Why scanner.hasNext () hangs when reading the HTTP request

I am writing a server that receives http request(only GET method as part of simplification from school work) I used Socket class to get the connection I then used InputStream as well as Scanner to read the http request. However, while I was reading t

HTTPS via an HTTP proxy

I have service which works like a proxy, you can get web pages through it. For example via telnet GET http://example.com HTTP/1.1 Host: example.com But if I want download https page I should do the following GET https://example.com HTTP/1.1 Host: exa

Merge 2 XML files into the same C # elements

I need to create a WebService that takes the name of a city as input and returns Location, Country and Weather information of the City. The thing is that the ID, Location, Country is in one XML file and all weather details in another. <City> <ID&

How to open my website with secure http (https)?

The company I'm working for has a PC for hosting our website. I can access the website with http without any problem but when I add https it gives me this error. We are using apache for our web server (XAMPP). Object not found! The requested URL was

HTTP POST request with a JSON object as data

I am struggling to make an HTTP POST request with JSON object as data. As you can see below, first I created an HTTP Post request. Then I commented out part of it and attempted to modify it in order to add JSON related code. One of the things that co

How to use cpp-netlib with Visual Studio 2010?

I'm trying to use cpp-netlib with Visual Studio 2010. I've built cpp-netlib and add .lib files to my project, but I can't compile them. --Environment Windows 7 x64 cpp-netlib 0.11.0 boost 1.55.0 Win32 OpenSSL v1.0.1f My code is here. #include <boost/

Magento using HTTPS on all pages

I have got a SSL on my site www.bambinies.co.uk I only want checkout pages to require https, at present i get a 500 Internal Server Error on every page that uses the unsecure base url (http). I think my .htaccess is forcing every page to have the htt

The location of the HTTP header does not work

This question already has an answer here: header location doesn't work and still in protect page 2 answers This code use protect function . to do permission access level header location doesn't work and I look at address bar found it still in protect

NodeJS - How to broadcast a request body without a buffer

In the below code I can't figure out why req.pipe(res) doesn't work, and yet doesn't throw an error either. A hunch tells me it's due to nodejs' asynch behavior, but this is a very simple case without a callback. What am I missing? http.createServer(

php thin (explanation of & quot request body & documentation)

I am working with Slim PHP for the first time and I am trying to understand one of the concepts. In the slim PHP documentation, it states: Request Body Use the request object's getBody() method to fetch the raw HTTP request body sent by the HTTP clie

How to get the answer via HTTP

I am sending HTTP request. I need to save the HTTP response to that request. This is the request URL : http://notify.test.com/gateway.do?service=notify_verify&partner=2088&notify_id=abcdefghijklmnopqrst Code I tried is below: HttpWebRequest reques

jQuery ajax blocks chrome on HTTP 206 (partial content)

This thing has been bugging me for some time now and I can't find a reason/solution on the Web so far. Here is the setup: I have a fat JS client running on a browser, firing up search requests into an internal system. Those requests are just GET's, n

how to parse the http query in c ++

I'm trying to write a small c++ webserver which handles GET, POST, HEAD requests. My problem is I don't know how to parse the headers, message body, etc. It's listening on the socket, I can even write stuff out to the browser just fine, but I'm curio

Self-signed SSL certificates

Can I purchase a single SSL certificate for domain A and sign all of my other domains with the domain A as reference. Will it work ?I think you're looking for wildcard certificates. Issuing a cert for *.mydomain.com would be valid for sub1.mydomain.c

Send an HTTP request via ASP.NET C #

Am trying to send HTTP Get request via C#. But it seems not working. Here is my work. And i wanna from you the corrections needed to make it work ! String Mobile = txt_phone.Text; String Message = "You have registered successfuly."; Uri targetUr

Unable to open XLS returned as attachment via Django view

I'm using xlwt to generate an Excel file which I'm returning as an attachment in the HttpResponse in a Django view. from django.http import HttpResponse def my_view(request): ... workbook = xlwt.Workbook(encoding='utf-8') #write my workbook data here

Get the IP address of the URL in python?

Possible Duplicate: How can I do DNS lookups in Python, including referring to /etc/hosts? Im using Python 2.7 and im creating a iptracer with an online API. And i want the user to have the option to type e.g google.com, http://google.com or www.goog

how to pass the IP address and port number as url

To pass url i have ip address and port number , how can that be send as http url ex: ip address port number as 71 does that takes to the url? if not how it can be passes as http address. thanks, michaeld http://10.5.

403 Error forbidden when sending GET data

My server is Linux server and reseller is mine. So i can reach WHM panel, too . When GET data comes like : a.php?url=http://www.domain.com return 403 Forbidden. But if data comes like this : a.php?url=www.domain.com it's working. So, http:// generati

how to send a publish request with a web browser

This question already has an answer here: How do I manually fire HTTP POST requests with Firefox or Chrome? [closed] 12 answers how to send a post request with a web browser?with a form, just set method to "post" <form action="blah.php&q

firefox plugin that records the traffic

Do you know of a firefox plugin that records the http traffic I generate while browsing? I would like something like firebug's net tab but it should not "restart" every time I click a new link.HttpFox Excellent for debugging Ajax stuff.