Ionic package io.ionic.starter signatures error

My ionic project working nicely in command: ionic lab but when I execute "ionic cordova run" in terminal for build this app in android I am having the following error. Error: Failed to install apk to device: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMP

IONIC 2 navbar left and right button does not work

Because of the title issue in ionic 2 for android. i have set some css and make centre of title.and i have put the left and right button in the nav bar. but when i apply the onclick functionality for that two button.its not working. even no console m

Login and registration in HTML5 Hybrid App?

I am a front-end developer. I am implementing HTML5 Hybrid app with Phonegap. I have setup all these things for the App but I don't have backend knowledge but I want to first implement registration and login on my first page. I have implemented one a

Update - App data is not deleted

I am building an ionic hybrid app for Android and iOS, but facing a problem while updating the older version app with the new version. When I try to update, the iOS update progress indicator is showing as app installing and after I open the updated a

What is needed to use a phonegap plugin?

I am working on a project where I need to use navigator.notification.alert ... as a replacement for alert() (because alert() has a label at the top saying index.html). I am using the PhoneGap View application for iOS to test this application out, and

Integration of the user interface with Unity 3D and Fusetools

I need to integrate FuseTools animation samples to unity 3d animations. Can you please tell me is it possible and what suitable method should i approach ? ThanksI have an interest in FuseTools too. I think one approach would be using the Foreign Code

TypeError: jQueryxxxxxx is not a function

When first opening the mobile app homepage it returns an error "TypeError: Jqueryxxxxxx is not a function" although it shows the API callback results "jQuery111309512500500950475_1459208158307({"code":1,"msg":"Ok&qu

GPS coordinates in the background in the application cordova

I'm currently doing a hybrid app using ionic/cordova. The app needs functionality where it pings our backend with its location every 1 minute or so and the backend API will answer if anything interesting is nearby. If the answer is yes the app will q

Generate a non-debug apk from ions

I am using ionic framework to generate apk for android platform. After running ionic build android, an android-debug.apk is generated. How can I generate a non-debug apk which is smaller and faster?This is my android release shell script IFY clear gu

JavaScript functionality for Android Studio

See edit below. I want to add code completion and syntax highlighting for a custom JavaScript library in Android Studio so I can develop my hybrid app within one IDE without switching all the time. The problem is: Android Studio is based on IntelliJ

Phonegap: save the data of the HTML5 page in the database

I am creating a webapp, that will be wrapped in iOS and Android using Phone gap. The HTML pages will have some data entered by user. I want to save this data in database using jQuery and without writing any code in Android and Objective C. So in futu

Phonegap build error (phonegap android build command)

I want to install phonegap and I have some errors in build. (I have already installed jdk, git, node.js , apache-ant, android studion, sdk and sdk manager and set environment variables) :processDebugManifest C:\my_first_app\platforms\android\AndroidM

Ionic frame and imgcache angularjs does not work on iOS device

I have built a hybrid app with ionic framework. I have used angular imgcache ( to allow caching of images fetched from an external site. I am using code such as: <img img-cache ic-src="{{sr

WKWebView waits for DOM rendering before triggering native code

I have a hybrid iOS app which contains a WKWebView, and I have a JavaScript function callNative can call Objective C native code in the main thread. In my JavaScript, I have the following structure modifyDOM(); // e.g. .show(), and .hide() stuff call

So many mobile devices

I've developed an app using a cross platform technology, phonegap/cordova. The problem I found is that there are still some devices it doesn't work properly on. It's practically impossible to test on all the available mobile devices out there. How ar

How to manage the webview element in the robotium?

I am working on native app where the one of the page is partially in webview. Using Uiautomatorviewer the whole webview is highlighting as a whole no inside elements are recognizable. How to handle this page in robotium?Now it is supported in latest

Why is my content not slippery?

I've written this bit of code which should make the content on my screen draggable. I've created an app before with draggable content which I then copied the sections needed for the function into this app. Could someone please have a look at it for m

Phonegap 3.5.0 - plugins do not work once downloaded on build

I've just got started with Phonegap and am using the latest version (3.5.0). I set up an app using the CLI and am having trouble with plugins once uploaded to I followed all the steps on the CLI page above to create a simple app t

JavaScript security risks in the hybrid mobile app

Let's assume HTML5 web page with (in)appropriate server-side background so that"SELECT * FROM Table" gets executed via AJAX and returns results. Not very smart, indeed. But how about when in context of hybri

Generate Android apk with cache file

I am making an android webview application,there are a lot of files such as js/css/images must be downloaded from CDN to the app, because the network is not stable in our region and the size of the cached files is much bigger than the app itself, is

how to increase the stack of popPage () in OnsenUI?

currently I am developing application in phonegap through OpenUI framework. I want to increase the stack of the popPage() function. Currently i can go back previous page, but not more than that. Can i give ons.navigator.pushPage() transition same as