The Github public site with Jekyll is no longer updated

Excuse me again for seeking help for my site at All the codes are here: As you can see the updated codes never get updated any more, for instance, the About page here https://g

Padding left in Bootstrap Option Select

I am trying to create a drop down option list. The user will choose a paper format but I want to show the size of the name next to the name but I want it tabbed for readability. Is it poosible? <select class="selectpicker"> <option>A

Fill a selection box with Nodejs information

So I have a mongodb database that will house several department names. I want to http.get() the names from my nodejs server. From that get, I want to populate the names into a select box. The important part of this question isn't the node/mongo part,

Angular material transformation table in boxes on small screens

I have an AngularJS website with the Angular Material design. On one screen I have a table and right there is my problem, because tables in Material design aren't really responsive. My question: Is it possible to show the normal table on big screens

Javascript - ReferenceError: agevalue is not defined

I am a bit confused with my code, let me explain: Everything is working correctly except the last bit of code, I am struggling to understand why? When I try my code, the debugger is telling me "ReferenceError: agevalue is not defined" I understa

Tooltip Bootstrap only on the first image

How can I make to show up bootstrap tooltip to every image ? Why is it showing up only on first image like this: This is my code: <ul class="row list-unstyled"> @foreach($facilities as $facility) <div class='col-md-3 text-center'> &l

a href tag does not work in Internet Explorer

I am creating a button using a href tag in my page which is working fine in chrome. but it is not at all working in internet explorer the code for the button is <td class='swMntTopMenu' style="text-align:right"> <button style="back

Microsoft Word / Outlook reduces peak space

I send SQL to interested parties via Outlook as HTML, with Word as the editor. I like to format my SQL using spaces, rather than tabs. When I paste the SQL into the editor, formatting is spot on. But the 'sent' version removes leading spaces. For exa

Make the background image div sensitive with bootstrap 3

How make div with background image responsive with bootstrap 3 ?? Is it possible with img-responsive class in bootstrap 3 ?? My div is empty like below: <div class="row"> <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-12 col-lg-12">

Jquery selection attributes

Let's say I have a sample table like this : Now what i want is, if there is this <button id="invite">Invite</button>. I want this button to select the "invite url" of the selected contact. If you

send the form values ​​to the php sql query

I have many input values from a form, and I would like to push them to PHP code using ajax code. Here's an example of what i'm trying to do. I have test1 and test2 that i want to keep track when user press search button. Right now it only get the val

Xpath and html (javascript)

Let's say I want to check if "xpath html value" is equal to some text in a website. Like: html/body/div/div[7]/table/tbody/tr[2]/td value = "some text" How do I get it?You can use document.evaluate to do this: var value = document.eval

Add my button to google sites

I click edit page on my google site and then add html box where i add this code <button type="button" onclick="'','_blank','resizable=yes')" >Click to open Google</button> But for some reaso

Sensitive back button of the story

Is it possible to have a button on a webpage that will be named 'Back' and do window.history.back() if the user has navigated to the page from another page on your website and otherwise have some other title and be a direct link if the user navigated

How to have a text box to keep scrolling down when updating

My problem is a bit off the cuff here, so I'll try to explain this best I can. I have a text area, having css of #object{overflow:hidden;resize:none;}. I am trying to prevent it from spawning scroll bar while also resizing itself. This textarea is sy

Generating HTML documents in python

In python, what is the most elegant way to generate HTML documents. I currently manually append all of the tags to a giant string, and write that to a file. Is there a more elegant way of doing this?I would suggest using one of the many template lang

php change for replacing Cufon fonts

I am trying to change the color of the menu items on my website but i don't know where in this to add the color code #c3c3c3 that i want to use <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ // Cufon font replacement &