HTML text entry template 0000000-0000

Basically I have an HTML textbox and the user enters digits. What I want is to automatically put a - after the 7th digit Basically have this pattern: 0000000-0000 <input type="text" class="form-control width-160" name="value&qu

How do I mark a button for WCAG 2.0 compliance?

In striving for WCAG 2.0 Compliance, I'm finding quite a bit of varied information regarding proper treatment of buttons, specifically what is required to consider the button accessible and compliant. What is the appropriate way to mark-up a <button>


I have deployed an app on heroku but the css is not working. I am using the w3.css framework and I am importing it like this: <link rel="stylesheet" href="//"> The error I am getting is: GET https://ww

Try to center a svg circle inside a div

I have a simple markup: <div style="background-color:red;"> <svg> <circle cx="76" cy="76" r="71" style="fill:yellow;stroke:purple;stroke-width:10" /> </svg> </div> See the jsf

Serialize the entry with the html value using an ajax query

I used jquery.ajax post to send the data to the server using c# but it handles an error here's my code $(function(){ $('#frmSubmit').on('submit', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); var frm = $(this); $.ajax({ url: frm.attr('action'), type: frm.attr('me

Treat the value of the html form as a JavaScript statement

Is there any way to submit a JavaScript statement in a form, (like alert("nefvn");) and then execute it's value as a statement? [..omitted..] <script type="text/javascript" function doSomething(){ //Like this? var a = document.forms

How to get the value of the cell by clicking a button

I have a problem that I can't solve how much I try. By clicking on the Edit Customer button I wan't to get the value from the CustomerNr cell. My problem is that I don't know how to get the row index by clicking on a button and then pass it to my fun

Finding out where an extra space comes from?

I am working on the footer on this particular project. Right now I have it set up as 2 unordered lists, however the 1 on the left has an extra space to the left of the first line (FEATURES). I can not seem to figure out where it is coming from specif

Importing and formatting HTML text from the .txt file

I have a .txt file containing a string of text. This text will appear within tags and will be formatted accordingly. However, I'm struggling to find a way to import this string and format it also, seeing as though simply imports the string but does n

Simple HTML form in SQL DB using PHP, hammered by robots

I have a very simple HTML form which is for pre-registering for my car show. Unfortunately it has attracted the attention of spammers because there's an "address" field which they use to inject their spam URLs into. I've added javascript form va

Show link to if / else and option selected

I have been struggeling with this for a couple of hours and my head is exploding at this point. My programming skills are very low, so this should be an easy one for you. I want to use an if/else statement with a selected option from a select menu to

text in the input field that can not be deleted

I've an input field such as <input type="text" value="static text"> </input> Is it possible that static text cannot be deleted or selected? This is required so that user can input text after the 'static text'.I suggest you

External links do not work in iOS

Our site runs on WordPress. On this page we have a series of text widgets, each containing a chunk of HTML and inline CSS. It's a bit crude, but it allows us to provide our marketing people with a simple template they can use to add a new item. Each

several sub-pages with the same upper bar

I have a webpage with several subdirectories for example /search or /friends. Each of this subpages has its own javascript and css files. Now I want all this pages to have the same topbar so if I wanted to change the topbar I would only have to do th

CSS support div position

I need some help with the positioning of divs that appear on each #box's hover event. The hidden divs should appear over the box that was hovered in a way that: Each #tooltip div covers the box that was hovered plus the box next to it The tooltips of

Calling jQuery.remove () on a DOM done from a string

html = '<h1>foo</h1><p>bar</p>'; virtual_dom = $(html); console.log(virtual_dom); // logs a data structure recognizable as a DOM with the h1 and p from the string Does jQuery provide a way to remove paragraphs from virtual_dom, suc

CSS right-aligned list

How should I align the list to the right? The text aligns perfectly, however bullets do not. Is there a simple and easy way to do so with CSS? Code: <ul style="text-align: right"> <li>Item 1</li> <li>Item 2</li> <

Redirection site on

I've a website composed by some .asp file and a lot of static .html I want to redirect all www.example.old/abc.html www.example.old/xyz.html to If I'm on Apache I would use a .htaccess but how could I

Problem with HTML output in JSP

I have code which generates some HTML, but when I try to output this content in a jsp all '<' are replaced with '<' and all '>' with '>'. Here is the piece which renders the result: <c:out value="${data}"/> Can someone please e