Run a command from C # and wait for Finish to run

I have a program that will create a new website in IIS 6. How do I make my the execution of commands wait until it finishes. Currently it doesn't wait, so the website doesn't get created. I cannot use a .bat file because the DirectoryPath, SiteName,

Web configuration error when using the browser only

I have a website that is setup in the IIS as an application on a server. When i click a page from the IIS and click browse it loads the page fine. If i run the web app in VS2010, it launches the pages just fine. The problem is when i try to access th

IIS6 and .Net 4.5?

In the past, the .NET framework has been independent from IIS versions, and have worked with IIS 6+. Will IIS 6 be supported for .NET 4.5?IIS 6 is part of Windows Server 2003 (and technically XP 64-bit). The .NET Framework 4.5 System Requirements ind

Url rewrite with IIS 6 and MVC 3

I have a url that can look like with variations of lesser counts such as do


A friend is having me figure out a way to modrewrite on his windows server. He is running IIS 6 and Isapi is about the only thing I can find. I am not familiar with it and have read some of the documentation, but can't quite wrap my head around it. H

IIS 7.5 handle 500 errors differently than IIS 6.0

Our Classic ASP application contains a web service that can be called over an HTTP. POST or GET. The web service does its duty and then writes out, using Response.Write, an XML message over HTTP. Here is an example. Response.ContentType = "text/xml&q

How to allow the download of the .json file with ASP.NET

How can I enable the download of *.json files from an old ASP.NET site (IIS6 I am led to believe)? I am getting a 404 page instead of the JSON file. Do I need to create a web.config file? What goes in it?Add the JSON MIME type to IIS 6. Follow the di

IIS 5.0 - Appdomain

I am in a bit of confusion here. In IIS 5.0 all the ASP.NET applications run inside the same worker process(aspnet_wp.exe). The various applications are isolated by appdomain. I believe the fundamental functionality of an appdomain is to provide appl

Problem with maxWorkerThreads and thread count

I have created an ASP.NET application which creates threads in an infinite loop. I set maxWorkerThreads to 20 in processModel in machine.config. When I checked the Thread count in perfmon there was around 7000 threads created in worker process. In Pa

IIS browse the directory problem on a virtual directory

I have two differents virtual directories mapping to the same directory on the OS. In one of this virtual directories I need to have the browse folders disable, and in the other one I need to have it enable. The problem is that when I changed one of

Help with deploying mvc on asp site

i have this problem... i have an ASP.NET MVC application locally and i have in one server another application in asp, i need to add the mvc application to the asp application. So i have "" but i cant work with the mvc

Issue when deploying an ASP MVC application on IIS7

I've got an ASP MVC (1.0) application. It works fine locally via visual studio and on our dev server which runs IIS6. But when I try to deploy to the Test server (running IIS7 on Windows Server 2008 R2) I get only : "Could not load file or assembly '

COM error dll during an IIS attempt

I have an ASP.NET 3.5 application where I am using an ActiveX control. When I try to run the website from Visual Studio 2008 using built-in web server it is working like a charm. When I publish the same code to IIS I get the following error: Retrievi

IIS 6 caches a static image

Even if the image is changed, overwritten, modified, IIS still serves the cached copy. I am trying to upload an image from a webcam taken every 15 seconds. The image makes it onto the server but when I refresh the browser with the image FROM the serv

WCF and IIS 6 - WSDL is not exposed

I have developed an ASP.NET application that includes a WCF service. This service needs to be consumed by third party applications. This service has worked fine while testing in my development environment. My development environment is using IIS 7.0

How to install iis 6.0 on windows xp-32?

well, according to what I've found googling around, it's imposible... (maybe with with windows xp 64...) but I thought that maybe someone could find a way to achieve it, or at least some workaround... http://www.m

IIS6 cache a renamed folder - can it be emptied / reset?

On a Windows2003 server I have two folders: Forum Forum_dev The Forum folder is live and actively used. The dev folder contains a number of changed ASP files. Renaming Forum to something else and changing Forum_dev to Forum seems to ignore the change

IIS6 | Application Pools | ASP.NET Framework

In IIS6 it's possible to have more than one ASP.NET application running in the same application pool. This is fine, except that there is nothing in IIS6 that prevents you from running multiple .NET versions in the same pool. When you create applicati

IIS6 Logout Button ASP.NET Basic Authentication

I have a requirement for an explicit logout button for users in a ASP.NET web app. I am using IIS6 with Basic Authentication (SSL). I can redirect to another web page but the browser keeps the session alive. I have googled around and found a way to d

FTP response codes

I am troubleshooting Microsoft's FTP server (IIS 6.0) at a client site. In the FTP log, there's a few response codes that I'd like to know the meaning of. For instance, in the line: 12:01:15 [194326]created x.jpg 550 1450 I'd like to kno

Issue when publishing an MVC application on IIS6

I have a small MVC app that works locally, but when I publish it to the server (running IIS6), all the links get messed up. For example, a typical link when running locally would be: http://localhost:3467/Exceptions?exdate=20090108 However, when I pu

HTTP 413 error on downloading images in iis6

I keep getting a 413 error "Entity too large" when uploading images (particular image is a 275kb PNG) with an form. I have thoroughly researched this, and changed: AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed to 1000000 as suggested here- http://www.banma

ASP.NET-MVC2 Overview 1: Are there any changes?

I was following Steven Sanderson's 'Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework' book. On page 132, in accordance with the author's recommendation, I downloaded the ASP.NET MVC Futures assembly, and added it to my MVC project. Then, without encouragement from the auth