Bluemix Kubernetes docker deployment request

We tried using Kubernetes on Bluemix. We followed - Though the service is getting exposed and we do see the public ip address and NodePort we are not able to access the web

Bluemix node-red adds multiple IBM IoT nodes

I understand that we can add IBMIoT nodes to node-red in bluemix and then read the data from the node and do any processing of the data as required by the use case. For this we need to give a device id to the node. Is it possible to create a flow whe

Escape special characters in VCAP_SERVICES

I am having some problems when I try to put some "special" character as value of my environment variable like ! ' % etc. Is there a way to escape them? Based on what I found it is not possible to use special characters in VCAP_SERVICES and VCAP_

File path problem using Node.js

I'm deploying a node.js based application to IBM's Bluemix and have added a few features to one of the samples they provide. I've added an additional javascript file that makes an ajax call to PHP, but the PHP file is coming back as not found because

Problem creating an IBM MobileFirst image on IBM Container

We are trying to create IBM MobileFirst Container for bluemix by following the MobileFirst containers tutorial in : As per the tutorial/video we have created the MobileFirst An

REST does not work on bluemix because of CORS

I am new to bluemix, I have simple Rest service with few functions and called from angular js. Here is below in Rest service class: @POST @Path("getTest") @Produces("application/json") public Response getTest(@QueryParam("accountI

How to customize push notifications in Bluemix

I'm trying to configure NodeRED to send notifications to the Android apps on devices of a specific user and people who are registered as his family in the logic. I have never dealt with push notifications and I don't know what to look for so steps or

How to move a project to another organization or another space

I have a project with DevOps support (git) and I want to be able to move it to another space. I've seen postings on how to do it without DevOps support, but not sure if I can do it at all.With DevOps services you can move the app to a different space

Bluemix SSO - Some users lose access

I've got a Java Bluemix application configured with the SSO Service connected with a SAML 2.0 and a Cloud Directory. The SAML Enterprise works correctly in general, but some users have got the following problem during the SSO redirection and they can

Bluemix and CMS (Joomla) and CF Push

I have installed a Joomla site with CF on bluemix. As you know Joomla as other CMS allows to install components for adding functionalities. This uploads the php code needed for the component and add additional tables/entries in the Database. My issue

Error linking IBM Bluemix Devops ID to IBM Bluemix

I get the following error when linking IBM id to Bluemix: IBM Bluemix Failure during registration An error occurred. Try again in a few minutes. If you continue to have problems, click the following link to get help:

Can not send notification to iOS9 device

Whenever I try to push a message to a registered device using the Push for iOS8 Bluemix dashboard, a message "The notification was sent." is displayed but my registered device never receives the notification. According to the logs of my applicat

how to register cloud username and password?

I can login to cloud-foundy/bluemix using: cf login -u my_cf_username -p my_cf_password I can set up environment variables to store these values (e.g. by setting them in .bashrc or .profile): export cf_user=my_cf_username export cf_pass=my_cf_passwor

Registering Raspberry Pi with IBM Bluemix

I registered my Raspberry Pi with IBM Bluemix successfully . It has dht22 temp and humidity sensor connected to it and running. Question: While building Internet of things starter app , do i need to code anything on Rpi to push that sensor data into

Bluemix Push service security issue

We are using IBM Push-Notification service and Mobile-App-Security on our Bluemix app (serving iOS clients). In order to send a push notification, our server sends a POST request to:{application-id}/message

my.classpath.Servletname was found but is corrupted: SRVE0227E:

I have received the following error when trying to deploy a servlet to bluemix: SRVE0227E: Check that the class resides in the proper package directory. SRVE0228E: Check that the classname has been defined in the server using the proper case and full

how to add jsf to bluemix webstarterapp?

I'm trying to add JSF to my webstarterapp. I have created an JSF managed bean, but when compiling the app using the provided build.xml, I get the errors: [javac] /Users/snowch/.../ error: package javax.faces.bean does not exist [javac

Can we have Ui for cloudfoundry deployed on AWS

Iam new to Cloudfoundry on AWS. I have deployed cloudfoundry on AWS, but when i want to push an application into cf which i have deployed i was using command line tool (cf). Is there any way we have UI like Cloudfoundry where we can check our app run

DB2 on IBM Bluemix

I'm just starting out on Bluemix, I've created a small rails 4 app and tested it locally using sqlite. As DB2 is the default on Bluemix I opted for it when I setup the app. When I added the ibm_db gem to my gem file ready to deploy to Bluemix I got t