Have a problem with & lt; iframe & gt;

For some reasons, after trying every possible solution including rewriting my whole HTML file, rewriting the part, changing the name of the file I want to show at least three times, tried putting directly the http:// as src, nothing is working! It ju

detect when iframe content is loaded

So i have a small react component which renders an iframe. I need to determine when all the content (html etc) has fully loaded. The iframe is loading an orbeon form which can takes a few seconds to fully load. I have tried hooking into the 'load' ev

Iframe between the header and the footer

I was wondering how can I add an iframe between the header and the footer of my webpage, I mean in the blank between the header and footer. I tried height 100% but it overrides the header! I am using the template from http://materializecss.com/templa

Show the drop-down menu to select the content in iframe

Please have a look at This Link You will see a dropdown menu that gives you the option to show one of the 7 available video-testimonials in the iframe. Please note: At present, when you do not make a selection, a standard picture showing walking peop

Android HTML5 widgets in WebView

Basically, I want to display a Soundcloud HTML5 widget on a WebView. One of these things: I have the embed code given by the widget itself: <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=&q

Auto iframe video in full screen without using API

Is that possible to make "auto full screen a iframe video with out using any api". i already tried youtube api its working well.but i need to know is that possible or not.any explain me with demo please. thank you. Or any other methods / hacks t

The jrery iframe element selector does not work

I'm trying to add class to an iframe (on same domain) element but check some of the same issues here and came up with the solution. The iframe is next to body tag and the js was place before the body end tag. <script> $(document).ready(function() {

The I-Frame resizer does not resize

I'm using David J Bradshaw's iframe resizer but I can't get it to resize at all. iframeSizer.min.js included in my container page This code in the head of my container page: <script> $('iframe').iFrameResize( [{log:true}] ); </script> iframeSi

iframe to fill div inside core-header-panel

I recently started using Polymer to build a fluid material design website for myself, but I've run into some issues. I'd like to have an iFrame that is dynamically loaded with various page's content inside of the core-header-panel, beneath the core-t

Refresh the HTML code loaded in iframe with the jQuery tab

Very new to this... My site http://www.daveknispel.com.au is where I have the issue. I use jQuery to load html pages into iFrames with a tab system. Their is 2 levels of this, so a similar tab system is used in a html within the iFrame. The problem i

jQuery jScrollPane only works with text

I am trying to use jScrollPane to scroll through my gallery that is inside of an iframe. I am using the jQuery code for iframe scrolling from the official example. Using this code doesn't work for my images (it just hides the original browser scrollb

Web content does not load in iframe

This question already has an answer here: How to show google.com in an iframe? 6 answers I have one iframe in my page that will load the local html content but not loading remote web content. Here is the code : <iframe id="frame1" src="h

change the iframe URL of the same iframe

I need to change the iframe url from the same iframe. For example: "http://parent.com" is the Parent Domain URL of my website with an http and: "https://iframe.com" is the iframe Domain URL with an https. The two domains are different.

How to load a new page in the browser from an iframe?

I have a form inside of an iframe. When I click a button on the form, I want the content of the outer containing page (NOT the content of the iframe) to be replace with the specified url. If the form were not inside of an iframe this works ... <input

How to detect when an iframe wants to change

Okay, this is similar, but not the same, to the 'How to detect when iframe src changes' question, because it is when the iframe wants to change. What I mean is, I have an iframe with Google in it (I just started working on a web-based OS because I wa

100% height for the page with div, iframe, footer

I'm stuck with the problem and hoping someone can offer a solution. I found a similar post but no resolution on SO. Below is a small sample of my markup <div id="wrapper"> <div id="content"> Some text goes here <iframe s

scroll parent window to anchor in iframe

Parent and iframe are on the same domain. Iframe has dynamic height and no scrollbars of its own - scrollbars are on the parent window. Despite much searching, I can't find a way of scrolling the parent window to an anchor in the iframe on loading. i

The Google +1 button does not appear in Chrome inside an iframe

Since a few days the Google+1 button doesn't show up on my sites anymore. I have placed the Google+1 code in an iframe, together with facebook, twitter etc buttons. This worked fine till a few days ago. The problem is only when I use Google Chrome. F

iframe with jquery

has anyone ever had a webpage with an iframe in it that used jquery? My main page that contains the iframe includes jquery with <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.pack.js"></script> and

How to check if iframe can not load? jquery?

I have this jquery code right now and it's working fine. What it does it when a user clicks the submit button, it would hide the form, show the loader, then submit the data to a link and load the output in an iframe. $(document).ready(function() { $(

iframe Onload Visibility

I am trying to hide an iframe until it is loaded by I keep getting an error with the following code: jquery("some stuff">.html("<iframe frameborder='0' vspace='0' hspace='0' marginwidth='0' allowtransparency='true' scrolling='no' marg