Space adjacent children evenly using CSS

I have a requirement for spacing a set of li elements equaly. The caveat is that some of the elements can be hidden via a CSS class. <ul class="list-spacing"> <li>One</li> <li>Two</li> <li>Three</li> <

How to display the view using ng-view in AngularJS 1?

I am trying to show a view from a directory called views in Angular 1.6. I am using the ng-view directive. The views that I want to show are home.html and directory.html index.html <!doctype html> <html class="no-js" lang="" n

Logo in the mobile start menu

I'm working on a bootstrap template, I created a div class with a logo, but when I tight the window of chrome, the logo is up above the mobile menu. My site (mobile version) *What I want the mobile version of my site to look like** My code: <div clas

Align left bullet points with css

I'm trying to perfectly left-align bullet points with html and css, but when font-sizes change, the left alignment also change. The list-style-position should be outside. I tried with inside and then compensating with text-indent but that looked even

Rock, Paper, Scissors - why does not this code work?

Why doesn't this code work? <?php $filen = "C:/wamp/www/uppgifter/saves/speltva.txt"; $s=fopen($filen,'a+'); $f=fopen($filen,'r'); if(isset($_POST['nyttspel'])) { $result = "--"; $s=fopen($filen,'w'); fwrite ($s, $result); fclose($s

How can I create xpath below this code

I am trying to create xpath this (Unscheduled Visitor Check-In) button. i am unable to find the button name or id. can anyone help me out from this issue please. will appreciate that. please see the attachment. <div id="SAFEControl307369" cla

Font-family does not support IE and MAC browsers

Here is my code with the font-family:"Open Sans light"; It works fine in chrome, firefox browsers, but it is not supporting in Mac and IE browsers FIDDLE CSS CODE: #currentdate { font-family: open sans light !important; background-color:yellow;

CSS button Change the image to Select / Active?

I've been struggling with this for the last couple of hours and can't seem to figure it out so any assistance would be amazing I currently have a set of CSS tabs that change the content depending on which one you click which work perfectly, however I

nth-child css exclusive to document

So when you use .class:nth-child(2) it will affect all the second instances of that class in the document...I want it to only affect the first instance. Let me explain: .content:nth-child(2) will affect the contents with the attribute affected <div c

how to set the value of a table cell to null?

function addRow(billingTable) { var table = document.getElementById(billingTable); var rowCount = table.rows.length; var row = table.insertRow(rowCount); var colCount = table.rows[0].cells.length; for (var i = 0; i < colCount; i++) { var newcell = ro

Does Emmet allow Boolean attributes?

When I type the following text into an editor that understands emmet: div.fragment>pre>code.javascript[contenteditable] it expands to: <div class="fragment"> <pre><code class="javascript" contenteditable="&quo

How to set a fixed position on the button?

I created quite a simple search form - here it is: onClick it shows some more options: but the problem is that the second buttons goest to right after the bottom div, so i need somehow lock it in the current position and i don't know how. Actually it

Do not show HTML buttons when I convert them to pdf online

I have a webpage which include some buttons, when i convert the HTML page to pdf, the button also come in pdf... i dont want the buttons to be shown in the buttonsIf you are printing to a PDF you can make a print stylesheet that goes something like i

Why the favicon is different on the other pages

I have a the home page which has a favicon which is transparent here but on the other pages on the site the is a favicon with a outer white here How is that possible if its the same favicon ...or is it different...i am viewing source and they appear

HTML link problem

Hi, I have a couple of links(a) that uses sliding door, when I have visited one of the links the color of the text will change. With firebug I can see that the link gets the following style: #signInForm a:link, a:visited { color: #2277BB; text-decora

How can I make sure that the text encoded in a form is utf8

I have an html box with which users may enter text. I would like to ensure all text entered in the box is either encoded in UTF-8 or converted to UTF-8 when a user finishes typing. Furthermore, I don't quite understand how various UTF encoding are ch

Textarea first line in bold

I have a textarea in which I want the first line to be bold (and bigger font) as the first line contains the title. I tried the :first-line pseudo class, this works in IE, but fails in Firefox. Also in IE, enters doesn't work anymore, so I can't brea