How to display form fields online

I want to make my form fields to be displayed in one line. Here's the HTML of my form: <form> <div class="form-group"> <ul class="hypers"> <li><input type="email" class="form-control emailfield

Can not float an image to the right of a UL

I am trying to get the image to float to the right of both the p and ul tags... but the individual list items always break clear of the image and appear after the bottom of the image. I've tried many different ways (after reading other people's probl

Create li of all selected options with jquery

I have multiple selects with multiples options and i would like to group every option selected in an ul.. I've try this => but not working... :( <select id="select1" class="my-select"> <optgro

Limit of the number of li elements displayed in Javascript

With this search function, how can i limit the amount of 'li' shown at once to 10? Also is there a way i could enable/disable filters to only show specific li elements with e.g. the class 'users'? function search() { var input, filter, ul, li, a, i;

How to float correctly the list div and numbered in css?

When floating a div the numbering of lists around it doesn't fit. The numbers are in the div rather than besides it. How does one properly do this? Fiddle div { float: left; width: 10em; height: 10em; background-color: lightblue; } <div></div>

Add a class to a clicked object

How to add class="active" to a clicked li object? It isn't currently working when I click the link. Please find below my code. <div class="nav-collapse collapse pull-right"> <ul id="menu" class="nav"> &l

CSS only applies to half of my list

I have been making a website for my local scout group and I am having problems when creating the menu, for a reason I can't determine the css doesn't apply to the first two elements, but does to the last two. is anyone able to help? I think it's beca

Replace list items with jQuery except first, last

I have a list of items where the first and last act as navigation buttons, so when ajax loads new content, the middle items must be replaced with the new HTML retrieved. <ul> <li class="photonav">Older Photos</li> <li class=

Menu item style on hover via css

How can i create a menu effect like below, Currently my application menu looks like this, HTML: <nav id="nav"> <ul id="navigation"> <li><a href="#" class="first">Reports</a></li>

Twitter bootstrap scrollspy - disable on smooth scrolling?

We are using the twitter bootstrap scrollspy on a sidebar ul/il list, this works great. We do however also use smooth scrolling when clicking the links in the sidebar. This causes the scrollspy to highlight each and every element that comes into view

Use ul li twice in html5

I am using ul li in my nav but also to make a notice board. But I want to separate the ul li elements. Is there an easy method like nav ul li {} and notice board ul li{}You can define CSS class for both of them. For example: .nav { /*some css*/ } .no

How to center & lt; UL & gt; in a list

I've got an issue that I can't resolve. I have a list of lists, like this one: <ul id="nav"> <li> <div class="tabquad"> Item 1 </div> <ul> <li> <a class="item" href="index.jsp?quad=

Centering images in a horizontal list

I have a horizontal list used as a nav, where I want to put images/icons above the text in the list. However, I can't get the images to center with each list item. The images has the exact same size. HTML: <div id="nav"> <ul> <li&

Use jQuery to create a numbered list with styled numbers?

I need to create what looks like an ordered list with colored numbers in a Wordpress site. I know how to make this by hand in html. There are several ways, but let's say I create a numbered item via an unordered list such as <li><span>1. </

Deleting li elements from ul

Is it possible using JavaScript to dynamically remove just a few li elements from a ul, given the id's of the li elements? UPDATE about the actual issue: I've the following list. <ul id="attributes" data-role="listview"> <li i

Hover does not work on ul nested in ie9

I have this website where on the left menu there's a nested menu on the "hotel" link. The submenu that appears hovering "hotel" has a gap on the left, but since in the gap the mouse hovers the nested "ul" element there are no

How do you navigate Navigate through an unordered list

I know you get these a lot but I am trying to improve on this horizontal scrolling website demo by adding direction arrows (next, prev) I would like to know how to make these navigate to the next page for example, when clicked. The UL looks like this

jquery: if ul is empty

Okay I have a jQuery dialog box which has a form in it and I am at my wits end trying to figure this out... Lets see if I can verbalize what I am trying to do.. I have 3 text boxes. #apInterest, #apPayment and #apPrincipal in that exact order. basic

make an unordered list as & lt; select & gt; using CSS

Is it possible to render an unordered list so that it appears to be a <\select> dropdown, by using CSS, but not using libraries such as jquery or mootools? Thanks. Neil.No. CSS is purely used for layout changes, and is incapable of adjusting HTML. S

When should I use list-element in HTML

I have never used list before. I have created a website with over 30 000 LOC and never use a single list-element. But when I look at the source code of other say Twitter they use list all the time. What is the advantage of using list-elements? Most o

CSS Positioning - Unordered List

I want to position an unordered list of items on the left-hand side of a menu header (horizontally displayed, not vertically). For example where you see Home, HTML, etc: How do I accomplish this effect with CSS?Floats ul { margin: 0; list-style-type: