c # Insufficient memory exception with System.Drawing.Image

I wanna create a pdf with 2 images. One of the image is a text and the other is a watermark to draw on top of the first one. Well when I load the first image everything is ok but then I try to load the watermark image and get the "Out of Memory"

quick to the goal C set image prom facebook

How can I write the code below in Objective C: let strPictureURL: String = (result.objectForKey("picture")?.objectForKey("data")?.objectForKey("url") as? String)! self.ivUserProfileImage.image = UIImage(data: NSData(contentsO

Yii2 shows the image in the frontend backend - setting alias

In my project I used an image cropper widget. I setup the widget, that it save in frontend/web/upload. But in backend I save the images to frontend too. This is working perfect. Then i want to show the image on the backend, if its exist. And i want t

How to know when to look for a new image?

I have a copy of 350+ images on my sever, when a person tries to view one, if it is more than 5 minutes old, I want my sever to check with another website that I am mirroring data from(they insist on me mirroring instead of hotlinking) and get the ne

jQuery on the hover menu items

On this site we have the main menu. 'On hover' the menu-items i want to change the 'Main-image' in the third column. The owner is using a plugin to built the menu. I am stuck to this structure. But i can give a CSS class name: links1, links2 etc (to

Gif does not play JFrame

Hello, I have a gif in a JFrame. It all works fine except the gif is frozen on the first time as though it is an jpeg or png. Also, the stackoverflow is telling me I need to add more details even though I have added all the details required in order

Creating ImageView on uploading photos

im creating an app where you can upload a photo from gallery to imageView. and i want that app to upload every new photo on new imageView. For example i picked an image from gallery press button "ok" and that photo should be uploaded on new imag

How can I center a responsive image

I can't figure out how I can make a responsive image and at the same time make the image centered regardless if it is viewed on a cellphone or on a computer with a wider resolution. I'm using css class .img-responsive but that always does align the i

Using page breaks on a masked div

How can I get page-break-after to work on a div that I am showing as display:none with @media screen? I want the image to only show when I print but also page break after it so the rest of the divs print onto the second page. EXAMPLE this is the resu

How to download all images from a website using wget?

Here is an example of my command: wget -r -l 0 -np -t 1 -A jpg,jpeg,gif,png -nd --connect-timeout=10 -P ~/support --load-cookies cookies.txt "http://support.proboards.com/" -e robots=off Based on the input here But nothing really gets downloaded

Flickering image in Java?

OK so I am coding a game right now to prepair for Ludum Dare SharkJam, and I am using a new method for programming, because the last method I had crashes my PC, so this one should work. Well it does work and all, better too, but the images that I put

Numpy python How to change values ​​effectively

In my program I current create a numpy array full of zeros and then for loop through each element replacing it with the desired value. Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Below is an example of what I am doing however, instead of a int I hav

Align icons and text in a list of links (css)

everyone. Been searching for this for some time, but i cant find an answer.. What i want is, have a header with links, that can have image, text and image with text after it, and align them horizontaly.. The problem is, that the text is allways fushe

How to add an image in my DataGridViewImageColumn?

I have a field DataGridViewImageColumn, and for each line of the field, depending on a condition, I add a different image. Anyone know how I can do this in Windows Forms? if (dgvAndon.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells["urgencyOrder"].ToString() == "1&

Which versions of IE support PNG favicons?

In this old StackOverflow post, it was said that only IE6 had issues with PNG favicons, but on channel9, it said that IE7 also does not support PNG favicons either. But, unfortunately, the channel9 link has been deleted - so does anyone know the offi

Problems with adding images to JFrames

I have been trying to load imageicons into a jframe. I have no idea why this code doesn't work. I have tried using jpanels and jlabels, and also other ways of loading images, but those don't work either. I think because of this it has something to do

Show div on the image

I am trying to make a small store map with a pointer on it showing the location in the store. I have created this using jQuery and it works perfect in Chrome. Yet, in Firefox and internet explorer, the pointer is positioned behind the map and it is i

How to resize an image depends on the resolution?

I have an img of 200px by 200px. I have a container for the img. The container size is 100%x100%. Basically the size of the container is depends on the window size. What I would like to achieve is if the screen size is gets smaller than 200px it shou

Why does this PNG sometimes show differences?

I am playing around with CodePress for a small project, and I am trying to figure out how it generates the actual numbers for the line number display. I have looked all through the code, and I see nothing where 1, 2, 3, ..., n is outputted. However,

Large image in .net

I want to create large image by C#. (i have some photos with large size (4800 * 4800). i want to merge these photos.) I use Bitmap but don't support. (Error : Invalid Parameter)Some code would be useful ... ... However, to hazard an educated guess, I

Manage multiple images with ColdFusion and MySQL

This is an architecture question, but its solution lies in ColdFusion and MySQL structure--or at least I believe so. I have a products table in my database, and each product can have any number of screen-shots. My current method to display product sc

IIS 6 caches a static image

Even if the image is changed, overwritten, modified, IIS still serves the cached copy. I am trying to upload an image from a webcam taken every 15 seconds. The image makes it onto the server but when I refresh the browser with the image FROM the serv

better thumbnails from larger image files

I'm showing images from other websites as thumbnails. To do this I display them in a smaller img tag so the browser does the size decrease. The problem is that the quality of these images (which I have no control of) is diminished. Also they look muc