Remove style attributes from the string

I'm trying to remove all style attributes from a string (and not an object), in javascript or jQuery. Example var html = "<p style="color:red">my text</p>"; And i want to obtain this <p>my text</p> Is it possibl

: hover only works when forced in Inspector

On my homepage, the top_fixed_right:hover element works perfectly. On a secondary page however, the same div only works when forcing the :hover state with the developer tools window in Chrome. It doesn't work when hovering the mouse over the div. I o

How to manage hypertext links in css?

i have made 5 hyperlinks in html file but i want to give space between them how should i do it a little help! thank you! <body> <div class="back"> <div class="image"> <img src="comp.jpg" alt="backgro

complex flexbox layout with scrollable containers

This question already has an answer here: Why doesn't flex item shrink past content size? 1 answer I have a complex flexbox based layout for my web-app which has several fixed and scrollable containers. This ist how it should look like: The whole lay

Why will not this div appear after clicking on another div?

So I'm pretty experienced with programming, but I am just getting new to Javascript. I am making a new element when I click a div, but it won't work. I have tried many methods, and this one seems like the simplest. Can you help me figure out what is

JavaScript form submitted despite a wrong answer

My contact form still submits if the wrong answer is input into the 'are you human field'. I am not sure where I am going wrong and where to even begin searching for the problem - I have no errors in the dev tools console: HTML: <section class="co

Unpack all paragraph tags inside the jquery div

Here i have the sample html where i want to unwrap all paragraph tags inside the div.Currently html looks like this. <div class="divclass"> Hi this is some text. <p>testing test</p> <p></p> <p><a href="

jquery changes class when it is sortable

//JavaScript $(function() { $( "#sortable1, #sortable2" ).sortable({ connectWith: ".connectedSortable" }).disableSelection(); }); /*CSS*/ #sortable1, #sortable2 { border: 1px solid #eee; width: 142px; min-height: 20px; list-style-type:

Browse the image and transmit it to the pop-up window

I would like to browse an image in my HTML script and then open a popup window in which the browsed image will appear. Right now he is opening the image in the original script. But how can I pass it to the ShowImage.html popup? function newwindow(eve

Extract html data using regular expressions

I have an html page that looks like this <tr> <td align=left> <a href="history/2c0b65635b3ac68a4d53b89521216d26.html"> <img src="/images/page.gif" border="0" title="полная информация о документе"

hover over the mouse with several td rowspan

I have a table with multiple td rowspan. On mouse hover the entire alphabet row should come in red colour. For example, if we keep the mouse on any alphabet value the entire alphabet section should appear red. Same case for numbers also. Had some jQu

Can not align HTML tables parallel to each other

I have created two HTML grid tables but I am finding difficulty while placing/aligning them parallel to each other. I am using align = right but the table is getting aligned downwards(one below the other) and not shifting to right in parallel order .

Can not print the output in specific div?

First of all I am not very good in designing but with some help I am able to acheive this code My main issue is that when a user opens a div it becomes the target div, so if I have five divs open at the same time it doesn't matter which I type in bec

Login account account error system

This is the code. I wanted my website login system. As a member successfully logins (variable login) returns true if not returns false. When I insert this code *When user login was incorrect it shows the code for Successful login. Always it pretend t

Absolutely positioned elements not visible in ie7

Can anyone tell me why the absolutely positioned navigation buttons in the top right corner of this page are not visible in ie7, but are working fine in all other browsers (including ie8 and 9) Thanks!For one you are using display:inline-block which

Overlay divs on the parchment

Instead of scrolling down the page to view a bunch of divs, I would like them to overlay in the same place-- one stacked on top the next -- when you scroll. So, you would scroll down, but the page would not go down. Instead, the next div would overla

A state between two classes

I have two CSS classes (c1 and c2), and I'm switching between them with CSS3 transitions. Now, I want a div to stay (not animate) in a state between c1 and c2, for example 60% c1 and 40% c2. (If I play a transition with 1second duration between c1 an

Doctype messing around with the CSS font style?

I'm guessing I need a doctype because the following font styling only appears how I want it in Safari and Chrome. So every time I add the HTML5 doctype, writing in my custom font dissapears. I'm an amateur coder so please bare with the code, I taught

Featured content plugin

I have used this plugin "" in my web page. It works fine. But I am trying to stop the slider on mouse over. I am not knowledgeable in jQuery. I don't know how to change it, or in whi

Change cursor to auto after unloading

I am editing a page that was created by somebody else. And this page has the onbeforeunload value set for body that calls for a function which changes the cursor to wait. So when a user clicks on a button, it displays the wait cursor, but if a user c

Left and right margin on a row of tables

How can I set the left and right margin of a table row (or something similar to achieve the same result)? I tried border-collapse:separate; border-spacing:20px; but that removed the rows border bottom. This is what I am trying to create: I do not thi

How to enable / disable a script-based HTML button?

I have a button in my webpage with below code - HTML: <button type="submit" class="checkout-button" id="checkout-button" name="checkout-button"></button> CSS: .checkout-button{ width: 130px; height: 35px

Help with a regex that removes the main white space

I am modifying a core function of the Kohana library, the text::auto_p() function. The function describes itself as "nl2br() on steroids". Essentially, it provides <br /> single line breaks, but double line breaks are surrounded with the &