img tag do not display the image

I created a text file using notepad with the following content, and save it with a html extension. Then I open it in browser. The image doesn't show. When I put the image URL in the browser the image shows up, so I know my link is correct. What am I

Django Invalid HTTP_HOST header on Apache - fix using Require?

A couple weeks ago, I had a wonderful time setting up an Apache and Django configuration to work while forcing SSL and operating behind an AWS load balancer. Now that it is all working nicely, I'm still constantly receiving the common "Invalid HTTP_H

HTTPS via an HTTP proxy

I have service which works like a proxy, you can get web pages through it. For example via telnet GET HTTP/1.1 Host: But if I want download https page I should do the following GET HTTP/1.1 Host: exa

HTTPS only works on localhost

I am trying to setup https on one of my EC2 instances. I've done this many times, but for some reason, for this instance, it refuses to work. Problem When I connect to the domain via the local ip, the https works fine. When I connect to the domain vi

How to parse the https URL that redirects to another URL

I am trying to parse this URL but it redirects me to another link:

How to open my website with secure http (https)?

The company I'm working for has a PC for hosting our website. I can access the website with http without any problem but when I add https it gives me this error. We are using apache for our web server (XAMPP). Object not found! The requested URL was

Display of IFRAME regardless of the use of HTTP or HTTPS

Let's say I have the following IFRAME. It works fine as long as the browser is viewing the page using HTTP, however, if the browser is viewing the page using HTTPS, it will result in errors, and the IFRAME must be changed to also use HTTPS. <iframe i

Disable SSL connection in given java code

I am getting security certificate errors in the code below (source). The exception is: PKIX path building failed:

Dart https application with SSL certificate please

I have the following Javascript code which works fine when I run it with nodejs. However, I would like to write something similar that works with Dart. I've gone through the Dart documentation and cannot find any examples. I would be very grateful if

Magento using HTTPS on all pages

I have got a SSL on my site I only want checkout pages to require https, at present i get a 500 Internal Server Error on every page that uses the unsecure base url (http). I think my .htaccess is forcing every page to have the htt

Can ajax from JQuery send a client certificate via https?

Here is the scenario: There are two servers, A and B, which are in different domain. When an user visit a web page at server A, it encrypts the website using server A's certificate and return the encrypted website to the user via HTTPS. Then, the use

Self-signed SSL certificates

Can I purchase a single SSL certificate for domain A and sign all of my other domains with the domain A as reference. Will it work ?I think you're looking for wildcard certificates. Issuing a cert for * would be valid for sub1.mydomain.c

Fiddler - Capture and decrypt HTTPS traffic from the iPad app

I'm trying to monitor the HTTPS requests/responses for my iPad app using Fiddler. I have a Windows 7 PC running Fiddler and have configured the HTTP proxy on my iPad to point to the PC using port 8888. This works fine and the CONNECT tunnel messages

POST on HTTPS Ruby on Rails

I need to call an external url to pull down some information from a remote database. I tried setting up my call like this: post_params = {'a' => 'b', 'b' => 'c',} resp = Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse('https:/'), post_params) This

Appharbor JustOneDB https C # request get 400 errors

I am trying to do a https GET to JustOneDB it works if I do it from the curl utility. But its NOT working from C#. I get (400) Bad Request I searched around and disabled security and all that but its still not working. Any ideas? Has anyone done this

how to pass the IP address and port number as url

To pass url i have ip address and port number , how can that be send as http url ex: ip address port number as 71 does that takes to the url? if not how it can be passes as http address. thanks, michaeld http://10.5.

Error on Silverlight WCF access via https

From my silverlight 4.0 application. I can access the WCF File easily but when moved to https, I can't access the WCF Service. The error details are following: An unknown error occurred. Please contact your system Administrator for more information.

Spring Security: How to force https with a flag?

With Spring security I configure the parts of my web app that need to be secured by https with security:intercept-url tag. For example: <security:intercept-url pattern="/**/*secure*" requires-channel="https"/> <security:interc

From HTTP to HTTPS, the sooner the better?

If I have this page in "" with GET verb: <form action="" method="post"> <input type="text" name="login"/> <input type="password" na

Is there a way to send information securely to Ajax?

I'm currently developing an application in HTML+JS based almost entirely in ajax connections (using the jQuery.ajax() call to ease the process). I was thinking about the best practice to make secure calls without using HTTPS (at least at this time. I

How to set up an https on the shelf at the http gateway?

I have an HTTP server which is in our internal network and accessible only from inside it. I would like to put another server that would listen to an HTTPS port accessible from outside, and forward the requests to that HTTP server (and send back the