convert all colors from a pdf file to blue using imagemagick

How can I convert all colors no matter what to blue color using imagemagick? or any other simple and fast solution? I am out of black ink and want to convert a pdf that is in grayscale to only blue color and then print it. My printer has limited opti

How to produce a unitary thumbnail for a billion png images?

In the application, there are about 1 billion of png images (size 1024*1024 and about 1MB each), it needs combining the 1 billion images to a huge image, then produces a size 1024*1024 unitary thumbnail for it. Or maybe we don't need to really combin

im4java returns FileNotFoundException error

I need to use ImageMagic in my java project. I already installed ImageMagic-7.0.3 on Windows 10 (command line works fine) Then, i added dependency to im4java in maven file. When i try to do some action like: public static void main(String[] args) { S

ImageMagick - Find the average color of a triangle in an image

This is a more advanced version of this question. From this image, how would I get the average color value of the pixels under the triangle from its co-ordinates with ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick/a different command-line tool? Preferably the solution s

Conversion of raw binary data to a single 12-bit channel

I have a raw binary image file where every pixel consists of 12 bit data (gray-scale). For example, the first four pixels in the raw file: 0x0 0xC0 0x1 0x05 0x2 0x5C 0x3 0xC0 0x4 0x05 0x5 0x5C This corresponds to 4 pixel values with the value 0x5C0 (

Regularly crop an image from both sides using imagemagick .net

I am using image magick for .net to cropping and resizing the images. But the problem with the library is that it only crop the bottom of the image. Isn't there any way by means which we can crop it evenly from both up and down or left and right? Edi

Convert JPEG to PNG with 300 DPI

Unable to convert a JPEG image into a 300 DPI PNG image using ImageMagick. After conversion the PNG image is 72 DPI only. I'm using ImageMagick 6.9.0-0 Q16 x86 and Ghostscript v9.15. Below is the line I use in my Perl script: system("\"$imagemag

Imagick point in the location other than / usr / bin

I'm trying to compile the imagick extension for Heroku, but I need it to look in the /app/bin folder for ImageMagick rather than the /usr/bin/ folder. I've used as much google-fu as I have, but I can't figure out how to build the extension

jMagick - image comparison

I am trying to develop a program which would take the snapshot of webpage and will then compare it to an old one and highlight the changes if any. I am using Selenium- WebDriver for taking snapshots. For image processing and compare, after a bit goog

ImageMagick in R

I want to use ImageMagick in R, but R won't let me install it. install.packages("ImageMagick") Installing package into 'C:/Users/FSFH-2/Documents/R/win-library/3.0' (as 'lib' is unspecified) Warning message: package 'ImageMagick' is not availabl

Overlay the PNG format on JPG using Imagick

I have the last few hours tried to get a PNG logo with a transparent background on top of a JPG background. I have tried several ways and with several globals as well, but I do not seem to be able to get the result I want. "First Attempt": $over

ImageMagick - In what conditions does it use the GPU?

We need to resize many images a day. I'm thinking that we should buy two decent GPUs and stick them in an old desktop PC. However, Image Magick may not be able to use the GPU on Windows (I can't see that it uses DirectX). It may not be able to use th

The ImageMagick batch file has stopped working

Me and another dude are trying to co-write a batch file that shall do various image operations using ImageMagick commands. We got it to work and I decided to move it to another location on the hard drive. All of a sudden the script doesn't work any m

ImageMagick - Convert XV / VIFF to BMP

I would like to convert a Khoros Visualization Image – .XV or .VIFF extension – to bitmap. I've tried convert tree.xv tree.bmp but it returns a black image, while the original is similar to the following: I've looked into this ImageMagick description

imagemagick convert.exe error

My code to convert planets.png to planets.jpg <?php exec("convert planets.png planets.jpg"); ?> Which is not working just showing blank page. i have installed imagemagick as it is showing in phpinfo() View here Is here any other configurat

Cleaning Scanned Grayscale Images with ImageMagick

I have a lots of scans of text pages (black text on white background). My usual approach is to clean those in Gimp using the Curves dialog using a pretty simple curve with only four points: 0,0 - 63,0 - 224,255, 255,255 This makes all the greyish tex

imagemagick new image

How to create a new image with imagemagick? exec('/usr/local/bin/convert -size 900x360 -quality 90 xc:white new_image.png') what am I doing wrong here? The image is not created.. Imagemagick does work because I can resize an already existing image ..

Exploring custom URLs for images and resizing them via AJAX

I'm building a web app where users can store links, with 200x200 pictures associated. By default, I'd like to crawl the link for images and then return thumbnails of the biggest ones (from which the user can select the "official" thumbnail). I w

Detect triangle corners in iPhone image

Hey guys, I'm having a slight problem when finalizing my app; indeed, up until now, at some point, the user had to select the three vertices of a triangle with some draggable objects. Now, even though this isn't a problem, I thought it could be inter

Dynamic resizing of the PHP image (on the fly)

At the moment our website stores 2/3 fixed image sizes. These are produced at upload time and distributed via our CDN. However we need to implement a more flexible solution, we have mobile and tablet apps in development that require a multitude of di

imagemagick in iphone

i m using imagemagick in my mac os x version 10.6.4 and all cmd is working well in my os . but i want to use imagemagick framework in my iphone project i have added imagemagick framework in my xcode but where can I use command in the xcode project fo

Analysis of the complexity of the image

Are there any algorithms available for analyzing the complexity of an image? Basically I'm writing a Perl script that will use the system() function to launch MPlayer in the background to generate 10 to 20 screenshots for the input video file and I'd