Android Custom ArrayAdapter | Change icon on ImageView click

I have a list with elements that use a custom layout which consists of a text view and an image view. For this, I follow ViewHolder pattern like explained here. The image views display one of two icons and I want to change the icon of the clicked ima

Overlay images with Picasso

I have one main product image, which always is displayed in my ImageView. Now it is possible that there are several overlays (which have the same size as the original image, but a lot of transparent areas). All those images come from remote URLs. E.g

Set imageview to fit all Android devices

I have an imageview in Android that I want to horizontally fit and stay in one place in all devices (regardless of size) <ImageView android:id="@+id/Image" android:layout_width="wrap_content" android:layout_height="wrap_content

ImageView invisible when using color for Android background

I'd like to a create an ImageView which is fill the whole screen. And I'd like to make this ImageView to have a color (green,black,transparent etc.). I faced with a problem which is wierd to me because the problem is, when I set the ImageView backgro

Appropriate Android image resolution for ImageView

What is the proper/right resolution for Image to be put using src in ImageView to avoid stretching or unscaled images?if you are using a single color of background, u can use 9Patch images. but if you are asking about icons then you need different im

How to save the image of the Android gallery?

I want to show the user image in my application, so i took a image view in navigation drawer. First i get the image from gallery and set that image to Image view. But whenever i close the app and open the image was not showing (what i selected from g

The display of the Android image makes the application slow

In my app i have an ImageView. Before adding that ImageView the app was performing smooth. now it throws ANR. The image is saved in the database as base 64 encode string and it is decoded to bitmap and loaded to the imageview using : imageView.setIma

Problems with garbage collection and Picasso

I am trying to set an ImageView in a Google Maps Marker's InfoWindow and have copied the code from this answer pretty exactly, except that my InfoWindowAdapter isn't an anonymous inner class (it's just an inner class of the activity). This was workin

Fragment change by clicking on Imageview

I create a project with the NavigationDrawerFragment, and I set the fragments for the menu. Switching between menus fragments are working. But now I create an imageview on one of the fragments. and I want that when you click on the imageview it chang

How to display large bitmaps in imageview android?

I have images more than 6000px height. Whenever I tried to display these images I got out of memory exception. I have seen many links but none of matches my need. Because mostly people suggesting image re-sizing solution. But If I'll re-size my image

Creating ImageView on uploading photos

im creating an app where you can upload a photo from gallery to imageView. and i want that app to upload every new photo on new imageView. For example i picked an image from gallery press button "ok" and that photo should be uploaded on new imag

How to add an intention for imageview in a fragment page?

i want to add an intent for an imageview onclick which links to a weburl. below u can see the xml file of home fragment page and java file of home fragment.kindly help me with this HomeFragment.xml <ImageView android:id="@+id/imageView2" andr

JavaFX ImageView via FXML does not work

I have a problem with loading Images with ImageView on FXML. My controller class: public class BoxViewController { @FXML private Label label_boxID; @FXML private ImageView boximage; public void initData(ObservableList<BoxProperty> observableList, Bo

Try to display the image taken from the intention of the camera

I'm Currently trying to take a photo from the default camera intent from the MainActivity and then put that image in an ImageView in the same activity. I'm saving the images such that the image taken overwrites the previously taken image (In this cas

Create ImageView programmatically without layout

I'm trying to create an ImageView in code, setting the image resource and then add the ImageView as a child-view to my main view. All examples I found used a layout for that. But inside the constructor of my view I can't figure out how to do that. He

Load the resource image on the WebView

I've problem with packing images for my application. I've raw folder in my project. The folder contains images in jpg, like img1.jpg, img2.jpg. I need to view these files in WebView in my application. I try String Url="file:///android_res/raw/"+

TextView being pushed out of the screen by ImageView

I am having an issue with an ImageView and a TextView. I am having a problem where when I set the layout width and height of the ImageView to "fill_parent", my TextView I would like to have showing under it gets pushed off the screen. I must hav

Android: How to draw a rect in an ImageView

i need to draw a rect in the middle of an ImageView to create a CostumeCheckBox. Im new in Android and i have no idea to do this. The ImageView/CostumeCheckbox has a Border: protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas) { super.onDraw(canvas); Rect rect = new

Android use of ScrollView and ImageView outdoors

I'm having some problems with setting some objects in a view. I have 2 EditTextand 2 Button, one below another. And at the bottom of screen I have an ImageView that I want to stay there without been scrolled. Problem I have an ScrollView with all obj

Android: View the image in ImageView nowadays

So, it´s quite simple to show an Image in an ImageView in Android. I picked a Picture from the gallery, saved it´s link to my database and later I try to show it in an ImageView. I also tried this with small images not taken by the camera, that worke

how to erase the empty space while the image is zero?

I'm new to android domain. My problem is.. I'm getting a empty space in the image view. From the database im retrieve the image as string and stored in array and displaying. When im getting null in the string that time i should not get a empty white

Fixed padding on ImageViews in UITableViewCells?

I am trying to center the UIImageView in one of the cells in my UITableView. To do this, I had to create a subclass of the UITableViewCell, and update the position of the imageView in -(void)layoutSubviews. I've tried several methods, basically like

select imageview in the listview android list

I'm currently working on an application that requires a list of contacts to be shown. You can click on their name and it would bring you to a new screen showing information about this contact and allowing you to call them by selecting their phone num

Border for transparent imageView in android

I want an imageview that only has border and it transparent inside.The common trick for getting border seems to be using another imageview of slightly greater size just below the imageView for which we want border but this won't work here because i w

Assigning values ​​to ImageView

I'm a newbie on android development. I've been working on this app for my school project. The app is basically a calculator which calculates the cost of the energy consumption of the home appliances. In my screen, I have a bunch of imageViews of the

How to erase ImageView correctly?

For example, in my Activity I have such code (I skip the initialization of variables): ImageView iview; //some ImageView Bitmap b; //some Bitmap iview.setImageBitmap(b); Question is - how to clear iview resources correctly (with or without destroying