SQL Server: index ignored based on the execution plan

I have a stored procedure that runs this statement UPDATE QP.LocalMessage WITH (UPDLOCK, ROWLOCK) SET StatusId = 0 WHERE StatusId = 1 AND DateLockedUntil <= @DateNow and we have created an index for this update to run quickly CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDE

MySQL Innodb indexing confusion

A very basic database design question: I'm creating a very large table with the following columns: Employee_Name(VARCHAR), Employee_ID(INT), Employee_Birthday(INT). I wish to create a single column b-tree index for Employee_ID, as many of my queries

python indexing and affect by ndarray line

Something is wrong in my script and I found the error, but I'm completely stuck. there is array b which contains two elements: b = np.zeros ((1,2)) b[0,0] = 272 b[0,1] = 1578 I want to check if there are elements in the second columns, greater than a

list [-1:] returns the last value, but is not == last value?

I'm still very new to coding, as in I've been coding for a few days. I'm trying to teach myself python by working on a small personal project. I've been playing around with list slicing, and something doesn't add up to me, which is impeding a functio

php table undefined index

I have searched google and the stack overflow forums and they repeatedly say use isset() to make sure the index is defined, however few of them give me an idea what to do if the index is not set. Here is my simple code: <?php $allStaff = $this->regi

How to index and multiply two matrices effectively?

I have two matrices "A", "B", and a data frame "C". They are A <- matrix(1:10, nrow = 2) colnames(A) <- letters[1:5] B <- matrix(11:16, nrow = 2) colnames(B) <- letters[6:8] C <- data.frame(ix1 = c("a"

Using COUNTIFS for a series of values ​​at a time

Working a step higher then COUNTIFS, I appose a challenge to write a formula without VBA code. The basic data is combined from 1000s of rows with: Column A: rows with values from 1 to 3 Column B: rows with values from 1 to 250. For this purpose lets

How should I index this schema in Elasticsearch?

I am a bit lost on how to index these documents in Elasticsearch. Document 1 { text: ['chicken'] } Document 2 { text: ['chicken'], [['broth', 'stock']] } I need to be able to query these using either 'chicken flavored stock' or 'chicken flavored brot

How to use indexes for query filtering between two columns

I need a generic sql query for joins that can run on mysql, postgres and other major DBs. I have a table named autumn4.ip with three columns: id, start, end (all ints). How do I make a join so that I make use of BUT not by BETWEEN but by JOINs? Like

Index wikipedia with solr

I've installed solr 4.6.0 and follow the tutorial available at Solr's home page. Everything was fine, untill I need to do a real job that I'm about to do. I have to get a fast access to wikipedia content and I was advised to use Solr. Well, I was try

SML: Get the index of the item in the list

I'm new to SML and I'm attempting to get the index of an item in a list. I know that using List.nth will give me the value of an item at a index position, but I want the index value. There may even be a built in function that I'm not aware of. In my

Row intersection index

Given these two matrices: m1 = [ 1 1; 2 2; 3 3; 4 4; 5 5 ]; m2 = [ 4 2; 1 1; 4 4; 7 5 ]; I'm looking for a function, such as: indices = GetIntersectionIndecies (m1,m2); That the output of which will be indices = 1 0 0 1 0 How can I find the intersect

Oracle SQL can not select my indexes

I created indexes like this: --CREATE INDEXES for Tables CREATE UNIQUE INDEX worker_name_index ON WORKER (worker_id); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX company_name_index ON COMPANY (company_name); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX project_name_index ON PROJECT (project_id); Bu

Python index error while trying to use list.insert

Here is a section (a large section) of my code. http://pastebin.com/KCZNkYNB What i have happening, by design, is to iterate through this sequence until the distance that i am calculating is minimized by 1cm. I don't want to move on to my next epoch

How to create a list to select the index?

I have this code to check indexes in a file to see if they match, but to start off I am having trouble being able to select an index. What do I have to do in order to be able to do so, because at this moment it doesn't show the values as being in a l

Returns the position of the value in a 2D array, Java

I'm tired. This must be simple. wood... for.... trees.... I'm trying to return the position of a specific value in a 2D array. I have a double array [300][300]. All values contained in it are 0 apart from one which is 255. How do I write a method to

Lucene digital beach search with LUKE

I have a number of numeric Lucene indexed fields: 60000 78500 105000 If I use LUKE to query for 78500 as follows: price:78500 It returns the correct record, however if I try to return all three record as a range I get no results. price:[60000 TO 1050

Choosing optimal indexes for a SQL Server table

I have a SQL Server table with the following structure: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Log]( [LogID] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [A] [int] NOT NULL, [B] [int] NOT NULL, [C] [int] NOT NULL, [D] [int] NOT NULL, [E] [int] NOT NULL, [Flag1] [bit] NOT NULL, [Fl

Does MySQL use existing indexes when creating new indexes?

I have a large table with millions of records. Table `price` ------------ id product site value The table is brand new, and there are no indexes created. I then issued a request for new index creation with the following query: CREATE INDEX ix_price_s

Solr: remove punctuation before the index

I am having a problem with striping punctuation from the solr index When the punctuation sign follow right after a word then this word is not indexed properly. For example: if we index "hello, John", the asset won't be found by keyword "hel

MySql Index Filling factor?

How do you specify the Fill Factor when creating an index in MySql?You don't. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/create-index.html However, it is an 'accepted' feature request for version 6.x: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=18178 So, don't hold