Convert Convert ImageMagick

I have a few thousand images to be processed so each millisecond counts. Each image is ~2-3Mb in size. Source file fed to the converter: image.jpg Files to be generated out of the source: orig_image.jpg // original image 1024x768_image.jpg // large i

RMagick installation: can not find MagickWand.h

Updating RMagick and Imagemagick is a painful expierence. I have updated the Imagemagick version on my mac (MacOS El Capitan Version 10.11.5) with homebrew for one project in Ruby 2.3 to 6.9.5-9 $ convert --version Version: ImageMagick 6.9.5-9 Q16 x8

Bash Script Does Not Work on Browser

Here is my bash script file in /usr/bin/ #!/bin/sh convert source.jpg -define jpeg:extent=256kb destination.jpg; and my php code is: echo exec('/usr/bin/myscript'); But it is not working in browser, it is working fine in terminal. Please tell me what

Getting PDF in millimeters with image-magick on Linux

Is there some image-magick tool to get the size of a PDF file in millimeters? I've tried with the imagemagick "identify" tool but the informations are only in pixels. How can I specify to output the information in millimeters together with the D

python wand.image is not recognized

I installed Imagemagic (both 32 and 64 bits versions were tried) and then used pip to install wand, I also set the Magick_Home env. variable to imagemagic address but when I run Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in

Generate a unique thumbnail for Photoshop * .psd files

I want to generate one single JPEG image file for PSD formats using any software. I tried ImageMagick but it's converting every layer into different images. I also tried exiftool. It got converted to one single image but quality is very bad. This is

Save a generated image with a wand to django ImageField

I'm trying to generate a preview for an "overlay" config stored in a django model than will be applied later to other model. I have not much experience manipulating files with python... =( Here is my code: import io from django.conf import setti

Calculate the area under the Bezier curve

I'm trying to find a straightforward answer to this question, but the answers I find are often extremely conveluded, or require logic more complicated than what is required. My question is based on the following example: Let's say I've got a series o

CSS brightness / contrast server side

Looking for answer for 2 weeks. I have a tool which allows to adjust images' contrast and brightness directly in the web browser and use CSS3 properties to show result. But I should also apply these modification to original JPG at the server-side and

Convert and resize SVG to PNG

I am trying to convert SVG to PNG (or any raster format) and resize at the same time. I thought I would use ImageMagick for this task but it seems to be converting to raster before resizing. This results in a poor quality image. Is there a way to get

get individual images from the gif image in matlab

I want to find all frame individual this gif image.I means i want to convert gif image into seperate jpeg images but in matlab. Please suggest me how can i do this? I attached the link my project gif image.

Rotate and resize the image directory with ImageMagick and bash

I'd like to check and see if all images in a directory are landscape or portrait, and them to portrait if they are in landscape. After rotating, I want to resize the images so that it is a particular resolution (118 dots per cm) and horizontal dimens

Convert PDF to JPG High Quality Using PHP and ImageMagick

I'm tearing my hair out. I have a 300 DPI PDF that I want to turn into a 300 DPI JPG that's 2550x3300. I am told ImageMagick can do this, so I get ImageMagick to work, but it only returns a JPG that is sized about 1/5 the original PDF size. It's not

How to install rmagick gem on Windows?

How do I install rmagick gem for Windows XP? I already installed ImageMagick with the header files, and I installed which comes with DevKit. I don't know where to look to fix these errors. C:\RailsInstaller\ImageMagick-6.8.2-Q16>ru

Do I trust Imagick :: getImageFormat ()?

I need to know whether I can trust this code to get the image format: $image = new Imagick($path); $format = $image->getImageFormat(); Or should I still check extension, mime type, etc like usual?You can trust it much more than just checking the exte

Extract text from a PDF file with a built-in font

I have a PDF file containing some tabular data. I have to extract the tabular data from it. I have tried following with no success : Select the text and paste it to notepad/excel-sheet. (I am getti

Pixelate part of an image to hide information

I my application users are able to upload photos. Sometime, I want them to hide some information of the picture, for instance the registration plate of a vehicle, or the personal address of an invoice. To meet that need I plan to pixelate a portion o

c + + decode CCITT encoded images in pdfs

I'm trying to extract all images out of PDF files in C++. I'm stuck in decoding CCITT encoded images. Does anyone know an opensourced code for this? I use the ImageMagick Magick++ Library, is it possible to do the decoding with this library, too? Tha

image magick problem with java

to be specific in this i'm trying to run the next line on java: convert /home/mohamed.hegab/Desktop/1263392123111.jpg -gamma .45455 -resize 400x400 -gamma 2.2 -quality 92 /home/mohamed.hegab/Desktop/small.jpg which is run great on the bash command li

How to convert a large SVG to PNG file in mosaic?

I have a large SVG file (approx. 60 MB, 10000x10000 pixels but with the potential to get much larger), and I'm wanting to create, say, many tiled 256x256 PNG images from it (in that example there would be 1600 images; round(10000/256)^2). Does anyone

How do I make the ImageMagick Imagick class available?

This is a really amateur question but I've installed ImageMagick from the ports on my FreeBSD. However when I use $image = new Imagick($filename); I get: Fatal error: Class 'Imagick' not found in /usr/local/www/test.php on line 1 How do I make this c

How do I install ImageMagick on MAMP?

I'm running OSX Leopard with MAMP (a sandbox consisting of Apache/MySQL/PHP). I installed ImageMagick using MacPorts by following this tutorial: Then I added extens