Connect the IBM database using PDO

I tried connect IBM database through PDO using below code. But, it is not working try { $db = new PDO("odbc:DRIVER={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};DATABASE=BLUDB;HOSTNAME=hostname;PORT=50000;PROTOCOL=TCPIP;", "username", "password"); e

The wsadmin script expires when running on DMGR via SOAP

I'm attempting to start and stop an application on a single JVM via the wsadmin console since the Web UI for IBM BPM PS Adv. doesn't allow for that kind of operation. So, I have the following script:

IBM MQ Server client library

I am facing a strange problem with IBM MQ My command line application (Java 8) connects to MQ server installed in linux server from windows environment. The application reads messages from a particular queue as it arrives. I use following ja

IBM MQ: A way to get a connection break notification?

I am using IBM MQ-7.5. I am running a jms client which connects to the manager running on some other hosts. I want to monitor the TCP connections with the manager. How do I get notified if my client connection is broken with the manager ? Is there an

Stored procedure with system tables

I have two different system tables in my database: Systables (which stores all tables of the database) and Syscolumns (which stores all columns of the tables of the database). Systables contains: tabname and tabid; Syscolumns contains: colname, tabid

How to change the size of the timestamp columns in DB2?

Any idea how to change timestamp column size in DB2? I tried altering table, drop and then create table. Both didn't work. Here are the queries I've tried: alter table clnt_notes alter column lupd_ts set data type timestamp(26) create table CLNT_NOTE

Validate the URL in the Informix 4GL program

In my Informix 4GL program, I have an input field where the user can insert a URL and the feed is later being sent over to the web via a script. How can I validate the URL at the time of input, to ensure that it's a live link? Can I make a call and s

Hide the IBM Application Server message appeared on the browser

Environment Details : 1- Application Server : IBM Application Server 7.0.11 2- Web Server : IBM HTTP Server ( IHS ) . When I requested stopped application for example : TETS1 the below error appeared on browser : SRVE0255E: A WebGroup/Virtual Host to

Understanding of GIT?

I'm trying to understand IBM BlueMix and GIT and hence following tutorials on The image above showing that I've successfully clone the repo but when I try to change app source code, I get exception? Not a

Oracle 11g persistent Arabic characters

I am trying to persist Arabic characters into Oracle 11g Database. When I persist Arabic strings they persist successfully but, in the database they appear as question marks ???????. I searched and found that problem might be with database encoding,

Can not send mail from localhost (websphere application server)

I am trying to send an email from localhost. I am using websphere application server. I get following error: [2/21/13 9:21:24:407 IST] 00000036 SystemOut O DEBUG: setDebug: JavaMail version 1.4ea [2/21/13 9:21:24:502 IST] 00000036 SystemOut O DEBUG:

Modifying IBM DB2 9.7 STMTHEAP

How can I get the current value of my DB2 9.7 DB's STMTHEADP, and how can I alter it?Open up the command line. On Windows, search your Start Menu for Command Window - Administrator. To get the current value, use the GET DB CFG command: db2 get db cfg

How to generate SoapProxy from wsimport?

I'm comparing the client stubs generated by IBM Rational Application Developer with Java's wsimport and notice that IBM RAD generates an extra class which is the SOAPProxy class. This class allows the setting of the URL of the web service. How can I

IBM to IEEE floating point

Is there any standard method in java to convert IBM 370(in the form of bytes) to IEEE format.?Any algorithm for the conversion would help.. I tried writing a java code..But i fail to understand where do i go wrong. When i give the input as -2.0000000

OpenJPA schema configuration

I am using OpenJPA 1.2.3 on WebSphere with DB2. Is there a way to build and bundle my application in a way that allows for the same application (EAR) to have a changing Schema name based on environment (DEV, ACPT, PROD, etc). My PU is setup up to be

Downloading IBM J9 JDK

I have the following questions on IBM J9 JDK/JRE. Does any one know the location where I can download the latest J9 JDK? I googed it and couldn't find the location. What is the relation between IBM J9 JDK and Apache Harmony project? Thank you.As McDo

DB2 autoload end space

This is data in TB_USER table USER_USERID -------------- A111 A9999 ADMIN AHO AHO2 AHO3 AHO4 ...and schema of TB_USER table is COLUMN_NAME DATA_TYPE DATA_LENGTH -------------------- --------- ----------- USER_USERID VARCHAR 15 When I execute followin

Is WebSphere ESB scaled?

I'm looking for people who have had experience scaling IBM's WebSphere to high traffic volumes. This is in terms of both the number of messages and the size of the data. Have there been any issues and are there any gotchas to be looking out for?I wou