How to divorce div one at a time

I have three divs within a scrollable wrapper. I'd like to make each div fade out when scrolled out of the "wrapper", one at a time. Right now I have all three divs fading out at the same time when I scroll. I spent quite some time trying to fig

Switching between div elements using Javascript

My website has 3 services, I want to be able to click on service 1 and see menu 1, click on service 2 and see menu 2, click on service 3 and see menu 3. I have the following code but it is not working as expected. When I click on service 2 and servic

Select all but the contents of a single div

I have the following DOM structure: body several elements (divs, etc) div.Popup including several child-nodes (possibly deep down) several elements (divs, etc) Now I would like to find a CSS selector to set cursor: default for everything except div.P

Get date from datepicker and display it in a div

I'm trying to get the date from the datepicker in jQuery UI and then display the date selected by the user somewhere on the page. The selected date already displays inside the input field of the datepicker, which is great, but i also want to display

Chrome Floating Left Problem

My chrome is the latest 31.0.1650.48 version. Today I just notice that the float:left seems not working properly. (IE & FF are fine and Chrome used to be fine as well.) Html is like: <div class="listWrapper collapsed clearfix"> <ul&

Using absolute positioning

I am trying to use absolute positioning to position a div containing a blue square. For some reason, I am unable to get it where i want it to go. JSFIDDLE: My Code: #share-area-arrow { position: absolute; height: 10px; widt

How to center a banner and keep a margin?

This banner is centered but I still want a margin on the left. I want it to be indented after re-sizing the window so it looks better on lower resolutions and phones. <div id="banner"> <center> <a target="banner" href=&q

View / Edit HTML form

I have a form thats displays data, i want it to behave as an html form as well, when user clicks 'Edit' the fields would become editable and on save the form will be submitted. any pointers to the implementation?try this $(document).ready({ var span_

UIWebView with contentEditable (html edition), first responder?

I'm making an html editor component for an app (using UIWebView with contentEditable in iOS 5.0), and got stuck at how to handle UIWebView first responder status [webView isFirstResponder], [webView becomeFirstResponder] and [webView resignFirstRespo

firefox displays the image in a black box

i've got 2 linked images and when i open my website in safari or chrome they work fine but when i open it with firefox the images are black outlined. you can see this here: the html code is: <div id="buy">

jQuery: load the body of the page into the variable

I'm using jQuery to load the result of a PHP script into a variable. The script is passed something that the user typed with a GET request. I want to take just what the script spit out into its <body> tag. Here's what I've tried: JS: function loader

Extracting HTML tag data with sed

I wish to extract data between known HTML tags. For example: Hello, <i>I<i> am <i>very</i> glad to meet you. Should become: 'I very' So I have found something that works to nearly do this. Unfortunately, it only extracts the last e

How can I get the destination URL using cURL?

How can I get the destination URL using cURL when the HTTP status code is 302? <?PHP $url = ""; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL,$url); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); $html = curl_e

Will the HTML 5 validation be worth the candle?

It's widely considered that the best reason to validate one's HTML is to ensure that all browsers will treat it consistently and predictably. The HTML 5 draft, however, contains two specifications in one. First an author spec, describing the elements