How to target the 7th child only

Problem I have the following code that displays the navigation bar that is provided by Mura: #$.dspPrimaryNav( viewDepth=0 , id='navPrimary' , class='nav navbar-nav nav-nowrap' , displayHome='never' , closeFolders=false , showCurrentChildrenOnly=fals

How to create a dynamic radio button using javascript

Hi my task is to dynamically add fields to a form when I click on a link. I was successfull for text field, as well as file type, but not when I try to do this for inputs of type radio button. Suppose I have created two rows and in one row I select g

Two centered columns (Bootstrap)

I have the following Razor View <div class="container"> <div class="row well"> <div class="col-md-4 col-md-offset-4"> <h2>Create</h2> <h4>Create Advert</h4> </div> </div>

image positioning / div height with flex display

I like the positioning of the two box class div's with justify-content: flex-end but I'd like to center the top img-container div vertically in the remaining space above but I'm not sure if this is possible, preferably without javascript. The layout

Show children / find

I have a few buttons and under every single one there is some div with display:none. All I want to do is to show the div after click under the particular button but it doesn't work and I don't know why. Could someone take a look at it please? <a href

How to set different widths for date-select?

I have variations of this line in different places: <%= f.date_select :deadline, :order => [:month, :day, :year], class: 'date-pick', id: 'goal' %> I tried to change the width by making different id's for select or date-select or date-pick but to

Is there a Bootstrap css file ready for use with the prefix

I have web application which uses Foundation. I am not good at foundation and i have to develop few pages where i want to use Bootstrap but i dont want to mix with other company css. SO i was looking if i can wrap all bootsrap inside some class like

Fixed width at the second td in the editable table

I want to have a fixed width for my editable table, but I also wanting to set different width for each TD. In my attempt I am able to get the table set at a fixed width, but this causes the width of the TDs appear to be 50% instead of the 80% - 20% I

The background color is leaking in the transparent color

I have managed to get the background-border transparency working perfectly but now I can't get the content to appear white by any means without it overlapping into the border image. Here is what I have: What I need is this but wher

Hacking the values ​​of the check box

I'm writing a website app to allow the user to pick toppings for their pizza using checkboxes. Each checkbox is assigned a name for their value attribute, for example: <li name="meatItem" id="m1"><input type="checkbox&quo

How to write in a table with Javascript?

<Script> function getExperience() { var xp = document.getElementById('txt_XP').value; document.getElementByID("plank").innerHTML = xp/30; } </Script> So here is my code, and my problem is that I seem to be unable to write over data i

Problems with a 3-column layout with fixed left side

I have a problem making a 3 column layout. I have tried all examples now online - used Google. None of this seems to solve my problem. What I try to do is easy for people with knowledge. Make a 3 column fluid layout that cover the whole screen. Left

div ignores the height of the style sheet

This is driving me crazy. I can't seem to control the height of the div.down_arrow element below - ... <div id="filters"> ... <span>All</span> <div class="down_arrow"> <img src="images/down_arrow.png&quo

refreshing php page with button

i have simple coding problem. i have created a page with textbox and share button. the page also contains one Points up button. i had a problem with that points up button that when the user click on that button and refresh the page ... a window ask f

jquery or javascript div background image change

I have a problem in site that I build.I search google and stackoverflow but I can't find anything that could help me.I have one div with content search engine,text etc...and I have background image.So can you tell me how to change div background imag

how to get HTML value from jquery or javascript

I want to select the following three values from the HTML file either by Jquery or Javascript. class "class1" href value class "class1" inner text value (PersonA in the example code) class "Title" inner text value (Accountant

Uncheck Mozilla Refresh checkboxes

I've noticed that Mozilla's refresh doesn't bring the page to a blank slate. I have checkboxes on the form that I need to be unchecked when the page is loaded/refreshed. Currently I am using this: <body onLoad="uncheck()"> function uncheck

HTML, JavaScript: Unframed Windows

How to produce frameless window in HTML5, JavaScript, please? I searched the web and found mostly links to use libraries. I wish to develop my own frameless window from scratch, without using a third party library. By frameless window I mean a window

Can I cache my header file?

My header.php file gets included in all my scripts and includes a toolbar based on twitters bootstrap style sheet. Every time a page loads it flashes as the page loads. I assumed the header was getting cached by default but it doesn't appear to be. I

What is the oncontentready event?

What is the oncontentready event? When is it raised? How can i use this event? I want to convert an htc file to jquery. Please help with explaining this event.use $(document).ready(fn) in jquery or $(element).load(fn) (supports few elements)

Border of the image around the php image

I am trying to figure out how to create an image border around an image as well as adding text to the border (as shown below) from a mySQL database using PHP i have looked around but cant find anything like what i want to do. Thanks in advance http:/

Multiple values ​​for an entry in a form?

Alright, let me start with an example. I have a bunch of items and they can fall into series of categories. An item can be in multiple categories. Basically what I have is a listing of items with checkboxes grouped by category. Again an item can appe

Can we stop Genshi from analyzing HTML entities?

I have the following Python code using Genshi (simplified): with open(pathToHTMLFile, 'r') as f: template = MarkupTemplate( finalPage = template.generate().render('html', doctype = 'html') The source HTML file contains entities such as ©, ™