How to cut text in a flexible display when the text is long?

I need to make a responsive web, so that the width of parent is dynamic. There are two flex items, one is long (dynamic) and another one is short (static). I hope the result can look like the second line, that the long text is broken (or hidden when

OnMouseScroll increments a JS variable

I want to make a JS function. It will work like this : If I use my Mouse Wheel to Scroll Down so my variable will decrement. And if I use my Mouse Wheel to Scroll Up my variable will increment I want to put that in a Condition with a max and min numb

Detecting a collision in a multi-layered div

I want for my project, detect collision into multiple div. Please see picture below: Red box and black border is a div Red box is movable How detect if the red box touch one border around it? I tried solution with canvas but is not a good way for me.

Get the output of the webpage in C #

I am attempting to get the resulting web page content so I can extract the display text. I have attempted the code below but it gets me the source html and not the resulting html. string urlPath = "

Display the table data in the menu item with a foreach loop

I got a menu I want to make dynamic with joomla (so i can add an article under a certain category, the category being the top menu level, and that article is shown in a dropdown under the category). This is some of the basic information I used to try

Analyzing HTML pages using Html Agility Pack

I'm, trying to parse the IMDb page with Regex (I know HAP is better), but my RegEx is wrong, so may be you can advice me how to use HAP correctly. This is the part of page I'm trying to parse. I need to take 2 numbers from here: 5 out of 5 people (so

overflow of text in td html

the p doesn't wrap within td, see the demo below: <td align="left" style="padding:0px; width:200px;"> <img src="" /> </td> <td style="paddin

labels for checkboxes with the same name

I'm writing a small application in which users are able to define popups on a map by selecting from a list of checkboxes. Each checkbox corresponds to a specific data value, and the list is generated dynamically. As I get the data, I loop through it

Horizontal center a div with a dynamic width using css

I've seen a million blog posts about this subject but I cannot find a solution for my specific problem. My set up is the following: <div id="wrapper" style="position:absolute; max-width:500px; min-width:300px; width:100%"> </d

Open / Browse the dialog in php / javascript?

I am working on a PHP project, in which I need to store a path of an image when user select an image from open dialog box from a specified directory. How can I do this? I don't know how to open the Open/Browse dialog box and how to get that path in P

the mouse on the effect does not work

I have a strange issue here. I have a hidden element (display hidden) that I want to show when I mouseover another element. The javscript seems to do the job, but still nothing happens when the element changes from display: hidden; to display: block;

How to assign a variable using onclick of html?

I am writing a code where the onclick of html should cause a javascript variable to be assigned a value which causes a function to trigger. <script type="text/javascript"> function set_str(numb) { if(numb == 1) var str_in_func = 'a.tab_1';

Freeze the header until it is irrelevant (HTML, CSS and JS)

I have a few different tables that I want to display vertically down a page. The trouble is, the different tables have different column headings. In the picture, the dark border represents the viewport. The dotted red border is where the red header b

Validation error: byte command mark found in UTF-8 file

I'm working on a website and while displaying it on Firefox is fine, on IE I've got a lot of problems. I used the w3c validator and I got a lot of strange errors. Here's the link to the website: The first validation erro

Where can I start with a changing homepage?

I'm building a website with a homepage that has a different article everyday. I know how to change it using html, but that requires daily maintenance. Is there anyway I can change a picture and text daily without changing code everyday? I'd also like

Display the input label under the input element

I've been trying to display a label underneath an input element like this form: I have been able to get the labels underneath, but using my current method I cant have multiple inputs on the same line like th

Make an array of data from $ (this) .serialize ()

I have a product page wherein if the user clicks on edit, an overlay form window is populated to make it editable. After the edit is completed and the user clicks submit I want to update the text() of each field of the product which was changed. So i