How to hide javascript time standards

I want to display only Day, Date, Time. Now it displays: Actually I want to display like: How to remove --- "(India Standard Time)" Used code below: <html> <head> <title>(Type a title for your page here)</title> <scrip

Central image in any window without stretching

I have 3 different box sizes in which I need to display an image. The image should take the entire width and height of the box but should not stretch. It can crop and center the image. Here is an example: If you see the

How to place the floating image above the original image

So i made a upvote/downvote button, i want the image to change when someone hover on it. Check this fiddle If you look closely, the image is changing when you over but it is behind the original image. How to fix it? HTML <script src="https://ajax.

How to align the image to the top of the reagent container?

I am trying to align two responsive containers in a row. One of them with image inside set to width: 100% and height: auto. How to vertically align image at the top of its parent responsive container ? <div class="top-row"> <figure clas

emphasize and unveil an element of div with js

I am trying to make to container where when i click on an element of div1 and that div1 focus and div1 height increase and when the element of div1 is unfocus or nonfocus then div1 height return in previous style. Here I make an snippet but it is not

Search for $ _POST array using strpos ()

Once a form is submitted I need to search through the POST array for words like 'ProductID' and store the name and the value in an associative array. I need to do this as you can list x amount of products through another page. So sometimes there's on

The non-fluid menu centered on the semantic UI?

I have two menus, one is fixed to the bottom and another fixed to the top. My problem is two-fold. I want them to appear at the center of the screen and only be the width of their content (instead of being fluid, as per default). I have found nothing

Jquery - Populate DropDown box with the contents of the table

This supposed to be really easy but for some reason I cannot find an answer for it online.. I have an array that I receive after AJAX request and I want to populate its content a simple dropdown box. So let's say that's my array: var workers = ["Stev

Overcoming Image Problems

I'm using Unslider to show photos on the home page of a website I'm creating, but the images are surrounded by what looks to be padding - and there is no padding in my css. How can I fix this? It's making my clean gallery look awful. Unslider plugin

How to highlight an entire cell when flying over the link

I have a horizontal nav bar where I would like to highlight the entire cell the link is in when I hover over the link, however, I can only get the immediate area around the text to highlight. I would greatly appreciate any pointers on how I can achie

Background image without rendering

I have a background-image that is getting loaded into the browser but it's not rendering on the page. Here's the code: HTML <body> <div id="mainContainer"> </div> </body> CSS #mainContainer { background-image:url('bckgrdI

The background image will not elongate in IE

I have an image that I am using as my background and am trying to have it fill the width of the screen 100%. I have applied background-size:100% and in MZF it works, but in IE it won't stretch anymore. Does anyone know a work around for this? Here is

The image of the logo and H1 are on the same line

I wanna create my first web page but encountered a problem. I have the following code: <img src="img/logo.png" alt="logo" /> <h1>My website name</h1> I want to know how to make the logo and the H1 to be in the same li

CSS insertion pause after 4th child

Currently, this example shows an unordered list with 8 list items in it. Is there a way using only CSS (no HTML or JavaScript) to insert a break after the 4th li item. Something like: ul li:nth-child(4n):after { content = '<br>'; } Add a block-eleme

Centering an ul / div container in a fluid layout

I want to center a container div in a fluid lay-out (content with id: articles_grid has to be centered): I've tried a lot a methods, but no one did work. (for example: margin: 0 auto;). C

jquery to add a class to menu items?

I have the following menu items: <ul> <li class="static"> <a class="static menu-item" href="/mySites/AboutUs">About Us</a> </li> <li class="static"> <a class="static-menu-

HTML analyzer for local HTML files

I need to be able to parse an HTML template file (with the intention of injecting an SVG element into a html file, then converting it to pdf via wkhtmltopdf). I know about the HTML Agility Pack, but it seems incapable of parsing local files (attempts

Do web pages create Newlines in their place?

When text on a webpage wraps around to the next line because it hit the end of your template, is that creating a hidden newline in the code that is different from <br>? I'm trying to do a .replace() in Javascript, but it doesn't find phrases that sp

How to display different html height divisions

I've got a series of dynamically created divs of varying heights in a container div. <div id="container"> <div id='d1'>Varying text...</div> <div id='d2'>Varying text...</div> <div id='d3'>Varying text...</

I can not make the headers in my grid sort to sort

I have a gridview that I populate based on a query to a db. I'm trying to add sorting on my gridview but I cannot make my column headers clickable. I have allow sorting set to true, and I have my OnSorting event set. My columns are of a few different

ASP.NET How to read HTML form Element?

I have an ASP.NET web form where I have an hidden field, like this: <form id="form1" runat="server" action="http://localhost/fa/Default.aspx"> <div> <input id="requestData" type="hidden" nam