How to individually test transactions in Entity Framework Core?

I have a method that does some work in a transaction: public async Task<int> AddAsync(Item item) { int result; using (var transaction = await _context.Database.BeginTransactionAsync()) { _context.Add(item); // Save the item so it has an ItemId resul

looking for an opensource in the memory database with indexes

we are looking for an opensource in memory database which can support indexes. The use case is that we have lot of items that are going to grow in a big way. Each item has a few fields on which we need to query. Currently we store the data in applica

Load Neo4J in-memory on demand for heavy calculations

How could I load Neo4J into memory on demand? On different stages of my long running jobs I'm persisting nodes and relationships to Neo4J. So Neo4J should be on disk, since it may consume too much memory and I don't know when I gonna run read queries

OLTP backup and restore in memory

I have one memory optimized filegroup with one container but there's no object in it. So what is the backup and restoration process for this and how much space and time it will take in comparison with normal database(disk based). And is it possible t

Why Spark SQL considers support for unimportant indexes?

Quoting the Spark DataFrames, Datasets and SQL manual: A handful of Hive optimizations are not yet included in Spark. Some of these (such as indexes) are less important due to Spark SQL's in-memory computational model. Others are slotted for future r

Is it possible to integrate Kdb + and hadoop?

Does KDB+ can be integrated with Hadoop like OpensTSDB/MongoDB/Cassandra? KDB+ works in distributed architecture and supports mapreduce. Is it an alternate option to Hadoop? Can anyone explain in detail about this?kdb is a column oriented database pl

Write once read a lot in the memory of the value of the key

I have a particular use case for multiple in memory key value maps that need very fast lookup time. They are set just set once a day so can be considered immutable for all practical purposes. Redis is not an option since it gets CPU throttled in case

Which datastore is best for my scenario

I'm working on an application that involves very high execution of update / select queries in the database. I have a base table (A) which will have about 500 records for an entity for a day. And for every user in the system, a variation of this entit

redis-server in ubuntu14.04: Link address already in use

I started redis server on ubuntu by typing this on terminal: $redis-server This results in following > aruns ~ $ redis-server 27851:C 05 Oct 15:16:17.955 # Warning: no config file specified, using the default config.

Storage capacity of the database in memory?

Is storage capacity of in-memory database limited to size of RAM? If yes, is there any ways to increase its capacity except for increasing RAM size. If no, please give some explanations.As previously mentioned, in-memory storage capacity is limited b

How can we make Django's tests faster?

We are using Django 1.4 with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 12.04. We have many tests, and the problem is that running the tests is very slow, I think because for each test the database is created from scratch. I want to make the tests faster by running them w

Filtering / sorting huge data in Java

Let me first brief about the scenario. The database is Sybase. There are some 2-3 k stored procedures. Stored procedures might return huge data (around million records). There will be a service (servlet / spring controller) which will call the requir

Efficient storage in memory of 8,000,000 records (Python)

I have a database of person records that I need to load into memory, since they will be accessed many times in a variety of orders. Up until now I've just instantiated one Python object per record. But now that I have 8,000,000 records to work with,

unit tests with a database in memory

This question already has an answer here: Running PostgreSQL in memory only 6 answers I have PostgreSQL database. It is used for unit testing. I want to speed the tests up so I want to use some kind of in-memory databases (e.g. H2). I want to dump th

Options for databases in memory (Open source and Java)

I've a web app that makes external web service calls on behalf of it's clients. I want to cache the data returns by some web services in the web app so that other clients can reuse this data and run filters and queries on this cached data. The curren

Cross a tree dump (graph) similar to a diagram using C

I have a Scheme-like tree graph structure. I want to parse it using C into some in-memory representation and walk over it. It there any library or front-end of parser to do this? EDIT: I have parsed the following expression true && (false || true)

64-bit SQLite.dll and any processor

I finally decided to post a question here after some time spent trying to figure out this problem. A few days ago I posted this same question on sqlite forum but that website is currently not available .

JUnit + Derby + Spring: drop in db memory after each test

In my unit tests I autowired some DataSources, which use URLs like jdbc:derby:memory:mydb;create=true to create an in-memory DBs. To drop an in-memory Derby db you have to connect with: jdbc:derby:memory:mydb;drop=true I would like this to happen aft

Create a database structure in memory from an Oracle instance

I have an application where many "unit" tests use a real connection to an Oracle database during their execution. As you can imagine, these tests take too much time to be executed, as they need to initialize some Spring contexts, and communicate

Best practice for inserting and querying data from memory

We have an application that takes real time data and inserts it into database. it is online for 4.5 hours a day. We insert data second by second in 17 tables. The user at any time may query any table for the latest second data and some record in the

PDO: Can not Create a SQLite Database in Memory

Trying to learn a bit about PDO and is going through this tutorial. It has the following snippet of code: <?php try { $db = new PDO('sqlite::memory'); echo "SQLite created in memory."; } catch(PDOException $e) { echo $e->getMessage(); } Wh

How to properly shut down the database in Derby's memory

I'm using derby as an embedded database. Furthermore, I'm using it's in-memory database option for my unit tests. What I can't figure out is how to properly shut down (A quick look at the code) the Derby database. I beleive I have it working for a st

How to create a database in sqlite3 memory?

One of the appropriate uses for sqlite3 is "in-memory databases". This sounds like a really useful tool for my C++ applications. Does anyone have an example of how this is done in C or C++? I'm specifically looking for a canonical way to slurp s