How to centralize a & ldquo; organic shorts & rdquo;

I've made a short bio for me, which has my picture, my name and e-mail. I've been trying for hours to centralize it in my page, but I can't find a way to do it. I used Bootstrap for this, making a column with size 2 for the picture and a column with

Trying to change the imr src of a table on click using react

Im trying to change the img src getting the src from and array based on the direction of arrow that is clicked in react.js. So for example I have an array when a user clicks on the right arrow it will change the img src forward and if she clicks back

the print does not work in the browser chrome at the first time

I have some html contents and image and print the page on button click. When i print it first time the print preview page is empty and second time it is fine. Please help on why it is not print the page first time Image source is base-64 format. So,

Smart search jQuery Show / hide content items

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-

#services div has content but appears as empty div

My #services div has content wrapped inside, but when I wanna give display it's borders or give it a background, it appears as an empty div. What's the trick here? Looks like it works well in the snippet, but here is the way it appears: http://laszlo

How can I change the color of my body when using Bootstrap?

I'm trying out programming Bootstrap and when I was going to change the color of my body using simply: body { background-color: #eba; width: 100%; height: 100%; } It didn't work, so my question is how can I style anything when using Bootstrap? I've l

HTML entry for many different options

I am making an HTML form with multiple inputs. I am using mainly select inputs (as below), <select> <option></option> <option></option> </select> and also some radio buttons. I each input represents a different category

HTML link Fly over the buttons

How can I make these buttons all align left with about a 3px space between them and adjust their own size based on how much text is put into them? Unfortunately I don't have access to my own CSS (someone charges hundreds for this privilege). I've bee

Struggling to make an icon in a button

Im trying to make the icon im using into a button that when pressed, triggers the navigation bar to open. Here is the HTML: <div id="fixedBar"> <h1>Company</h1> <a href="#" class="entypo-menu" id="sh

Automatic HTML / javascript popup instead of onclick?

So I got this input right now and it works as it should. But I want to create another page with the same popup, but this one should run automaticly instead of onclick. Any tips on how to get it working? <input type="submit" id="checkin&q

fade effect h1 using Jquery

I've googled various examples but I cant seem to get the desired effect to work On my home page I have a h1 heading. I'm trying to create a fade effect with JQuery . When the page loads, I would like the h1 heading to fade in slowly (maybe even go fr

Button inside div that was done inside jquery no shot

I have jquery code: $("#forcedcancel").on("click", function(e){ e.preventDefault(); $("#forceDialog").remove(); // get the screen height and width var maskHeight = $(document).height(); var maskWidth = $(window).width(); // c

Avoid defining a global class for html

I am trying to use Fuel UX. I copied its example to my own web page and found that the css could not be loaded. After comparing my HTML with the sample HTML, I find that the sample HTML sets a global class: <html lang="en" class="fuelux&

How can I convert HTML to unpolished text in Python?

I need to get plain text from an HTML document while honoring <br> elements as newlines. BeautifulSoup.text does not process <br> and newlines. HTML2Text is quite nice, but it converts to markdown. How else could I approach this?I like to use

Having a problem with my div alignments

Hi all I seem to be having serious trouble getting my div to go exactly where I need it to. Here is a link to the website. As you can see my slideshow is supposed to be in the frame, but in now way shape or form am I able to make it do so. here is th

Convert a webpage from HTML to PDF?

I have a website with the following structure: Tab Container - having 4 Tab panels Each tab panels is having 4 gridviews which are separated by line break. Now when i am in a particular tab, I want to use an 'export to pdf' button , which should gene

How to set content encoding in an HTML file

I want to use GZIP encoding to my site and how should . I set the content encoding of my html file to gzip. T tried like this <html lang="en" pageEncoding="gzip"> I am using Apache Tomcat web server.You have confused content enco

html tag table, influence or not on SEO?

Does the HTML tag table influence SEO?The <table> element itself does not necessarily have anything to do with SEO. I think the question you really want to ask here is: How can I use HTML to SEO my tabular content? The answer is take a look at the o

Left, center, right in the header

I'm trying to create a left, center, right alignment in a header ... with objectives being: Top level DIV that holds the toolbar should size to it's content. The Left and Right div have fixed sizes but the middle should take up the remaining space. M

Why is it a bad idea to tell your server to parse HTML in PHP?

You know you can make a server parse HTML pages as PHP (execute PHP code in a HTML doc) using .htaccess? Well, some people say it's bad to do so. Why? Some people also say it opens a security vulnerability in your application. How? The source code is

Get the first and the last word in the element text

In JavaScript, how can I get the first and last words from an element's text? For example: <div class="content">this is a test</div>// output 'this' 'test' <p>This is another test</p>// output 'this' 'test' How can I do t

MS Word and HTML

Concerns a project I am undertaking for my degree. Its a simple question bank where questions are stored in a database and later used to generate a question paper with random questions in a fixed template. I was successfully able to implement this us

Is it possible to create your own HTML element?

Is there a way to create your own HTML element? I want to make a specially designed check box. I imagine such a thing would be done in JavaScript. Something akin to document.createHTMLElement but the ability to design your own element (and tag).Yes,