Python import a good practice?

For my current python projects, I currently add this lines of code at the beginning of each scripts : import os import sys current = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__)) (__,folder) = os.path.split(current) while folder != "my_root_folder_name&

Eclipse can not import the already installed pip package

So basically I used pip to import the docx python package and it installed correctly, (verified by the freeze command). However I cannot import the package in eclipse. Through some serious effort I've noticed that I can import the package using the 3

Import the .vue file

I have main.js and app.vue file main js file inner look like this var a = 1; import App from './App.vue' new Vue({ el: '#app', render: h => h(App) }) in App.vue file i want to console.log(a) return error a is not defined why ? What is wrong ?You need

Import the sql file into mysql via the command line

I have a little weird problem. I would like to import sql file via command line. Command looks like mysql -u root -p root pdweb-sandbox < C:\Apache24\htdocs\pdweb-sandbox\migrations/init.sql But if there is password explicitly typed in command it doe

How to include JS lib in my Angular 2 project?

I managed to instal Tween js npm install tween but i can't import it to my component ? My lib is install in node_modules/tween. I tried : import * AS TWEEN from 'tween/tween.js' import {TWEEN} from 'tween' But it's not working. Any ideas ?Probably no

Importing internal packages into OSGI

I have recently begun converting existing maven projects to OSGI bundles and am confused about what all I need to list in the <Import-Packages> tags in the POM file. Initially I put an asterisk to see everything OSGI thought is need and was surprise

How to import a text file into MSSQL

I need to import this file into the following table structure: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tab_sorts]( [row] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [id] [int] NOT NULL, [date_sort] [nchar](10) NOT NULL, [date_day] [int] NOT NULL, [date_month] [int] NOT NULL, [date_ye

Importing large terrains from Google Earth

I am currently using Google Sketchup 2015 Pro to export Google Earth terrain as obj wavefront format. I want to export Mount Everest and its nearby surrounding mountains so I can import it into a game. How can I do this? I think Google Map Buddy did

Adding Multiple Exchange-Enabled Domains with Powershell

I am currently adding a huge list of domains to my external relay in Exchange Server 2010. I know that there is a way to import data from a CSV file but I'm having trouble figuring out how to write it correctly so that the data will get placed how I

Import C dll into C #, how to convert short ** type

I want to import a dll in C# which is coded in C language. The following is the formate of the function I want to call. /* *ReadAnswer *@param objectID The answer object ID *@param answerBuf The answer buffer.This buffer is automatically allocated by

Import a package. * Or Import a package.class_name

This question already has an answer here: Why is using a wild card with a Java import statement bad? 12 answers Are there any performance advantages or disadvantages to using either? I notice in eclipse whenever I need to import something due to a cl

Import a table into an existing table using phpMyAdmin

When I do this it makes a NEW table yet I've already selected the table to import to. I've tried CSV and ODS formats, still get the same results. The first column in my existing table is ID auto incremented. I've tried putting in a blank column (in t

Can not import javascript code with innerHTML

I've built a webpage that is basically a main-page with a div that is filled with different pages by using AJAX. This basically works by loading pages into a div by using innerHTML. One problem I ran into was when a page with javascript is loaded int

Python - Can not Import Set from Sets ('no module named sets')

I'm trying to learn python and I was trying to write something simple. I am developing under Pydev (Eclipse) using OS X 10.8. I installed python 3.2 using the 64bits .dmg installer. I configured the Python interpreter successfully (or I think so, as

How to import SwingX without IDE

This is my first post so please don't bite my head off! I have found this: Java - How to import external packages? and this: how to include libraries in java without using an IDE but I'm still lost! I have downloaded the file to my ~/D

MVC4 less Bundle @import Directory

I'm trying to use MVC4 bundling to group some of my less files, but it looks like the import path I'm using is off. My directory structure is: static/ less/ mixins.less admin/ user.less In user.less, I'm attempting to import mixins.less using this: @

Import JavaScript files with CSS

Is it possible to use a CSS import file to import JavaScript pages? @import url(Script.js); The spec states the URL has to point to a style sheet: The '@import' rule allows users to import style rules from other style sheets. Any @import rules must f

Python, import a modulo from a father directory

I want to know how import a file that is one level up. I read in google this: >>> sys.path.append("../") But I dont like it and i hope there are a better solutionAnother option, if what you are writing is part of a package, is to use re

Export emails from MS Outlook 2010 to Windows Live Mail

Do someone know if there is a way to export all emails from Outlook and import them into Windows Live Mail? Or to use some tools to do this? Or if you have some advise if it is possible to do it programmatically? I can get emails into CSV from Outloo

Update large amounts of data in a production database

I have a large quantity of data in a production database that I want to update with batches of data while the data in the table is still available for end user use. The updates could be insertion of new rows or updates of existing rows. The specific

Import a SharePoint site before creating a site collection

I've exported a number of sites from one SharePoint server. I have created a web application (url http://jps) but have not yet created a site collection. I am attempting to import these sites on another server, and have three questions. 1) Do I need

Scope of modules / functions imported in Python

I'm new here and am not 100% sure how to ask this question so I'll just dive right in. Should I be using import statements at the beginning of every function I write that import all of the various modules/functions I need for that function's scope? i

import strategy in django apps

I would like to know what is the best import strategy within django reusable applications. Say I have an application called usefulapp. Inside my app, I will need to access, say, the models. Should I use an explicit import as: import usefulapp.models

ImportError when using Google App Engine

When I add the following line to Google's helloworld example: from reportlab.pdfgen import canvas I get the following error: <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: No module named reportlab.pdfgen I can get at the reportlab.pdfgen library from the python

Importing CSV files into .Net

I realize this is a newbie question, but I'm looking for a simple solution - it seems like there should be one. What's the best way to import a CSV file into a strongly-typed data structure? Again simple = better.Check out FileHelpers Open Source Lib