Resize center animation on a hover

I have this animation, on the hover the size on my span is bigger. But i would like that the animation beginning from the center of the mouse. How I can do ? $(document).mousemove(function(e){ $("span").css(

Drop-down menu and Hover menu (submenu)

Istanbul section right pulldown a hover menu how do I do it? <li class="dropdown" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#navbar-collapse-1"> <a href="#" data-toggle="dropdown" class="dropdown-t

Hover horizontal navigation menu

I am fairly new to HTML and CSS. I have created a horizontal menu and the drop-downs hover as they should. However, I want the drop down to appear ONLY when the mouse hovers over the links, and not the space below it which occupies the actual drop-do

Appearance of p on div hover

I have this CSS & HTML so far: .divi:hover { background: #01ba7c; } .divi:hover > p { visibility: visible; } <div style="height: 100px; width: 100px; position: relative; left: 300px; top: 100px; border: 2px solid black;" class="di

Hover over an item and edit another item

I am having a problem implementing the following code. I want to affect an element by hovering another element. This is my code. <div class="banner"> <div class="first"> <a href="Http://"><

Emulation of a specific CSS hover effect

I'm trying to emulate the hover effect you can see here: (When you hover on the articles.) I understand how to make a div move on :hover, what I don't understand is how they've hidden the "read more" button until t

Extending the background color on Hover

I have searched many questions in SO, but none of the answers fit well into my situation. I am having a col-md-2 where I have a navigation bar. I want to fill the background colour till the border of the `col-md-2' when hovering. I am able to change

Menu item style on hover via css

How can i create a menu effect like below, Currently my application menu looks like this, HTML: <nav id="nav"> <ul id="navigation"> <li><a href="#" class="first">Reports</a></li>

How can I change the text of a div when I hover over a button?

What I have: 8 numbered boxes in a row. I'm not allowed to use jQuery. What I want to do: When the user hovers a numbered box, text changes dynamically inside a div element depending on which box is being hovered on. Example: If user hovers over Box

IE10 hover effect does not work

I have a hover effect on a button, when you hover the button another div container with a width:0 expands to width: 150px; //hidden element .twitter-options-wrapper { width: 0; position: absolute; overflow: hidden; top: -58px; right: 100%; -webkit-tr

FadeIn and FadeOut with Javascript and not Jquery

I have an image map and when the user hovers over the map I want to fade-in a small div with informations on the hovered content, then upon the mouse leaving the map fade-out with a two second delay.It's possible to do a fade effect by animating opac

Jquery Hover exchanges two images in a navbar

I have a site I built using Bootstrap. I am putting an image on either side of each link in the navbar. The navbar li a has a hover state through bootstrap/my personal css, and the links change color when you move the mouse anywhere near the link. I

On hover div, show the button near this div?

So i have a little user gallery and i want when the user enters his gallery to see a delete button when he hovers the image. I tried so many things but nothing worked out. while($rowUser = mysql_fetch_array($queryuserGallery)){ $display_fullsize_imag

How to make jQuery rollover events not queued?

I have a div that when I hover over it, a div inside it animates, and then when I stop hovering, it animates back to its original position. But if I hover over it multiple times, very quickly, then the animations queue up and continue until they are

CSS transition melted on the hover

I've encountered a problem with CSS transitions. I'm designing a CSS gallery for my portfolio and I need my images to fade in on hover. I've been playing around with this for over an hour and I was hoping someone could point me into the right directi

Hover does not work on ul nested in ie9

I have this website where on the left menu there's a nested menu on the "hotel" link. The submenu that appears hovering "hotel" has a gap on the left, but since in the gap the mouse hovers the nested "ul" element there are no

Problems with CSS hover

I would like to show an img when i hover over another but nothing is happening. Any advice on what i can do to change the code **HTML** <div id="container-collection"> <img class="clothes1" src="Images/smallest/JPEG/IMG_3

Can not change the background color ONLY with CSS

Good morning, I'm trying to change the background color on a link when the user hovers over it. With my current code, the link color will change as expected, but no change to the background color. If I attach the pseudo-class to a different tag, say

CSS Hovering Horizontal Navigation Disappearing in IE 7

In essence, I've been following Nick's code from A List Apart: I've made a few alterations, mainly - I'm using background images instead of a background color. Everything works as expected, except th

jQuery to target CSS to: hover class

Confused here. What's the best way to change the hover CSS of the link below, and how? toggle.Class? add.Class? I want to show an image on hover. I have been able to change the color of the text with $("#menu-item-1099 a:contains('rss')").css(&q

Links not appearing in IE or Opera

I have tested my website on Safari and Firefox on both PC and Mac and the links work fine. However, my links show up as just plain text on Internet Explorer and Opera. What am I doing wrong? This is my header where my links are contained. It is on se