Icons next to the CSS link menu

Hey i'm having a bit or trouble with having icons next to a link So first of all I can't find where I can move the text so that the icon is show properly and not being under the text. Second is that when you hover the text, the icon disapears. I made

Iframe reactive - full screen

This is my code: .myIframe { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25; padding-top:30px; height: 100%; overflow: auto; -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch; //<<--- THIS IS THE KEY border: solid black 1px; } .myIframe iframe { position: absolute; top:

How to add a menu that displays only on mobile screen sizes?

Right now I have a decent menu formatted for desktop screens on my web app. However, on smaller screen sizes the menu really doesn't appear correctly. At this point I'm wondering if I can just add a hamburger menu like this ---> http://codepen.io/ett

Set lxml as the default analyzer BeautifulSoup

I'm working on a web scraping project and have ran into problems with speed. To try to fix it, I want to use lxml instead of html.parser as BeautifulSoup's parser. I've been able to do this: soup = bs4.BeautifulSoup(html, 'lxml') but I don't want to

jQuery smoothness calendar CSS

I am using the jQuery-ui.css (smoothness) only for the calendar CSS. Does anyone know all the calendar CSS functions that I could just use from it? I don't want to have all this extra CSS on the page because it is giving me many issues when all I am

How to center the div

I got some embed code from Mail chimp to display a newsletter signup box on my website. I am trying to center align the newsletter box, but not sure what div I need to add the style to. I tried using style="text-align: center" but it didn't work

The ul list in PHP does not work properly

I would like to get some help with what's going on in my code. I have tried a lot of variations but can't make it work. It's a ul-list in a PHP-code. It's inlined styled in CSS and everything else is fine, but somehow the ul-list aligns with one of t

Get authorization from HTTP-Request Header

I already searched within SO for some threads about this, but could only find some which explained what this header is for or how to get the authorization header in c# but I don't want to read it from server side but from client side. Is there any wa

Changing the color system Bootstrap Twitter

I am looking to modify the color scheme of a website I based off of this example: http://getbootstrap.com/examples/navbar/ I successfully modified the background color of the entire page with body{background-color:#XXXXXX} This does not modify the ba

Vertically align image and text within a division

I would like to position the image and the navigation links so that they are vertically aligned with the HeadContainer and each other. HTML <header> <div id="HeadContainer"> <img src="favicon.png" id="title"/&g

How to make javascript add active class in LI navigation menu

I can not add class active in LI navigation menu where i click. When i click on WHAT WE DO on home page it jump to what we do page so i need menu WHAT WE DO in what we do page to be active. Here is my JSFIDDLE JS $( document ).ready(function() { $( "

Get the class tags using file_get_contents

I'm working on my PHP script to parse the html web page. I'm using file_get_contents to open the url to get the list of contents. Here's the code: $links = $row['links']; $result = file_get_contents($links); $html_content = str_replace("<a id='row

JavaScript equivalent of jQuery keyup () and keydown ()

I have seen this link on stackoverflow: $(document).ready equivalent without jQuery In my context I am using $(document).keydown(Keypress); $(document).keyup(Keyoff); for the functions function Keypress(evt) { if (evt.keyCode == 39) rightpress = true

View the HTTP response on the web page using PHP

I am looking to put together a website that displays the full HTTP Request Headers and HTTP Response Headers for the loading of the page itself. For instance. If someone browses to http://example.com/index.php , I want the following to display: HTTP

How does the google doodle World Festival work today?

I wanna know is it using the power of HTML5 and jquery any sample example can i get for this ?When examining the code, you will actually see that the doodle consists of multiple images: http://www.google.com/logos/2011/worldsfair11-hp-1.gif http://ww

CSS - center everything in the body tag

I am trying to center everything within the tag on the page without adding another container within it. My situation doesn't allow me to change the markup that is being generated but I am able to edit the CSS. My overall objective is to create css th

When to use & lt; span & gt; instead of & lt; p & gt;

As the question indicates, if I have some text that I want to add in the HTML then when should I use <p> and when should I use <span>?you should keep in mind that HTML is intended to DESCRIBE the content it contains. so if you wish to convey a

The unordered list HTML sucks IE7

I've created a HTML ordered list which looks fine in FF, but pretty awful in IE. My specific problems with the way IE displays the list are: List markers are missing Vertical spacing between list items is very uneven It seems the superscripts are the