IAP cracks that appear to have valid receipts

We have a successful app on the iOS app store with in-app purchases. Every time a purchase is completed we send the receipt to our server, our server than checks the receipt with Apple's servers and logs apple's response(including whether the purchas

ITunes Sandbox account credentials are requested continuously

I am trying to implement IAP in my application but now it asks for sandbox account continuously. I tried removing that account from sandbox testers, but result is same.I removed all IAP related codes,but result is still same.I downloaded my app from

IOS 7 receipt validation issue on the PHP server

2 days of non stop searching and I'm coming up blank on an important issue with IAP. We need our server to validate the receipt and the response is always 21002. On the client I send NSURL *receiptURL = [[NSBundle mainBundle] appStoreReceiptURL]; NSD

how to define the product in paymentwithproduct in ios7

App crashes with error [SKProduct productIdentifier]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x16d574f0 after in .h file #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import <StoreKit/StoreKit.h> #define kInAppPurchaseManagerProductsFetchedNotification @&q

What type of In-App purchase should I use?

In my app, I would like users to buy a subscription for Backup, Sync, and more. so I found out that Apple offer two kinds of subscription IAP: Non Renewable Subscription Auto Renewable Subscription which should I use, given that I don't have a server

Set iOS in the app is consumable

I am developing an application that has In App Purchase method. When I go to Manage In App Purchase section on iTunesConnect, I add some product for In App Purchase. But I just see 1 option is Free Subscription. How can I add a product for Consumable

Google-in-app managed re-purchase item

Is it possible that I can re-buy a manged item? I am testing my android app and I did not use the checkPayload method when I bought the item first. now I implemented the checkPayload method and of course now it tells me that the payload isn't the sam

In the application purchase restore request

Hey StackOverflow... My iOS app allows the user to purchase videos as non-consumable iAPs, all the videos are pretty weighty at circa 300mb/650mb each... Apple require you to implement a restore purchases functionality into your app using StoreKit. T

How to sort the SKProduct table by the price value

I am trying to sort the array of SKProduct I received from Apple Server after sending the list of product id. I want to sort just by using the following: NSSortDescriptor *lowestPriceToHighest = [NSSortDescriptor sortDescriptorWithKey:@"self.price&qu

Billing V3 SDK via Android app: error updating inventory

I'm getting an exception: com.android.vending.billing.util.IabException: Error refreshing inventory (querying prices of items). (response: 6:Error) on (IabHelper instance).queryInventory(true, skuList); on 2 devices of 4 (different manufacturers, and

Buying an Android app failed after payment

I have implemented in app purchase in my app I have used "TrivialDrive" example for version 3 of in-app billing, I have tested app by using static responses all works as expected. But when I download app from market, application crashes on succe

can I integrate BlackBerry inApp payment into my Android app?

im trying to integrate inapp purchases (from blackberry market) into my android application. when i import this library "paymentapi.jar" into my project and run it i receive these warnings/errors: [2012-10-12 15:28:43 - com.jcentricity.forecasti

IPhone application: in the purchase of an application

In iPhone App for in App Purchase: when is SKPaymentTransactionStateRestored: called? - (void)paymentQueue:(SKPaymentQueue *)queue updatedTransactions:(NSArray *)transactions { for (SKPaymentTransaction *transaction in transactions) { switch (transac

in the purchase of the application for free via the unlock pin?

Were building an app that works with some external hardware. We would like to have some kind of in app UNLOCK mechanism whereby if a user purchases the external accessory they get a PIN code that lets them fully unlock the app. We looked at in app pu

iPhone + in the purchase of an application

I have a existing application and I want to implement In App purchase in this application, so that application is available freely on App Store with some locked feature and if user tries to access those locked feature, they will get some message to b