Columns in RWD grid view (CSS Responsive)

I am learning CSS and have come across to this lesson in W3school. I am struggling to understand what are the purposes of having so many column classes in grid view: .... .col-1 {width: 8.33%;} .col-2 {width: 16.66%;} .col-3 {width: 25%;} ...... And

Add spelling to div not happy?

Is it possible to run the browser's in built spell checker on divs which aren't contenteditable? The below code works for checking spelling, but the div must be contenteditable and the spell check is only executed once the div is put into focus. <div

Using bootstrap in HTML5 template

Can we use bootstrap in an already made HTML5 template without changing the structure of the code?Depends on which functionality you want to use. But if you are planning to use responsive grid, and you didn't use similar grid in HTML before, then the

CSS3 Hover background image does not work in mozilla

I have implement the CSS3 in my application, if when I hover the li tag at the time the span tag image will be change with transition property. it was working good in chrome, but unfortunatly this effect(transition) is not working properly in firefox

How to add an identification tag in the php output?

I have to add an html id tag to give some css properties inside this php code and I don't know how to do that? <?php //Start your session session_start(); //Read your session (if it is set) if (isset($_SESSION['user_login'])){ echo $_SESSION['user_lo

Cross browser compatibility HTML5 & amp; CSS3

This may not be a question related to programming but I am still asking this since I am banging my head a lot on this issue. I am finding a lot of HTML5 & CSS3 features useful for my website designing. But as usual (like all developers) I am confused

convert html markup to an object

I have the below code <html> <head> <title>Hello!</title> </head> <body> <div class="div1"> <h1>This is a headline!</h1> <br> <img src="header-image.png"> </div> &

How to adjust the Brightcove autostart video

Hi i am used brightcove video my html page light box pop up. click image successfully popup brightcove video. my query is click thumbnail image image popup and auto play brightcove video.thanks for your feature help. Script: $(".thumb3").on('cli

Table C # in javascript table

I have two method in my code behind one returns an int array and the other returns string array. I want to use these two array to populate the google chart data table. I do not have any experience with Json or AJAX however I found a relatively simple

Why use the role attribute in html5

This question already has an answer here: What is XHTML role attribute? What do you use it for? 3 answers I have created a web page using html5. I used source code from bootstrap. For example: role="main", role ="navigation", role = &q

Control the audio speed of an mp3 file

I would like to play a mp3 soundtrack on my website, and manipulate the speed of the soundtrack by a percentage using a slider. I'm wondering how this could be done with only HTML(5) and JavaScript. I haven't been able to find any examples or tutoria

How can I unzip the compressed file using AngularJs?

I want to unzip the zipped file while downloading the file using AngularJS. I am trying with the following code, For eg: <a download="My_File.PNG" target="_self" ng-href="Path of the zip file/">My_File.PN

Quote generator for a website

While working with a client on a health clinic website she asked me if i can include in her website an inspirational quote and make it change automatically after 24 hours. she said she will provide me with 31 sentences and each sentence should stay 2

Chart.js canvas resize

In (Android WebView HTML5 canvas error) i posted a question regarding plotting graphs using Graph.js library. The problem i have now is that if i call the function to plot the graph multiple times, the canvas resizes every time. Each time the graph i

HTML responsive font size for mobile devices

I have an application that runs on Android and IOS. The application has some WebView components that displays HTML From what I found there are "em" and "viewport" units as well as "@media" in css. I'm new to HTML5 and CSS3, c

CSS Transformer Translate to the center of the window

I have a list of elements and upon a specific action, i'd like to apply the css-transform translate to move it into the center of the window. I know css-transform is used to relatively move an element, but I was wondering whether it is possible to an

How to find if the content is available or not in div?

This is my sample code. If u click on next button it's displaying next content of that page. If u click one more time empty page is showing because content is not there. How to find wheather content is available or not inside div? <!DOCTYPE html> &l

Mouse rollover issues and jquery problem

I have a problem with jquery effects on few blocks. Mouseenter and mouseleave work only on the first div block while on all others it doesn't. Here is the JS: $(document).ready(function() { $('#mainbox').mouseenter( function () { $('#infobox').fadeIn

Can not render SVG image in Safari

As the title states, I have a svg image, but I am not able to render it in safari, and opera. But it works perfectly fine in Firefox. I found this post Doctype problem displaying SVG with Safari which has mentioned to change the content to xhtml. So,

How to draw a curved and dotted arrow with HTML5 and animate it

My goal is to create a curved arrow like this one, on an html5 canvas: I have found several resources on how to draw lines but none of them seem to work. I also found a related stackoverflow post. Also, is it possible to animate it on hover in order

Embed the PDF on a web page and prevent the download

Is there a way to embed a PDF document on a webpage without at the same time enabling download? If possible I would prefer an html5/css3 solution. If no other way is possible I'd go with something else.2017 Note: this feature has moved locations and