directly access the data and store it in a variable. Of what data type should the variable be? I need it for an operating system our i

Perform a search to filter in the Jquery list

Hey, I am trying to create a search field that will filter or show/hide(which ever is best) the list elements based on what the user typed in and clicked the search button. I have no idea how to do this. everything I tried does not work unfortunately