How do I store local values ​​after refreshing?

This is my ctrl: app.controller('ctrl', function ($window, $scope) { $scope.initData = [ { firstName: "John", lastName: "Doe", }, { firstName: "Jane", lastName: "Doe", }, { firstName: "John", lastName: &qu

A good aspect of the site as a link on social networks

This question already has an answer here: How does Facebook Sharer select Images and other metadata when sharing my URL? 12 answers How to make website look nice when it's embedded as link on social networks pages(at least at Facebook). Can' find any

How do you add controls inside the three.js editor

first, thanks for your help and patience! I am fairly new to coding and have been working with the examples available for download from three.js. I am able to create a very basic scene, load my mesh/lights, controls and so on and everything is workin

How do I run my first child in css?

I wanted to remove the red background in the last article-container. Anyway here are the html code I'm trying to work on... <section id="intro" class="intro text-center"> <div class="container"> <div class=&quo

Bootstrap - Floating action key size and shadow menu

I am building an app with Bootstrap 3.3 and Bootstrap Material Design framework. I am trying to make a floating action button that opens when you click it. In an attempt to do this, I've created this Bootply, which has the following code: <div class=

Apply and remove a large CSS style section

I would like to change the page style based on user preferences. The page will load with a given style, but if the user clicks a button, the page layout should change. If he clicks again, the style should change back to the original style. The change

See using a dark chisel css and jquery

I'm doing a site with a "hidden" image. I hide the image using a dark overlay, but now I want the cursor to see through the dark overlay. An almost working example is here: What I want to know is, how I make the li

outsourcing the ng class to table cells

I'm trying to see if angularJs is useful for me to create a team-management application. The issue I have: I have a complex ng-class definition, being ng-class="{'guard': ( guard.checked && day.func.indexOf('guard') != -1) }" and it will

Bootstrap 3 Vertical navigation bar

I want to create navigation bar [vertical] with bootstrap 3. I tried this but it didn't work. <ul class="nav nav-pils nav-stacked"> <li>jedan</li> <li>dva</li> <li>tri</li> <li>cetriri</li> &

[solved] JavaScript: pulse button disappears when scrolling

I am working on a web site that has got a pulsing button (#scrollarrow) at the bottom of the page. When I start to scroll the page, this button disappears. I obtain this effect with the following jQuery code: $(document).ready(function(){ $(window).s

how to make a tree with a tile style in c # asp html?

i want to create something like this.. [----------------------------------------------------All---------------------------------------------------------------------------] [------------------------------------------Standar----------------------------

CSS :: before pseudo-element line-height?

My paragraph has a height/line-height of 50px and text-align: center, which centers the text. But p:before is causing it to increase in height/line-height, causing the text to bump down. I want both p and p:before to be vertically centered. http://js

Show / Hide Div, of divers DIV's

I'm new to this site. Javascript is not much, but I found a code to show and hide divs. This is what I have for now, when clicking on Details1 also shown Details2 How I can do to make the effect only to the current item? example

How do I get the html tag when transmitting multiple files?

I have this form on my view: On my controller I have the following method: [HttpPost] public ActionResult UploadFile(HttpPostedFileBase file) { // ... } How can I receive the id of the input tag that was clicked to upload the file? (id=1 or id= 2? Th

PHP preg_match_all - how to get HTML content?

$Content contains HTML document $contents = curl_exec ($ch) I need to get a content from: <span class="Menu1">Artur €2000</span> It's repeated several times so I want to save it into Array I try to do that this way: preg_match_all('&

header not respecting the width of 100%

kindly check out this website: try resizing the window so small to the point that a horizontal scrollbar appears. Drag the horizontal scrollbar to the right and then the problem occurs. The header and footer does no

Editable context for & lt; div & gt; section

I want to write html where one section is like this: <div id="...." style="background-image:url(---.jpg);"> <p>...</p> </div> I am thinking of creating an image folder in the host-directory and give user option

How to disable a particular item in a drop-down item

How do you disable some items of a drop down element using jQuery or JavaScript?The same way you would disable any other HTML element, use $(/* option selector */).prop('disabled', true); See it in action.

Ruby on Rails: how to render a string as HTML?

I have @str = "<b>Hi</b>" and in my erb view: <%= @str %> What will display on the page is: <b>Hi</b> when what I really want is Hi. What's the ruby way to "interpret" a string as HTML markup? Edit: the ca

What tools do you use to debug HTML / JS in your browser?

I'd like to collect the best debugging aids for all browsers out there. So that would probably be Firebug for Firefox but what do you use for IE? Safari? Opera? Opera Mini? What else is out there? Are there tools that work well for IE 6? IE 5?For Fir

PHP / HTML: 500 internal server error & hellip;

The code provided in the link has problems. When trying to go to the real webpage, it gives me a 500 internal server error. What is wrong with the code? Anybody knows? I am using iWebKit. (I know you cannot read the te