why PHP results in HTML are not defined when using JavaScript

I need to get the IP of the client. I am able to get it through PHP variable "$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']". I get this ip from server side php to html page through AJAX request but when I want to use this IP value in JavaScript it is showing that th

Background / background image does not work?

I'm practicing building a Harley Davidson website and I've encountered a strange issue regarding 'background' and 'background-image'. A 404 type error keeps appearing in the console: (anonymous) @ jquery.min.js:2 i @ jquery.min.js:2 fireWith @ jquery

Unable to send links in the email after setting the header

I am not able send links in email. I am using wp_mail() function to send email. When i set header $headers .= "Content-Type: text/html; \r\n"; this header removes href attribute in received email. i am using wp_editor for textarea. I also tried

view of the table appears different in Chrome and IE, Firefox

I have created a simple HTML/CSS table for a menu on this page: http://derma-clinic.gr/index.php/el/epikoinonia. The problem is that it works perfectly in Firefox. But in Chrome and IE, it doesn't work well. Here is from one menu table code and the C

jQuery.find () does not work in the html variable

I have a very simple problem and keep finding answers to similar questions with more complexity. I am trying to replace image links in loaded html and decided that the best is to read the html into a string variable loadedHTML using .get(), like this

Using page breaks on a masked div

How can I get page-break-after to work on a div that I am showing as display:none with @media screen? I want the image to only show when I print but also page break after it so the rest of the divs print onto the second page. EXAMPLE this is the resu

Disable / Non-Clickable HTML HTML Button

I have following HTML scippet for a button: HTML: <div class="Clear" title="Clear"> <div class="ClearButton"> <button id="reset" type="reset" title="Clear Photos"> </button&g

Message not received from php form check box

I'm posting from the HTML code shown in this jsfiddle to the PHP page for which the code is below. The issue is that the array $_POST['selectedpost'] isn't being received. That's the array containing which checkboxes were ticked. In the js fiddle I a

Twig: How to display html content in block title

In my symfony2 project, I have some twig temlates. In one of them, I have the block title. {% block title %}{{ announcement.title }}{% endblock %} The problem is that the variable {{ announcement.title }} can be: <em>test</em> In this case, my

why the media request will not work on mobile and tablet

my media query works as per expected on my desktop however not in the mobile phone or the tablet.Please check out the live code here http://jsfiddle.net/E8cgT/ if the screen is bigger than 1024px it should be green my tablet screen is but the backgro

Show the warning area when submitting the form

So I have these two pages: pageOne.php and pageTwo.php.The form is in pageOne.php: <form method="post" action="pageTwo.php"> .... </form> and doing all the data collection-validation-insertion and sending out mails in pageT

Disable div with the click event

I want to disable my div with image and click event that event does not call. I try do it with KO: <div title="Delete Series" class="deleteSeriesButton" data-bind="css: { disabled: true}" ></div> but this does not

Several radio buttons ajax post

I'm new in web programming and I really need your help. I have a form with several radio buttons and I want to insert them into mysql through an ajax post. I can do it for a single button but for more than one I don't have idea how to do it. This is

Dynamic radio buttons, different with unlimited names

I am doing a form that displays the questions and answers in a database and now I need to save the answers marked by the user. I need a name for each RadioButton or select dropdown. PROBLEM: I combine php and html and i don't know how to pass the rad

Sorting input text in multiple div using javascript / jquery?

There are three fields(first name, Last name & age) displayed in text boxes. Each field is displayed in separate div's. There are 4 records. On clicking a sort button above each field the div records should be sorted based on the data type of the fie

line height problem with & lt; li & gt; child elements

I am having an issue with line-height on a list item. In a nutshell, we have a line-height assigned to the body, which the <li> obviously inherits. If I put a <span> inside the list item and specify a font-size that's smaller than the standard

The JQuery UI widget does not have a 'uniqueId' method

I am trying to make jQuery UI widget work in my web application I got all the files from original demo, and basically did everything I could so the code and files were pretty much the same as in demo version. And all the time get this error: Uncaught

Set the max-height element in the html table

I realise that this question has probably been asked to death, but none of the answers I have found seem to work. I have an ASP repeater control, in which I have set the ItemTemplate to have a simple table with two rows. When populating the rows, I w

Refreshing html height, body after adding content

i am appending content to the page on document load, after this I am using a light-box type overlay, the problem is that although the overlay is set to 100% height it only displays as high as the visible content, when you scroll down the overlay is n

Rails encoding html

I am using h helper method in Rails to encode/escape a string that has an apostrophe (') In my view I am using it like this <%=h "Mike's computer" %> My understanding is that the html when viewing the source should be Mike%27s computer but

Hide the text of the print

I have a print page here: http://www.souq4cars.com/ppreview.php?id=611111161&u=10064&t=users_cars How do i hide the links at the bottom saying 'Close Window' and 'Print Page' from being printed on the printed page?You could use the CSS @media rule