Converting the last 10 images to a gif file

I need to generate using imagemagick a gif file from a list of images with the following structure: image [00-15].jpg image [00-45].jpg image [01-15].jpg image [01-45].jpg image [02-15].jpg image [02-45].jpg image [03-15].jpg image [03-45].jpg But i

Python script calling a shell script with Image Magick

I have a bash script that has calls to the "convert" command in ImageMagick. This script works fine when I execute it in the terminal manually. Clearly I have the path to the 'convert' command added to my system path. When I try to execute it us

ImageMagick rotate crop rotation

The rotate option in ImageMagick's convert tool rotates the image but adds background color to fill the gaps. I'm looking for a way to rotate and then crop the largest rectangle containing content of the image. Is it possible with convert? Edited by

ImageMagick Convert: how to add alpha shadows on an RGB image?

Given a RGB image : Given a grey scale, opacity 0% to opacity 100% black image: How to add the alpha shadows upon the RGB image using a shell command ? (preferemce for ImageMagick Convert)I would compose the images using the Multiply operator. The co

Get RGB values ​​for each pixel in a gif file

I am trying to learn Magick++ and specifically the way to output RGB values for every pixel of an image. Here I have a gif file and the following C++ code to achieve the task. For some reason it produces mostly triplets of 0 with rare instances of so

Imagemagick on Linux to convert EMF to PNG

I am trying to convert an image in EMF format to PNG using Imagemagick on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 (Tikanga), but I am running into the following error: convert: no decode delegate for this image format `thumbnail.emf' @ error/cons

Installing ImageMagick on Win / PHP 5.4

I need ImageMagick on PHP 5.4. Windows, both Apache and IIS7. I've downloaded ImageMagick-6.8.1-9-Q16-x86-dll.exe and But I get an error upon Apache restart: PHP.EXE NO ENTRY POINT FOUND: The procedu

How to convert SVG image to 32-bit RGBA with ImageMagick?

How to convert SVG image to 32-bit RGBA with ImageMagick? Background must be transparent.Simply try this command: convert in.svg -transparent white out.png (Assuming the original SVG uses a transparent or white background. Otherwise, if SVG backgroun

ImageMagick does not convert JPEG files

I had a problem with ImageMagick not converting JPEGs on a fresh install of Mac OSX Lion. I was getting the fallowing error: convert: unable to open module file `/Users/natewade/.magick/': No such file or directory @ warning/module.c/GetMagick

Problems compatible with Imagick Transparent?

I have my local with version ImageMagick 6.7.3-10 (PHP 5.2.10) and server side with ImageMagick 6.5.4-7 (PHP 5.3.9). It happened that server side doesn't generate transparent background but other colours still working. However local are just good wit

PHP usage of IMAGEMAGICK or imagick or magicwand

I use Imagemagick ( Since i am on hostgator i also have imagick and magickwand installed. I can do simple manipulation with imagick and magickwand but if i want to reproduce the advanced tutorials at i fail. Goal:

how to set the height only when resizing using ImageMagick

The following code resizes an image so that its width is 200 and its height is whatever... How would I do it so that the height was 200 and the width was whatever... $command = MAGICK_PATH."convert ".$filename." -resize 200 ".$filename

PDF to CMYK conversion (with CMYK recognizing identification)

I am having much trouble to get ImageMagick's identify to, well, identify a PDF as CMYK. Essentially, let's say I'm building this file, test.tex, with pdflatex: \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} %% \p

Custom ImageMagick Scripts on Rails (Paperclip?)

I would like to use some of these scripts: for processing images uploaded to my Rails app. How can I achieve it? Can I set it up in Paperclip somehow or need to write some custom code?Paperclip provides a way t

set the unwanted color on transparent

let say photoA got 100 color, i want to generate a transparent photoB with only 10 wanted colors. by using -transparent of 90 colors is too troublesome, any idea ? thanks TobiasE, your answer is helpful. i try the command below, convert map.gif +tran

Imagine knowing the size of the image? (file size)

$im = new Imagick($path); $im->resizeImage(); echo $im->calc_image_size(); ? //> 121312 Bytes Is there a calc_image_size or I have to write in a file and check the dimension? (fail)getImageSize throws a Deprecated. Imagick::getImageSize is deprec

Java ImageMagick API

Is there any ImageMagick Java API ? -KenYes. JMagick. It uses JNI. By saying that it uses JNI, I am saying that it's not a pure 100% Java API. you still need ImageMagick's native (platform dependent) libraries. There is also the possibility of using

Amazon S3 Crop Image (Works Offline)

So im trying to get image cropping to work on Amazon S3, I have the following function def update_attributes(att) scaled_img = orig_img = scale = orig_img.

Lossless fusion of PDF files (PHP)

Currently I am using ImageMagick to merge multiple PDFs into one in a PHP script on my Linux system. However, the resulting PDFs are of very low quality. I have stumbled across pdftk which seems to have a better quality after the merging, but I need

Permissions issue when uploading images using PHP in IIS

We have just moved a website to a new server, both servers are Windows Server 2003 running IIS as the web server. When uploading images we require that the uploaded files have certain permissions for the NETWORK SERVICE account. Images are uploaded u