Print an end HTML table on multiple columns

I have a simple 2-column table that has A LOT of rows: <table> <tr><td>row 1 column1</td><td>row 1 column2</td></tr> <tr><td>row 2 column1</td><td>row 2 column2</td></tr> [500 m

Extract the html entry with php

I am new to php and want to make a dropdown menu where you can select a site that you want, then when you click a button you will be redirected to that site. The button will take you to for example "" if that is what you select, if you

CSS: How can I click the context menu?

I created a pop up menu here: Now I want the pop out menu links to be clickable. Right now when you hover your mouse to it, it will just dissapper and its not clickable. Also how can make the whole canvas/menus RESPONSI

CSS logo changes position when text length increases

This is my code which is working fine but when i change my headline2text to "Sale Price $25 . This is a sample text. $244" then auto logo image changes its position. I do not want logo to change its position but it should remain on its place and

How can I unzip the compressed file using AngularJs?

I want to unzip the zipped file while downloading the file using AngularJS. I am trying with the following code, For eg: <a download="My_File.PNG" target="_self" ng-href="Path of the zip file/">My_File.PN

Div alignments will not be positioned side by side

I have two div's that I am trying to position side by side but am having trouble. I understand that div's are block elements but I have never had trouble positioning them side-by-side before.. HTML: <div class="contact"> <div class=&quo

Bootstrap drop-down menu with responsive layout

I'm trying to make a website and I'm having a problem with a bootstrap class. The class dropdown is working fine when the page is fully opened, but when it goes to the collapse mode, the list of the dropdown menu is still open. What should I do to ke

Webservice: html animated tree?

I am looking for a web service that displays the html structure of a webpage like a graph. I have seen an app years ago that looked beautiful. The input was a URL and the output was a flash tree with branches acting like springs and nodes had differe

Form in the JQuery menu

I have a form which has two hidden parameters that I want to pass to the function LoadView <form name="frm1" action="http://localhost/tddd27/index.php/AddProduct/LoadView"> <input type="text" name="ID" valu

PHP quiz with results on the screen

I am trying to create a simple quiz based on a tutorial I found. Unfortunately, this is making me spin my wheels and the answer is probably pretty simple. I got this working perfectly. I would like to cha

To add a dynamic paragraph in dynamic div

I had created a dynamic div and paragraph in dialog box to show confirmation while submitting the form. How to append the dynamic paragraph inside the dynamic div, Please help me on this. Thanks in Advance. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en&quo

z-index does not work very well in ipad

I am building a site for a friend ( with the fullscreen gallery with thumbnail flip ( I didn't quite like the idea of the flip thing so I

CSS speech bubble with Box Shadow

Creating a DIV that uses CSS to draw a triangle to the left. Trying to apply a uniform box-shadow to both parent and the pseudo element (see images) and code. Is this possible? Or am I better off using border-image for this? (Top: Before Shadow, Midd

jquery div resizer as a stackoverflow a

I have a vertical only resizable div in my page. I'd like to put a handle "grip" like what there is in this page at the bottom of the textarea in the section "Your Answer". How can I do it?How about jQuery UI's resizable interaction? $

How to scroll the text on the Twitter homepage?

On the twitter home page (not logged in), there a scrolling text in the middle below the logo. How is this accomplished? It stops scrolling when mouseover and also has a popup dialog on relevant text. Thanks, MikeThere is a jQuery marquee plugin that

How to pass a parameter to a servlet

How do I pass a parameter from a page's useBean in JSP to a servlet in Java? I have some data in a form that gets passed no problem with a submit button, but no way to send anything else. Please help? Here is my code: <input name = "deleteGameButt